Have you seen this video of a girl who practiced push-ups for 100 days? She was self-conscious about her body and told she was “scrawny,” but her transformation is so inspiring. I actually found myself doing push-ups in the boys’ room at 6am this morning:)

  1. Em says...


  2. Love it!!

  3. I love this! I grew up as an expat kid in Egypt playing soccer and our coach had all the girls on my team doing several reps of regular push ups. I only learnt about the “girl push-up” in grade 11 when I moved to Toronto and thought it was completely bizarre that girls in North America are taught to do this modified push up! The female body is strong and capable – my props to the girl in this video.

  4. That’s amazing! So inspiring. And such a great reminder that baby-steps are not to be discounted – every step in the right direction is progress and is to be celebrated, no matter how small! Fabulous.

  5. This is fantastic. I feel inspired to start this myself! Thanks for sharing!


  6. Well if that isn’t enough to inspire us all, I don’t know what is! She’s a rock star!

  7. Former studiomate Victor and I used to do push-ups between emails. Write 10 emails, do 10 push-ups. It was great!

  8. oh yeah, she looks great. I’m inspired, I’m going to do it toooo!!

  9. Totally inspiring! I really need to peel myself off my couch and do this while my little one is napping!

  10. Get it, girl! I’m working on 3 sets of 12 pushups during my workout. They KILL me. I’ve always hated having scrawny arms.

  11. This is so inspiring! I am going to try doing something on the giveit100 website!

  12. Right on!

  13. Wow, such an inspirational video. I felt emotional:-))))Thanks

  14. I love this! It’s funny — even though we all rationally *know* that doing push-ups builds upper body strength, it can sometimes feel like “getting stronger” is something that only happens for other people. I remember when I started strength training in earnest in preparation for a very physical job, and worked up to 25 push-ups in a row after never having been able to do even one. It was sort of mind boggling! And I remember seeing two of my male colleagues challenge each other to a push-up contest, and they managed something like 15 and 20, respectively, and I was sitting there secretly thinking, “I can do 25! I can do 25! And these guys are like TANKS!”

    A toast, to girl power!

  15. Wow… such dedication to attain her goal. Puts my girly push ups to shame! Inspirational

  16. Wow… such dedication to attain her goal. Puts my girly push ups to shame! Inspirational

  17. I love this. Thanks Joanna!

  18. It’s amazing to see someone take control of their challenge, whatever that is. I actually teared up. The simplicity of it really got to me–plus her amazingly satisfied smile at the end. Thanks!

  19. I really enjoyed watching that while eating a doughnut this morning.

  20. This is an awesome idea! I’m in the middle of doing the #100happydays challenge on Instagram, and it has been an eye-opener already (and I’m only on day 20).

    Imagine all the awesome stuff we could do if we committed to it for 100 days!

  21. Awesome! I’ve started doing push-ups here and there, but I haven’t made it to 100 days yet!

  22. She’s not only doing push-ups but tricep push ups (which are even harder!). Which is also great balancing out the muscles in your arms. I love that woman are redefining strength. I think there has always been a stigma with woman strength training and I love that its slowly being broken. Push-ups are a great start for strengthening but don’t be afraid of the dumbbells and my favorite kettle bells!


  23. This is why you are the best. I would never have found that myself, and it totally made my day. You are Caroline are rock-stars of the edit.

  24. Brilliant! I’m around 100 days from my wedding, and this sounds like the perfect challenge!

  25. She’s smart – if you just do pushups, you’ll plateau and never move beyond after a point. She keeps adding in tricks, changing positions so she keeps increasing her strength along with the complexity of the move.

  26. My friends all tease me because I look too muscular from all my push ups, but I don’t care. :-) Push ups are definitely for girls! We are so much stronger than we think!

  27. I wanted to fill stronger, so I started doing pushup most days about a month ago. I started out doing two sets of 10 push-ups with only knee push ups. I’m up to two sets of 15 with 6 full pushups in each set. It’s the best feeling in the world to feel stronger and see the muscles appearing!

    I love how proud she is of herself and what a great inspiration to other young girls to be strong, and not just pretty.

  28. Love it. Her smile at the end was the best part!

  29. See… Seeing stuff like that makes you believe you can keep up and accomplish something too! Many thanks for the morning inspiration! :)

  30. Push-ups are hard enough – I didn’t even know that push-up-jump-clap thing was a *thing*! You go girl.

  31. Lying in bed feeling lazy this morning after a not-great sleep – going to get up and give some push ups a go! Inspiring stuff.

  32. This is wonderful! Today is Day 1! Thank you for the inspiration! :)

  33. Ha! I love the Enya! … I did something similar but with pull-ups! A few years ago when I started rock climbing I could barely do half a pull-up, and I was shocked to find that within 2 weeks, by simply *trying*, I could do a full one. Cut to a few months later I was cranking them out at the playground with a toddler on my back! All you gotta do is try! Our bodies are amazing :)

  34. I did a push-up challenge where I tried to do increase my reps per set every day, starting at five and working my way up to 20 in a set, but i didn’t like the pectoral definition. My pecs would start and stop and then my boobs would start and stop and it looked funny. But I did like feeling strong, and this girl looks amazing.

  35. Count me in!!! Very cool. She’s a stud in my book.

  36. ahhhh i love this!!! way to go girl

  37. Lovely! I am starting tomorrow.

  38. Wow, that’s awesome!

  39. Love this! The enya music is the perfect touch! ;)

  40. This girl is redefining the “girl push-up” … What a rock star! Maybe I should get out of bed and do a few… :)

  41. Wow, I love this! I’ve been trying the same thing but I’ve been lazy recently and need to get back on it. The transformation was amazing!

  42. That’s awesome.