1. J says...

    This looks so freakkking awesome. :D I would love to hear of urban friendly kid+bike products in 2019. I don’t too much care for the yellow trailer behind my bike but my son’s 31/2 now, so I wonder if it’s the best option for his age/weight? :/ Any suggestions? I know you did a post on kid bike seats a few years back but it didn’t show up for “bike” search :)

  2. Wow, that’s really coll. I wish we had those here in Malaysia..

  3. Those kids should have helmets on – that’s all that needs to be said.

  4. I live in the city of Amsterdam with my husband and our two girls ( 2 and 8 years) I have a bakfiets and I love it! It takes us all over town and the girls love it too!

  5. Oh those bakfietsen, personally I think they are a nuisance, especially on the narrow streets of Amsterdam, or even worse, on the sidewalks. But they are handy when you are transporting more than two childeren! Their populairity is on the decline nowadays, they are cinsidered, in lack of a better word, Momsy…

  6. I LOVE THIS!!!!
    If I was still in the UK I’d have one of these.

    You can’t get them at the a reasonable price where I live.

  7. I took a solo trip to Amsterdam last year (and scoured the comments sections of your Amsterdam posts for tips, haha)—and what Amsterdammers manage to balance while riding their bikes never ceases to amaze me. On a break in Vondelpark I watched an older gent in dapper dusky rose cords and a well-worn blazer and fedora balance concentric bandboxes towering from his rear rack *and* a cushioned guitar case on one side, pedaling all the while! Have you read Pete Jordan’s book “In the City of Bikes”?

  8. These are so cute!! I have to admit though that the new paranoid mom in my thinks these look a little dangerous.

  9. We have one (a bakfiets) and we love it! It’s perfect year around here in sunny California. But unfortunately my city isn’t bike friendly enough that I feel safe taking my boys all over town. We can ride to a few places though on safe paths and its always a better adventure ( and workout!) when we ride instead of drive.

  10. Oohh Joanna! Your post reminded me of this Bike cafe so I immediately wrote about it on my other blog because I hadn’t.

    They fix your tire or bike and you can read the loveliest magazines and drink the best coffee in town while waiting! The styling is amazing, you’re gonna love it!