Happy Valentine’s Day!

What are you up to tonight? Any hot dates? Alex and I are having an at-home date night, and last night I actually joined a few ladies at my friend Susan’s house for Galentine’s Day. We drank wine, ordered pizza and watched Clueless. She told us we could wear sweatpants and pjs. It was such a fun, low-key night! (As Leslie Knope says, “Ovaries before brovaries, uteruses before duderuses”:) Anyway, hope you have a wonderful weekend with people you love, and here are a few fun posts from around the web…

The Olympics in Manhattan.

Snowy Michigan from space.

These dogs are so flipping cute.

How to sound business-y. (Thanks, Devin)

Would you ever try these bangs?!

How people talk in movies.

Star earrings.

Are these Paris billboards real or photoshopped?

School pictures are always so awkward.

Everyone has this co-worker.

Are you right brained or left brained?

DYING to try this beauty product.

Pretty stationery.

What cool art direction!

A funny commute.

Why it’s not okay to steal kisses.

A news story for your inner five-year-old.

P.S. And I know I always repeat the same Valentine’s Day story but here it is again.

Plus, three past posts:
* Do your eyes light up when you see your child?
* A one-sentence pep talk.
* How to look like a J.Crew model.

(Photo by Michael O’Neal and Laura Brunow Miner for Pinterest Send a Valentine, via D*S. Dog balloons via Momfilter)

  1. I can’t believe how many times I check your site when you take a day off from posting…I am addicted. And I think that is what any website wants to be – addictive – totally keeping this reader coming back for more.

  2. Hi Joanna, I have been following your blog for ages (years?) and I just wanted to say what a pleasure it is to read. Thanks! Nothing better than having a few of your posts to catch up on over a culpa. xxx

  3. Lovely post, and I absolutely love your page. Have a wonderful week!

  4. Never trying bang wigs, not my cup of tea ;)

  5. I loved the article about how they talk in series and movies, I’ve often noticed so many anachronisms, it’s good to see them confirmed and dated.I hope script writers are paying attention!
    Also, I’m a total left brain, zilch creativity, oh well! Great weekend post, as usual joanna, thanks!

  6. This fox photo makes me think instantly of George Clooney in Fantastic Mr. Fox. So suave!

  7. Happy Valentine’s Day! Espero que andes muy bien, te mandamos un abrazo grande :)

  8. I live close to where those Paris billboard pictures were taken, and I haven’t seen them around, unfortunately. It’s possible they were taken down and I just missed them though!

  9. I have those bangs!! LOVE THEM. I have a unique shade of strawberry blond hair and THEY MATCH!! Hair miracle!

  10. I have the bangs. Eh. They’re kinda weird. Never wore them out in public because they feel very obvious since the colors are hard to match. If you do buy them , I would splurge on the human hair set. That way they can be color matched.

  11. NARS illuminator in Copacabana is the best – get on that ASAP!!

  12. Thanks for including the stealing kisses link. Those are such important lessons for kids to learn. Am going to start framing things differently with my kids, based on that article.

  13. I’ve been dying to try the Jessica Simpson bangs! I have terrible cowlicks and my hair is currently falling out (in the front of course) due to stress. I’m thinking some nice, thick, fake bangs will give some life to my crazy bag-lady hair!

  14. Your oft repeated Valentines story is awesome. xx

  15. My bf and I went out for dinner last night, so tonight we’re staying in for an Italian movie night (Bicycle Thieves, Cinema Paradiso, Il Postino…if we can make it!) and…anchovies. Specifically salt-packed anchovies that he deboned by hand, then marinated first in vinegar and then a gremolata of olive oil, chopped parsley, and minced garlic. It’s heaven.

  16. Absolutely love the new stationary company (Yes Ma’am) – thank you SO much for posting about them!

  17. Thanks for this post, JoAnna! I was especially fascinated by the “stealing kisses” article. I’d never thought of it that way- but the logic makes perfect sense. Great read!

    Happy Valentine’s! xoxo

  18. Two years ago I was having the same kind of Valentine’s Day you had all those years ago… Lonely, a little sad, probably cold, and seriously wondering if I would ever find my person. 3 weeks later… A co-worker and friend whom I had always thought was *oh, so dreamy* asked me on a date.

    We’re moving in together next month and I couldn’t be happier.

  19. Joanna you are so sweet to include us in your links! Thank you! Hope you and your sweet family have the best Valentine’s Day. xoxo from Atlanta

  20. I love love love (!) your Valentine’s story. Never stop telling it!! I don’t remember the first time I read it, but I think of it often and it always cheers me up. Whenever I’m feeling bummed about being soooo single I think of your story about that V-day and (something else I probably saw on your blog)…”if you knew you were going to meet your soul mate tomorrow, what would you spend today doing?” I know (hope) someday I will have a husband and family and have to consider them in everything I do so I try to remind myself to enjoy my ability to be selfish today. Thank you for always make life a little better with Cup of Jo. Happy Valentines Day!

  21. Joanna you are so sweet to include us in your links. Thank you! Hope you and your sweet family have the best Valentine’s Day! xoxo from Atlanta

  22. I had Galentine’s with my friends last night too! I invited them over for cupcakes- chocolate ones. I used Ina Garten’s “Beatty’s chocolate cake” recipe. It’s incredible- the secret ingredients are buttermilk and coffee. We had those with cocktails :)

  23. I always felt that the appropriate response to “bros before hos” was “chicks before dicks”
    Happy Valentine’s day!

  24. Great articles! I did the test and I’m right-brained, which is no surprise to me.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  25. Your “Happy Valentine’s Day. Take it easy. Keep it sleazy.” post always makes me chuckle. Hope you have a good one!

  26. I love the article about the unwanted kisses.
    If my kids would dare to even touch somebody fingertips after being told not to, I will KILL them. And then they would be grounded forever.

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  28. I´ve just been served a great dinner and now I´m just being lazy in the company of those I love. Pretty great! :-)

  29. I just have to laugh at the article about ‘how they talk in the movies’. Guess it depends on the person, but I like to enjoy my movies and tv for entertainment value. My hubby likes to pick it apart like this author. Kinda like sitting on the couch with someone who talks all the way through the movie!

    New Post: For the Love of Valentine’s Day

  30. I use my right and left brain equally!

    also, I would refrain from buying the fake bangs from jessica simpson. If you’re going to buy extensions I’d get the best quality like bella mi hair extensions or something of similar caliber.

    but yeah no, I wouldn’t wear fake bangs…just other clip ins that are less obvious :)

  31. The brain test says I use both sides equally… I didn’t know that was possible!

  32. Two girls on my block had those balloon dogs a few months ago. My (real) dog freaked out at them, and I had to pick all 50 pounds of her up and carry her by– she wanted nothing to do with those unnatural doggies!

  33. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  34. Happy Valentine’s Day, Joanna! I laughed out loud at the cow news story…

    and according to the test, I use both sides of my brain equally! Is that weird?

  35. I just got those Jessica Simpson bangs! Once you get past the initial creep factor of dealing with a floppy hair piece, they’re actually amazing. I have wicked cowlicks on either side of my hairline so I can’t ever pull off natural bangs without looking like I have an awning over my forehead so these are amazing. They’re easy to use, secure, and I scored major compliments on them. (But don’t wear them when you’re drinking or you’ll spend the whole night telling people they’re fake and making your guy friends try them on.)

  36. Happy Valentine’s Day, Joanna! Have you seen the Google home page? Click the hearts to listen to the stories. You would love them as they tend to melt the heart. “Mr. Right” is my favorite so far. xoxo

  37. K says...

    Sorry to point out, but I used to design stationery, and I can never ignore the misspelling of it! It’s not staying in one place, it’s going somewhere! :)