Have a Wonderful Weekend.

What are you up to this weekend? We’re meeting friends at this famous pizza place and might take the little dudes to see the cherry blossoms. Hope you have a great weekend, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

13 ways to make a small apartment look huge.

9 takes on the tuna sandwich.

What do children wonder about? All this, apparently.

This kitchen tool is genius!

Remember these beautiful words on kindness? They’re now a gorgeous book, and here’s a touching video.

Crazy fact: “A new parent will lose about 1055.6 hours of sleep in the first year of their child’s life—almost 44 days.” Hmmm, sounds about right.

How a mother kept her children safe during a terrorist attack.

How sweet are these prints of a baby’s first words?

A transparent house!

Judy Blume gives great advice.

Animal address stamps.

WHOA. This is the scariest ad. Totally worth watching. (Update: If you’re phobic of open water, skip this.)

Made me laugh.

Will and Kate rocking out.

And thank you so much for your comments on this anxiety post. Here are three:
* “Your post made me think of this website I stumbled across the other day. It puts a single day of your life into perspective. Hope this helps!” -Kate
* “One of my favorite books for when I’m feeling down is Help, Thanks, Wow by Ann Lamott. It’s short and so good and uplifting (in a non-preachy and non-saccharine way).” —Abby
* “I thought I would share something that never fails to make me smile, even on the bluest of days. Are you ready? Just imagine a Tyrannosaurus Rex making up a king size bed. Those tiny arms. Those big sheets. Amazing. —Kirsten

And, last but not least, a video of Anton smooching on himself in our building’s lobby this week. Get a room, Antoni! :)

Have a good one. xoxo

(Photo from awesome instagram @museumbabes)

  1. Last week was very precious for me. My friend received her successful pregnancy report after Tubal Ligation Reversal Surgery. And that weekend brought happiness for both of us.

  2. I always comes to your blog when I feel like I need something nourishing, comforting or lovely to read. You never disappoint. Thanks!

  3. Look at Anton’s sweet hair coming in! Love the “this is today” website. Also, doing kind things for others helps me break that awful blah mood you were feeling. Little unexpected kind things for strangers and ones you know. Also, you bring much joy to others. Please know that! Maybe sometimes blogging can be a little insular and over-insulating. While I love your blog, maybe take some 3-day weekends off, if you can, to recharge.

  4. Great post. I was celebrating a friend birthday and enjoyed time with the family and friends. Priceless.


  5. Hummmm, I agree with Alex Levy

    You did go back downstairs with a rag and windex to cleanup the drool marks afterwards right ?

    Kid kissing window: cute
    Leaving in a building with dirty windows because my neighbor’s kids leave drool on the lobby windows: not cute

    PS I have kids

  6. That video of Anton is beyond cute! They grow up so fast! Have a great weekend!

  7. In honor of the hilarious Nathan Pyle NYC Tips and Etiquette book you posted the other day, I have been attuned to all of the New York culture things that I find lately…Thought you and other readers might love to see these Haikus written about New York for National Poetry Month. Ranging from funny to quite striking and clever, it’s another fun look into the mindset of those who have spent time in New York…

  8. This may sound odd but and I really hope you feel really good really soon but when you share that you feel shitty sometimes it makes me feel so much more normal like I’m not the only one that has those weeks. So thank you for being so honest and awesome to your readers!! And videos of Anton totally makes my day! He’s the cutest patooti I have ever seen, besides Toby of course :)

  9. We’re taking our son to an audition with a talent agency tomorrow :) We’ll see if our cutie makes it into the world of fame at age 2. Have fun at the pizza place! I’m a major pizza fan- gluten free with my sensitivities but Vancouver has a great gluten free selection around here. I loved bringing my son to see all the ‘pink’ trees :) Spring is great, isn’t it?

  10. In my opinion You Are the Queen of thought-provoking hands down! One of the many reasons, I love reading everything you have to say, and I respect how much time and brainpower it must take to provide us with such fabulous information! By the way, this morning I used the happiness trick and ever since I read it I bust it out. As a SAHM and new blogger, I attended my 1st social media event and felt out of place big time (not savvy enough, not thin enough, not a “real” blogger, etc etc) so this morning I had to pep myself. I APPLAUD YOU! You’re doing a fantastic job!

  11. Anton is so cute! I often find my little eight month old guy making out with the fridge! (He does love to eat, so I guess I can’t blame him.) :)

  12. Alex, it’s not like grown people lick mirrors, so chances of you catching something from baby spit on a mirror are pretty slim

  13. This is such a great bunch of links. I LOVE the stamps!!

  14. I read that this month is going to be the most tense/stressful month of 2014. It seems like everyone is a little off or stressed. We just have to make it May and I’m convinced things will get better! Hang in there Joanna! We are all in this with you my friend! xoxo

  15. Maybe having your adorable little germ factory suck on the walls or doors of your building’s lobby isn’t the best New York Etiquette? He’s a cute baby but I would be completely disgusted if I lived in your building.

  16. Husband and I laughed out loud at the T-Rex image. Love it! Happy Friday. Enjoy your weekend with your beautiful family! Xo

  17. That photo from the terrorist attack is amazing as is her story. I can’t imagine the fear for your babies. Amazing. Anton is a doll, why wouldn’t you make out with yourself if you were that cute?!? Eugh curried tuna sandwich- no thanks! But yes to Judy Blume, who I had totally forgotten about (read 20years ago), praise be to teaching me all I needed to know when I was a teen. I had also forgotten about “Ralph” until I read the comments.. My mother in laws husband is called Ralph and now I’m gonna laugh when I next see him! Happy weekend!

  18. I always look forward to these weekend posts! Such a fun way to wrap up the week.

    I also had to close the ad video. It was an enlightening experience for me, because I never understood trigger warnings, really. I suppose I got them abstractly, but didn’t empathize with their necessity.
    I had a traumatic near-drowning experience when I was 14, during which I was stuck at the surf breaking point for what felt like hours but was actually something like half an hour. It was terrible, of course, but I mostly feel like I’ve dealt with it. Well, this ad dislodged some deep unresolved terror. My heart is still racing.
    I get it now.

    And I also get that people who haven’t had these traumas might not understand why the warning is necessary and compassionate. I hadn’t understood it for other cases until today.

    So thank you for that lesson! And please consider putting a note with the link.

  19. I’m so happy with your visit at my blog! :)
    Have a great weekend!!!

  20. I actually burst into tears watching Sortie En Mer. TRIGGER WARNING.

  21. I just wanted to say how much I always look forward to these weekly roundups. They always make my Friday a little brighter.

  22. Oh Joanna, your family will LOVE Franny’s!! Its the best! I second the clam pizza recommendation, as well as the meatball! It seems simple, but its delicious!

    Looks like you will be spending the weekend around my neighborhood! Hope its wonderful!

  23. Aw, Anton!

    I also wanted to comment about the sleep loss… I laughed, because I made the mistake of multiplying by three (I have three young boys) and then I realized why I’ve been looking older lately!

  24. oh, wow, i’m so sorry the ad was so scary! i thought it was amazing/thought-provoking/a great reminder, but i can see how it would feel panicky if you’re already scared of open water.

  25. Omg, Joanna, that picture of the mom protecting her kids from the terrorist attack has me SOBBING in front of the computer. Just the picture – even without words – is so powerful. I never had emotions like this until I became a mom. Now, I’m just like wow – that is my worst nightmare – and they lived through it. :/ Hope you guys have a great weekend!

  26. Kate, I had a similar experience with that drowning ad. I couldn’t get through it because I literally started feeling sick. I was wondering what the ad was even for since I didn’t see the end!

  27. Love the Anton video! Have a wonderful weekend. As per usual, I’ll be working. I need to check out that George Saunders book. Thank you.

  28. The ad for the life jacket is utterly terrifying!

  29. Judi Blume! My teen fave! I can never meet a guy named ‘Ralph’ without sniggering. Have the best weekend!

  30. PSA regarding the scary ad link, Sortie En Mer: If you are very afraid of open water/swimming/the ocean, DO NOT WATCH. It caused me to have a panic attack. It is an intensely disturbing and realistic first-person drowning simulator. It is not worth the distress it will cause you if you are phobic of these things.

  31. Joanna, I bought the white Converse after seeing your post. I just got them, and they are perfect. I’m calling them my “summer sneakers”! Have a great weekend. Love that video!

  32. get the clam pizza. its a game changer!

  33. Thank you so much for including the link to the “First Words” print, Joanna! I have been a fan of your blog for such a long time, so it’s so wonderful to be a little part of it. Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Mother’s Day in advance! XO, Julie

  34. That video of Anton is so cute! My nephew is 18 months old, and while we were babysitting him a few weeks back he played “hide and seek” with himself in our full length mirror, and when he looked at himself, he would kiss his reflection! It was so hilarious but I couldn’t catch it on video since I was laughing so hard.

  35. Amazing links as always, Joanna! Enjoy the cherry blossoms. We’ll have to wait until next month to see them in all their glory here in Toronto.

    I can’t wait!!:)


  36. We’re headed to see the cherry blossoms this afternoon, and I can’t wait! Have a nice weekend everyone. xo

    The City and Us

  37. Have an excellent Spring weekend. On a whim today, I tried my first Negroni. It will not be my last. The drink I have been waiting for since 1973….

  38. I second HELP, THANKS, WOW. It’s greatness.

    Have a cheery weekend!