1. I want one ;)

  2. Absolutely adorable! Would love to win one of these…

  3. Love it!!

  4. Ooo would be so cute!

  5. I still have my mixtapes. I think the case designs are my favourite part now…

  6. My best’s friends 30th Birthday is coming up and I would love filling this USB Cassette with songs from our last ten years together!
    Such a sweet gift idea :-)

  7. my husband was the “mix cd” king of high school. everyone still has a copy of his mastermix. this would be awesome.

  8. Oh my gosh, how awesome! My husband and I gave each other mix tapes and then CDs while we were dating…this is too perfect. :)

  9. i love this. What a sweet gift.

  10. SB says...

    I’m always making mixtapes for my friends and there’s really no cute way to send them these days – until this! Good giveaway.

  11. I love this!! not just because my cd drive is broken… !!

  12. Would make such a sweet gift!!

  13. Love this! How nostalgic.

  14. I remember making mix tapes! I miss those days. ;) Cool giveaway!

  15. Oh the memories – making a mixtape without having to worry about pressing play AND record at exactly the same time!

  16. This is so sweet! My boyfriend and I made each other mix cds before we started dating. When I put “I thought I saw your face today” by She & Him on a cd he responded with a very sweet playlist in return. And that’s how we knew :)

  17. This is the cutest idea ever! Love it!

  18. So cute!

  19. such an adorable idea. I used to love making and receiving mixed tapes!

  20. how fun! i was born in 1990 and most of my childhood i made mixtapes for family roadtrips. what an awesome idea!

  21. best idea ever!

  22. U says...

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  23. U says...

    Aww! Adorable. :)

  24. These are awesome! My best friend and I still exchange mixes. This would be such a great way to do so.

  25. This is brilliant! My head is swimming with ideas of songs to include on one!

  26. Such a fun idea! These would be great for event favors. :)

  27. Why didn’t I think of creating something like this!? This is greatness. I hope I win but if not, I will still definitely get one.

  28. We called them “mixed tapes”, and I still have almost all of the ones my brother made for me. I would love to win this.

  29. I’d love one!

  30. So cute!!! This would be the perfect little gift to give my boyfriend for our six months! Digital mix tapes provided us with a new way of staying close when we were apart from each other for a month and a half over the holidays.

  31. So cute! Such a great idea!! They’re website is nicely laid out too!

  32. So cute! I definitely miss making and getting mixtapes

  33. oh bummer! i think i missed this!!

  34. This is the cutest thing! I would love one!

  35. I love this! When we were dating, my husband would leave mixtapes for me on my dashboard at school. It was such a sweet surprise.

  36. I love this! When we were dating, my husband would leave mixtapes for me on my dashboard at school. It was such a sweet surprise.

  37. This is an awesome idea!

  38. This is awesome!! You could even do like a mix tape “chain letter” with your friends and make it a game!

  39. So awesome!!

  40. I love this! My husband and I used to make mixed tapes for each other when we first started dating. This would be a great gift for him!

  41. Really cool :)

  42. Ugh! These are so cute, they are giving 90’s flashbacks!! =)

  43. Ugh! these are so cute! I’m having 90’s flashbacks =)

  44. this is such a cute idea!

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  46. This is awesome! I’d give them to my friends for their birthdays

  47. I am always making mix CDs for my friends. This would totally add a whole new level to the mix collection and turn it into a truly unique gift!

  48. hilarious! This would be so fun.

  49. My husband would love this. he still makes mixes.

  50. us says...

    Way to bring back the mix tape!

  51. So cute! I would love to start a thing among my group of friends where we pass songs along to each other- I always find out about the best music from my friends since we all have such different tastes! I imagine putting cute “BFFS” stickers on it. Sort of like the sisterhood of the traveling pants, ahaha!

  52. That’s an awesome idea!

  53. this is so great! i remember sitting in front of the tape deck trying to record my favourite songs off of the radio. you had to be lightening quick! kids these days don’t know how good they have it!

  54. I still make mix tapes for my friends and kids. Love this modern take on a mix tape!

  55. Hehe! I still drive a car with a cassette tape, and I have like 5 mix tapes (and 20 other tapes) scattered throughout the car. It always puts a smile on my face! :)

  56. Fabulous idea!

  57. Fantastic idea!

  58. So cute! If I don’t win I’ll buy one.

  59. I love these.
    It brings back memories of a mix tape my husband put together for me when we were first dating. Sweet times!

  60. So cute! The perfect present for my boyfriend.

  61. I make mixed cd’s for everyone.. I love this mix of new technology and nostalgia. Great giveaway, thank you!

  62. These are adorable!

  63. What a great idea! My husband and I used to make them for each other too. I remember spending Sundays waiting for songs to come on the radio that I would record onto tapes. Just found a bunch if them from middle school.

  64. I love this! Nothing more romantic than a mix tape of your favorite jams =)

  65. What a cute idea! This is wonderful, I would love to have one of these!

  66. These are fantastic! I would love one of these!!!

  67. Genius! Would love to get my hands on this.

  68. Genius! Would love to get my hands on this.

  69. Genius! Would love to get my hands on this.

  70. I am the biggest mixtape fan ever. Makes me miss old school low-tech music.

  71. Oh my gosh! I remember making mix tapes off the RADIO! So many wasted hours…this looks awesome.

  72. I miss mix tapes so much. This is awesome, would love to make one.

  73. These have been on my wish list for some time now!

  74. RD says...

    What a great idea! A blast from the past.

  75. Love, love, love this idea! I’ve always been a huge fan of mix tapes and make mix CDs now. :p

  76. This is such a great idea. I loved making mixed tapes. I’d sit, listening to the radio all day for the song I wanted, finger hovering over they rec/play button. Then the DJ would speak during the intro. That drove me nuts!

  77. What a great idea. I loved making mixed tapes. I’d sit and listen to the radio all day waiting for the song I wanted, hand hovering over the rec/play button. Then the dj would speak during the intro. Drove me nuts.

  78. I miss mixed tapes! What a great gift idea!

  79. I still have the first mix tape made for me by a boy.

  80. Mixtapes were so much nicer a present than giving a simple pen drive so this is great!! :)

  81. This is super cool. I still make song mixes, but this would make them way cooler than a boring old USB transfer.

  82. i so wanted to get this for my hubby this xmas (per your suggestion:)

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  84. so cute!

  85. I love this idea! Oh how I miss the mixed tape…

  86. brilliant! my 7 year old came across one of my old mixed tapes last week…one would have thought he discovered dinosaur bones. it blew his mind (:

  87. oh golly this is cool. I love stuff that makes me feel like a kid again! I remember I was the only kid who stayed up waiting for my favorite songs on the radio so I could make the perfect mix tape – everyone else had cd players by then so I had no one to swap and share tapes with ha! kinda miss it though. Would looooove it since I swap music with my mom and sister all the time!

  88. mixtapes were the BEST! my prom date made me one filled with boyz II men songs. he jumped in and did some slow-jam, bass-voice talking, too. :)

  89. How fun!

  90. Ohhhh, LOVING this!

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  92. This is so adorable. I still have mixed cd’s that were made for me on rotation in my car, but I can’t remember the last time I made a “mix tape” for someone. I’d love to share the love!

  93. Such an ingenious way to make mix tapes for the people you love!

  94. So adorable. Who doesn’t love a good mixtape?

  95. Such an ingenious way to make mix tapes for the people you love!

  96. Love this! It would be a great gift to send my boyfriend – long distance relationships are always in need of mixtapes :)

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  98. Love these!! The best way to say thank you to my co-president with a soundtrack of the show we put on!

  99. I need this in my life! I’m going to order a few whether or not I win this giveaway. :)

  100. I need this in my life! I’m going to order a few whether or not I win this giveaway. :)

  101. So cute! I made a mix tape for my husband when we were dating (the old fashioned way! – I’m only 37!) and filled it with the usual cool songs and love songs but needed one more song to fill it up and I was loving Simon and Garfunkel at the time so I added the Sound of Silence. We laugh about it every time we hear the song now because it was such a random choice and also could sort of convey the (incorrect) message that I would like him to please stop talking :)

  102. You are with out a doubt the best blogger ever. I’ve told you that before and I will keep telling you. THanks for always showing us/me the coolest stuff! Hope I win!

  103. These are such a fantastic idea! Good music + nostalgia!

  104. So nostalgic! This would be great for me to make for my boyfriend who has a long car trip for a move coming up in June. Thank you!

  105. E says...

    This is such a great idea! My and my husband’s relationship was founded on mix tapes. We probably have 25 between us, (before we switched to mixed CDs!) This would be an awesome gift add-on.