Playing Games at Home

During this never-ending winter, we kept getting into ruts at night, where we would make dinner, flop on the sofa and watch TV. But now that we’ve seen every episode of House Hunters International, we needed something different…

So, to mix things up, we’ve started playing games—Alex taught me gin rummy—and it has been really fun to drink wine, play the game and chat. Here are some photos from last night, and a list of games you can play with just two people:

Board games:
Jenga (we played this a bunch when I was pregnant with Toby)
Chinese Checkers

Card games:
Gin rummy
Double Solitaire

Games you just make up:
Truth or Dare
Would You Rather (Love playing this on vacations)
What games do you like? Do you play them with friends and/or with your partner? Do you like any of the games above, or have other suggestions? We’d love any recommendations! :)

P.S. Date ideas (including a terrifying date), and how to keep the sparks flying.

  1. My sweetheart and I additionally play a word-based rendition of Mastermind in which you needn’t bother with anything besides your cerebrum to play. Useful for auto outings or outdoors. :) ever!

  2. If we go back to the college days we remember . We love Monopoly Deal! It’s a card game based off the board game .the games we played the most like

  3. If we go back to the college days we remember the games we played the most like Quarters, Beer Pong ,Flip Cup and many other..and Now also i love
    these drinking games.

  4. It’s a great two person game. I grew up playing with my grandmother, and I just recently taught my boyfriend to play!
    Tank addicting games

  5. Bobby and I play Gin and Crazy 8s and tons of Backgammon. Sometimes we’ll just go to a bar and bring a deck of cards and sit for hours! Everyone thinks we’re weirdos, I’m sure. But we’re too caught up in the game – and our wagers – to care.

    • Mathea says...

      Do you happen to know a good link for how to play Backgammon? I cannot find a good instruction for the life of me :)

  6. Cribbage is a great 2 person game!

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  8. MEXICAN TRAIN DOMINOES. Joanna, you’ll love it! It’s mainly for a group, but my husband and I also play it just the two of us…so fun!

  9. My boyfriend and I are borderline too competitive to play games together, but we still kind of do…in terms of card games, Egyptian Ratscrew (kind of like Spit–super fun) and sometimes Black Jack, Set…We play different dice games, and then make some up…We both love Taboo and sometimes play “Team Taboo,” just trying to get as many words as possible in a minute (also good practice for when you play with other people!) and then some of the old favorites–Monopoly, LIFE, Guess Who! And then we bet on the Oscars, of course. I won last night ;-)

  10. I love Blink. And you can teach Toby to play too, although the pace is VERY different with preschoolers.

  11. We love cribbage, and we want to learn backgammon!

  12. I love Boggle too. (Is it because I always win? Hmm maybe).

    Qwirkle, Set, Dominion (kinda dorky… it took months for my boyfriend to convince me to play but it’s actually really fun), Sequence, Anagrams (there are trademarked versions but it’s basically a parlor game that’s been around forever and you can play with Scrabble or Bananagrams tiles).

    My boyfriend and I also play a word-based version of Mastermind in which you don’t need anything but your brain to play. Good for car trips or camping. :)

  13. In December my husband and I traveled to Baltimore so I could donate a kidney to a friend. I was only in the hospital for three days, but we had to stay in a hotel for three weeks … over Christmas and New Years! On a whim, we picked up a Yahtzee game at a bookstore at the Inner Harbor during our first few days there. Playing Yahtzee ended up being a great way to pass the time while we waited around in the hotel room.

    • Old school – love it!

  14. I looooove Boggle, too! Scattergories is another favorite.

    And your lipstick color is lovely!

  15. My husband and I get pretty competitive with Phase 10. You can play it with more than two people and it’s a lot of fun!

  16. I can highly recommend Tichu. It’s a Chinese card game that you play best in two teams of two. We love playing it with another couple. It’s a lot of fun.

  17. We have dug out the Yahtzee game this winter! So much fun :)

  18. My boyfriend and I play games with dinner most nights, and at brunch on the weekends.

    Right now we’re on a cribbage kick (the rules are a bit weird, but so much fun once you get the hang of it!). We also love backgammon, Sorry!, Skip-Bo (aka Spite & Malice), dice games like Yahtzee! and farkle.

    We almost always get comments when we head out to restaurant or bar with our favorite game!

  19. We love Monopoly Deal! It’s a card game based off the board game — we picked it up at target (don’t get the “millionaire edition” – it’s lame. 2-5 or 6 players but 2 is really fun, and in a couple years Toby will be able to play too :)

  20. We love Monopoly Deal! It’s a card game based off the board game — we picked it up at target (don’t get the “millionaire edition” – it’s lame. 2-5 or 6 players but 2 is really fun, and in a couple years Toby will be able to play too :)

  21. d. says...

    Speed Uno! It’s like Uno on speed.. lol fun group game, can also play with 2. Ticket to Ride Scandinavia is the version you can play with 2 players and up to 4.. it’s really fun (and you learn your Scandinavian geography!) Bang is a really fun Cowboy themed card game you can play with 2 people or up to 8 (depending whether you have expansion or not). Pandemic is fun, but requires at least 3 players. Farkle is also a blast! Less strategic and more wild gambling haha.

  22. I am like a crazy evangelical about Settlers of Catan. My husband and I are such nerds about it that we bought the expansion packs! Cities and Knights makes it so much better…

  23. You should check out the game sequence (2 to 12 people)! My boyfriend brought it to our family christmas and it was so fun. we also play bananagrams

  24. I swear you can read my mind! My husband and I are in the exact same rut- dinner, wine, House Hunters International (we even have a favorite realtor- the kooky lady in Paris with the bright red lipstick. She’s the best!), and I was just thinking how we need to start playing some games. We’ve actually never played a game together in our 4.5 year relationship, so it should be fun to see our competitive sides come out. Well, it should be interesting, at least…thanks for the great ideas!

  25. Cards Against Humanity is always awesome, but that’s really a group game – you really need more than 2.

    Beyond that, my husband and a number of our friends are rabid gamers. I’m not as much, but I’m always up for these games, which are worth checking out.

    1) Carcassonne, a map building game, and my favorite.

    2) Ticket to Ride – building railroads across the US

    3) Forbidden Island – a cooperative game (everyone playing wins or looses together) where you’re searching for treasure on a sinking Island

    4) Forbidden dessert – from the same folks who made Forbidden Island, a cooperative game searching to build an airship in a sand- swept dessert

    5) King of Tokyo

  26. We have over 30! You must try dixit!

  27. Yes, blanket source, please!

  28. Cards against humanity is so wrong that it’s right!

    Also, what is that blanket that is on your couch seat? I love it!

  29. em says...

    Boggle is pretty much the greatest simple game of all time! Also, Euchre, but you need four people!

  30. For group games I really love Cards Against Humanity or Spoons. Every time I visit my fiance’s family there is a family dinner followed by Pinochle. They are very competitive. If it’s just the fiance and I, we will make a whole bunch of coffee and play Scrabble.

  31. My husband and I just started playing chess together. It’s such a great way to learn more about how your spouse thinks about things…
    We also love Scrabble (one time, we tied exactly!), Bananagrams, and Yahtzee.
    Thanks for this post!

  32. Carcasonne is fantastic. My husband and I always have to decide whether we are going to play mean or nice – cut-throat strategy or a more gentle version. Depends on how much we like each other that day!