Have a Fun Weekend!

What are your plans this weekend? We’re heading to FLORIDA!!! The other night, Alex and I were sitting around lamenting this terrible winter, and he turned to me and said, “That’s it. We’re going to Florida.” So we got onto the computer and spontaneously booked flights to visit my mom. We just couldn’t take the cold anymore! I’m can’t wait to go swimming with the boys. Have a good one, and here are a few fun posts from around the web…

(I’ll be back on Tuesday!)

ABC Yoga looks awesome.

What people eat every day around the world.

Don’t you love Mindy Kaling?

Brussels sprouts caesar salad.

What to wear to the beach. (Scroll down.)

Gwyneth Paltrow’s news, explained in GIFs.

What it’s like to name products for a living.

Five foods to never store in the fridge.

60 nutty facts about NYC. (Tiny shrimp are in the drinking water!)

The best places to cry in New York City.

How to put a toddler to bed in 100 easy steps.

What a cute spring bag.

Want to sleep over at this bookstore?

A dad’s awesome videos of his son. (Worth watching.)

How to negotiate around the world.

And Seinfeld on driving in Florida:)

(Top photo by William Eggleston)

  1. Oh my gosh… those toddler videos are fantastic. Love those 😃

  2. Oh my gosh… those toddler videos are fantastic. Love those 😃

  3. Fabulous! Spontaneous trips are much more fun than holidays you look forward to for months! They feel just sooo special! Hope you have fun!

  4. Great the “How to put a toddler to bed in 100 easy steps” post!!! Good job Jo!!!

  5. What an inspiring picture…. inspiring to book a flight, to dream of your next trip or to add to your travel scrapbook. I love it.

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

  6. Actually, I disagree about the food storage tip. Ever since I started storing tomatoes and onions in the fridge years ago, I’ve tripled their lives… and they taste perfectly nice.

  7. florida sounds nice. We enjoyed spring days in sunny norway (where we live): visited an open farm (baby’s first time meeting farm animals) and hiked in the mountains. Looking forward to hearing about florida.

  8. Oh wow Joanna– thank you so much for including a link to my post about living at the bookshop! I’m such a fan of your blog and this totally made my weekend :)))

  9. Also, as a New York lady, is there a larger bag you can recommend? I’m from LA and all my purses are way too tiny to handle NY living.

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  11. The videos the dreamworks dad made of his son made me chuckle! Especially the danger of wet floors! haha Have a fantastic time in Florida.

  12. I’m a kids yoga teacher here in NYC, it warmed my heart to see you share the ABCs. If you find yourself in Williamsburg on a Thursday morning I’d love to see your kiddos in my class at the Leonard Library!

  13. I love it! I hope y’all have a great time!

  14. I love it! I hope y’all have a great time!

  15. I live in Florida..Clearwater area..and it is absolutely pouring today! I hope where you go its dry and sunny…although a rainy day here is still better than most weather happening elsewhere!
    Have a fantastic time!

  16. Florida driver- can confirm. Just almost got clipped twice between I-95 and my parents house. :-/

  17. that should have read love the honest toddler (though, since I have one, I kind of live it also, I suppose)

  18. Fun posts – live the honest toddler!

  19. Spontaneous trip! So fun! Love that ABCs of yoga poster… I’ll have to remember it when I have kids!

  20. Man, I had no idea Gwenyth and Chris were getting a divorce :(
    And it’s so weird that you included the link about the Shakespeare & Company bookstore because I’ve had a photo of the exterior of the store as my desktop on my work computer since St. Patty’s day lol.

  21. Shrimp in the water? So that’s why the pizza tastes so good.

  22. Hi Jo! We have the ABC Yoga flashcards, and we looove them. So cute & fun! Hope you all have a blast in Florida!! xo

  23. I stayed at Shakespeare & Company a couple years ago when George was still alive. It was the best time of my life (so far).

  24. Love that photo you chose!

  25. I always wondered why my package of grape tomatoes always says “do not refrigerate”… but I can never eat a room temperature tomato! I’m addicted to them straight outta the fridge.

  26. Enjoy your trip!!

  27. Ugh man, whatever Seinfeld says about elderly FL drivers … Miami drivers are 234596x worse!! Been living here for 3 years now and I’m still not used to the insanity :P Weather is warm down here – Enjoy!

  28. Nice!! we have family there as well. It’s gorgeous weather down there.

  29. Hope you have fun in my neck of the woods! We are leaving the sun and warmth for Minnesota for two weeks to go to my brother in laws wedding. Not looking forward to the cold!

    Drivers here are NUTS so be careful!

  30. OMG…the ‘100 ways to put a toddler to bed’ is SO my life right now!! I was laughing so hard while reading these. Too funny.

    And try adding a little oatmeal to the chocolate chip coconut cookies. I makes these every Christmas. Add a little extra butter though to keep the cookies moist. VERY yummy!

  31. I love finding out all those weird facts about NYC. Thanks for a fun bunch of links and have so much fun in Florida!

  32. One of my favorite Friday round-up posts yet. Lots of great thinking links. Keep up the good work!! :)

  33. It’s nice to know I’m not alone putting my toddler to bed. That made me laugh, but I do that entire list every night.

  34. i know, lauren, soooo gross!!! it’s one of those things you have to pretend you never heard :)

  35. Shrimp… in the water? SHRIMP IN THE WATER?! I guess it’s all Diet Coke all the time from now on for this girl.

  36. Hi to Jean from me please!! Have fun….take me with you please??

  37. That photograph is by William Eggleston- Untitled (Glass in Airplane), ca. 1965-74. :)