Lupita’s Natural Beauty Secret

How talented and gracious is Lupita Nyong’o? I just love everything about her. She seems so warm and down-to-earth. I’d love to hang out with her, wouldn’t you? And if we did hang out, after we ate dinner and talked about hopes and fears and dreams, we would do what all good friends do…play around with makeup.

She actually shared her tip for flawless skin with Racked: “I use a lot of natural oils—like avocado oil and Hawaiian kukui oil—and try to drink lots of water. I think your skin really needs to be nourished from the inside rather than outside, so eating right and drinking water really goes a long way. I’m very low-maintenance.” (Now I want to douse myself with oils every night before bed.)

Plus, a few more photos, just because I love her…Lupita, keep doing what you’re doing!! xoxo

P.S. Another natural beauty trick.

  1. Her advice is great, I use lots of different oils on my face and really recommend it but so many people are scared of it

  2. Oh, I love Lupita! I remember reading about her in a magazine before going to see 12YAS in theaters and was really looking forward to seeing how she did. Everyone was raving about her performance, and rightly so! I was so excited to learn she’d been nominated for an Oscar. Her acceptance speech was lovely and inspiring, and I’m so glad she won. She deserved it.

  3. Elegance, beauty, poise and smarts. She has it all! No wonder everyone she comes in contact with is enamored with her! <3

  4. that post have me reaching for my water bottle before i even noticed i was doing it. i just love her and that little shimmie and shake she did with pharrell just made her THAT much more awesome in my book.

  5. Everything about her is pure lovely (and sweet, and intelligent, and kind). What a nice example of a wonderful human:)

  6. She’s absolutely gorgeous! And I totally agree that great skin is mostly about how you looking after your lifestyle as a whole!

  7. She is so gracious and elegant. I think we all have a crush on her ! She had me crying with her Oscars speech, beautiful.

  8. Before the Oscars she said, “You can’t rely on how you look to sustain you… compassion sustains you”
    She said that she would fall asleep wishing she would wake up light skinned. I remember going to sleep as a child wishing I looked like a model.
    I’m here today, 26 years old, knowing finally that I am perfect who I am inside and not what I look like.
    I strongly believe we need more women in lead roles in Hollywood. I’ve been an assistant in the film industry since I graduated film school at ucla and honestly I’m tired of stepping away. So here, finally, is my reel:
    And, I want to say thank you for your blog and constant inspiration. You’re someone to always look up to.

  9. Her other secret, which you can see from the great photos you posted, is that she’s a minimalist. Notice she doesn’t wear too much jewelry and she sticks to one big thing and that’s it.

  10. I love her so much!

  11. Joanna watch her Oscar and Grammy speeches. They are so powerful and she has an amazing way of speaking and I think she must be empowering women everywhere. She is such an amazing role model.

  12. I’m obsessed with her! And I share her beauty trick, though sadly it’s not making me as gorgeous and graceful as she…
    I’ve been using Josie Maran’s Light Argan Oil on my face and Neutrogena Light Sesame Oil on my body, and my skin has been great (well, let’s just say better than usual). Especially with this dry winter air, it feels good to put the oil on. I also put the Neutrogena in the bath and come out all dewy.

  13. I think her real beauty secret is humility and her smarts. Don’t forget she went to Yale for her MFA!

  14. She is amazing! I do those things do and don’t look nearly that good. I think her natural beauty secret is to be born incredibly beautiful.

  15. When i saw your pictures, I was thinking, “What a class act!” and then laughed when i saw that was the very first comment. Well, she is!

    I def need to improve my diet – I agree with her about skin!

  16. Oh, I hope being famous doesn’t ruin her. She’s lovely. And those dresses – the billowy skirts are the best!

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  18. natural beauty indeed!! the girl is blessed with GOOD genes. love her elegance and girly spunk.

  19. I actually went to a facialist recently who told me the exact same thing! apparently people shy away because they think oil is bad…but natural (i.e not synthetic) oils are supposedly really good for your skin. Coconut oil as a night cream is what she suggested. Have been trying for a few days and love it!

  20. she’s radiant! so lovely.

  21. I use this brown sugar + olive oil scrub. No need for lotion afterwards.
    Natural oils and a diet that doesn’t irritate your skin (and ultimately your body) is really the best beauty trick.

  22. she just seems like the sweetest, doesn’t she!

  23. I’ve been using Argan oil and Rosehip Oil instead of moisturizer and I love it!

  24. she really seems beautiful inside and out.

  25. I love her too!

  26. GAH! She is so beautiful, and especially her skin. It is so luminous!!! I love her through and through.

    Have you read the interviews where she says that she didn’t feel comfortable in her skin until she saw model Alek Wek? It reminds me of how important diversity is in media (and everywhere, of course).

  27. She is so beautiful. Her acceptance speech was so poignant, elegant and gracious that it gave me chills. Such an amazing young woman…

  28. She is absolutely flawless and so very classy. My girl crush for sure!

  29. I keep hearing about the benefits of oils on the face. It seems that years of “oil is bad” talk, I need to get past that and give it a try. She looks amazing!

  30. brooklynash, going to check it out right now, thanks!

  31. totally, megan—and she looks so amazing in glasses, too.

  32. She’s so beautiful! Love the photo of her at fashion week with Anna Wintour.

  33. omg! did you see the story ralph fiennes told about her on jimmy fallon!? so cute. you should check it out…

  34. Oh Lupita! She is just gorgeous and YES I want to hang out with her, haha!

  35. She seems nice but is her face going to be plastered everywhere now?! I get annoyed of “it” celebrities pretty fast. I guess she’s better than Miley!

  36. LV says...

    She is absolutely stunning.

  37. she is seriously one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. and the pic of her looking all serious next to anna wintour (because what else do you do?) is hilarious.

  38. Love her too! She is the epitome of beauty, grace and class! Time for me to go drink some more water. : )

  39. Her Oscar speech had me in tears. She is just so lovely and gracious.

  40. I love how effortlessly dignified she is!!