Pretty Nail Polish

My friend Michelle came over the other night and had the most beautiful nail polish. I kept staring at her hands—the polish, Cocktail Bling, was the perfect dusty pale grey/blue. It was so gorgeous for winter, and I must have complimented her fifty times on it. I’d highly recommend it!

What color are your nails right now? Have you tried anything good recently?

P.S. Navy nails.

  1. Ida says...

    I like this dark red that is on the verge of looking brown. It’s on the dark side. I really like the color. Especially with my turtle neck sweaters in the winter.

  2. RGB’s Tropic, a deep dark green with Dior gel coat on top – can’t get enough!

  3. I’m wearing radiant orchid on my hands and feet and am kind of obsessed.

  4. cocktail bling is one of my all time favorites. :) I just tried Essie’s 2014 resort collection too, and I love all of those colors.

  5. Sand Tropaz Essie. for fingers
    and Little Brown Dress for toes.

  6. Love that? You should check out the new Essie collection. There is a light blue that’s called “find me an oasis”

    I’m currently wearing their other new color called “cocktails and coconuts” which is a nude with gold glitter on top.

  7. Gorgeous color!!!

  8. Too too hot (by Essie too, of course)

    It is a tad too summery for the grey winter I am experiencing while travelling between Vienna, London and Amsterdam but it cheers me up!

  9. I have a gel nailpolish that is “mood”. It’s dark blue when it’s cold and if I put it under warm water it turns light blue/grey. Love it!

  10. I put Essie’s Clambake this afternoon, a homage to my friend who is getting married tomorrow (she picked grey and orange as her wedding colours) – I previously stated here that I could not find Essie here in France, so here is the update: we DO have them !
    I was really surprised on how easy and quick it was to paint my nails with this Essie shade ! I usually use Chanel Dragon and Rouge Noir in winter – which, in my view, are really classy and chic, on top of being super resistant to schocks (I usually do the washing up with painted nails and no gloves !).

  11. Essie’s Power Clutch! An amazing shade of dark gray!

  12. Pretty color! At the moment my nails are bare but I will be doing pink with red hearts over the weekend. :)

  13. I know this is totally off the topic of cute polish but where did the blog links go … I really enjoyed your list!

  14. I’m not usually a big Valentine’s Day fan, but all this month I’ve been wearing girly pink or red nail polish colors. I recently removed OPI’s “New Year’s Redsolution” and replaced it with Essie’s “Bachelorette Bash”. Something about the latter’s fun dark pink color adds a little extra spring to my step and I’ve been purposely wearing dark and neutral colors to work to make my nails stick out even more.

  15. i just gotta say, i have that EXACT color on right now! i bought it in the states before we left for Africa. and i love it! :) so fun.

  16. Gorgeous! I always look to Cup Of Jo for new season nail polish inspiration. Essie’s St Lucia Lilac is lovely too – it sits exactly between lilac and grey so is pretty for Spring as well as the colder months. I feel like I’m ready for some light and bright colours!

  17. ha! I am wearing this exact color (although a different brand). It’s called powder blue and it’s a Swiss brand so not readily available, but I love it! It feels very chic and a little spring-y. Trying to get myself in a warmer state of mind : )

  18. I find it hard to find the time to let them dry so they are natural right now, toe nails too!

  19. That is super pretty! I’ve been sticking to maroons and dark purples for winter but I decided to be brave and go for navy for my last mani. Let’s just say it looks a lot better on Pintrest than on my finger. I think I’ll go for a peachy tone for the next one!

  20. I just started selling for a company called jamberry nails they are made of vinyl and wont chip or smudge and they’re inexpensive. I’m not trying to advertise I just think you might like them. this is my website

  21. I went the opposite and got a bright colour for all this snowy weather – Essie’s “Cute as a button” favourite shade of coral!

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  24. I Love Love LOVE Mint nailpolish… Right now its Butter’s Fiver

  25. I usually wear only clear polish or dark navy / black but for some reason I love that colour. Love Essie polishes too, I think I may have to try it :)

  26. I second Seche Vite as a topcoat. It is the best! Dries them quickly, makes polish last longer, and gives a good shine.

    My nails are a bronzey color–Face’s Indian Summer.

  27. My nails are painted in a color called “Teal the Cows Come Home” by O.P.I.

  28. Have you tried gel nails Joanna? I love them because the colors are so bright and long-lasting and you can keep your nails short. Mine are Tiger Blossom right now because we just got back from a trip to Anguilla (the Viceroy resort there is soooo amazing!). But that light blue is gorgeous. I might try a dark teal too. Thanks!

  29. Deborah Lippmann’s A Glamorous Life. I splurged and am glad I did…a lovely rose gold!

  30. LOVE a good Essie polish! My secret….get them at T.J.Maxx for half the price. Only select colors end up there but for some strange reason I always find one I want!


  31. That colour looks great, my nails are coral right now… but about 30% chipped off because I’ve been out of nail polish remover for ages. (toes have a tiny bit of pink left on the big ones only… so sad)

  32. ooh pillow fight is gorgeous—i love all the nail polish names. i met a woman once whose job it was to help come up with them. they’re always so quirky.

  33. My nails are currently grey. I’m always a sucker for grey and browns. I love this color though! I may have to try it!

  34. My nails are navy right now. After we painted our home office navy, I was obsessed with the color! My usual winter go to though is OPI’s Berlin There Done That. It’s a gorgeous gray.

  35. Essie Bahama Mama :)

  36. dc says...

    Burgundy toes and I never polish my fingernails as I work with my hands in the soil and my nails are atrocious.

  37. I’ve been obsessed with Ciate pillow fight – a dirty lilac taupe shade. Prob my fav find this winter.

  38. Smokin’ Hot from Essie – it’s like a gray/brown/purple (sounds awful). I saw it on Pinterest and tried it out and totally love it.

    And I second Seche Vite for a topcoat! It dries nails rock-hard and fast.

  39. My two favourites , at the moment , are navy and chocolate brown .

    Great winter colours.

  40. I feel like this color needs a sparkly jelly-heart ring on it! Very reminiscent of the Hard Candy polish we were in love with in Middle School.

    Winter for me has been Nars Jungle Red!

    Mary Glenn: Try Seche Vite!

  41. My winter go to is Demure Vixen. Its the most perfect sheer lilac with hot pink shimmer you will ever see. It’s perfectly neutral and feminine. I recently found another essie color, “butler please!” that I am OBSESSED with. I want to paint my front door this color. It’s a bright blue with a purpley undertone that is just tops. You cannot beat it.

  42. I have demure vix by essie on my nails. Love it!

  43. So cute! I’m trying it!

  44. Oh love that one! Right now I have the darker version of that polish on: Lapis luxury by essie

  45. Essie Chinchilly! It’s more my summer color but went tropical. My winter color is Lincoln Park After Dark or Russian Navy.

  46. My nails are mirror silver at the moment. I love it!

  47. if only i could find the time to polish my nails! really, i’m just so impatient. i hate waiting for them to dry…

  48. Does anyone have a recommendation for a top coat? I’ve gone through so many, and just haven’t found one I love…

  49. I love experimenting with nails and am drawn to dark hues. At the mo I’m wearing Revlon’s After Party which is more of a deep green, khaki colour and I love it. xxx

  50. I’ve been obsessed with Rimmel’s ‘Burgundy Flirt’ lately. In Spring/Summer, I adore Sally Hansen’s ‘Hibiscus’.

  51. i have burgundy on my toes, which i love too:)

  52. that’s a pretty color. I just painted mine an orange-red color last night. I needed a jolt of color in this bleak wintry weather.