Family Snacks

Years ago, a friend gave me a parenting tip: If you fill a room with a bunch of balloons, kids of all ages will be entertained for hours. A couple weekends ago, we tried it, and it totally worked! My friend Karen and her daughter Sophia came over for a playdate, and the little guys got so giddy tossing the balloons around, sitting on them and trying to pop them! It was such a fun way to spend a snowy afternoon.
Afterward we served the kiddos snacks by my sponsor NatureBox, a snack subscription service that sends you five bags of natural snacks every month. We love their whole wheat figgy bars, lemon pucker pistachios, sunshine chips, banana bread granola, cherry berry bonanza, yogurt pretzels, dried California peaches…and their blueberry almonds taste like blueberry muffins:)

You can sign up for the Deluxe Snacker (5 bags for $19.95), the Happy Snacker (10 bags for $29.95) or the Smart Snacker (20 bags for $49.95). The prices are actually comparable to buying from Whole Foods or gourmet groceries; it works out to about $3 or $4 per bag. The snacks are so much yummier and healthier than the other processed snacks we’ve eaten in the past, and it’s fun to get a different assortment to try every month.

Their new Snack Catalog shows all the choices. You can choose the exact snacks you want immediately after purchase, or you can let NatureBox surprise you.

We love NatureBox, and I’d highly recommend them…

Bonus for all readers: Get 50% off the first month of any month-to-month subscription (5 bags, 10 bags or 20 bags) with the code CUPOFJO. Thanks, Naturebox!

(This post is sponsored by NatureBox, whose snacks and mission I adore. Photos by Julia Robbs for Cup of Jo)

  1. balloons are the best toy! great plan! and yea for dried out peaches, yum! my boy is all regarding pom seeds these days. EasyWayFinder

  2. the balloon thing is genius! my son loves balloons but what a great idea to have tons of them! it will make socializing with another mom possible. Thanks!

  3. Lovely post, just wanted to say how wonderful your apartment looks! So warm, bright and inviting! Great job.

  4. YU says...

    Hi! Just really want to know what camera you used for those lovely pics?

  5. I LOVE NatureBox!! I don’t have to stand in the grocery store searching for healthy snacks anymore. They come to me!! I love all of their granola, almonds, figgy bars. My 19 year old son now tries each bag we receive and he loves the fuji apples!

  6. I need the round plate in the photo! Who makes it? Thanks :)

  7. Hi Joanna,

    It looks like they had so much fun! Really sweet photos. Quick question–I think I recognize the trays in the photos from a previous post. Can you please remind me where they’re from? Thanks!

  8. I LOVE NatureBox, and you introduced me to them. The snacks are so tasty and I love that they just show up at my door every month. I started choosing my snacks. You can’t beat those figgy bars!

  9. I hate to be a kill-joy, but balloons can be really dangerous for young kids and are a leading cause of suffocation deaths. More than 110 children have died as a result of suffocation involving uninflated balloons or pieces of balloons since 1973. Most of the victims were under 6 years of age.

    Completely inflated balloons do not present a hazard to young children, but they can immediately become dangerous if they pop. Discarded pieces of a broken balloon can pose threats if children chew on them or stretch the pieces over their mouths to blow bubbles. The balloon pieces can be drawn into the mouth, causing the airway to become completely blocked. It’s recommended that parents immediately make sure pieces of broken balloons are out of reach of children.

    Maybe you already know this but I wanted to pass it on just in case.

  10. I’ve been eyeing Nature Box for some time. I finally signed up using your link. Thanks for the special!

  11. Great timing on this post! I just received my first Nature Box a couple weeks ago and blogged about my thoughts here: http://gwensfishfood.com/my-first-naturebox/. My first was mostly hits with a couple misses, so I decided to choose a couple of the snacks I wanted this time. Looking forward to the next box! (Also FYI, groupon in Austin is currently having a Naturebox deal!)

  12. Giving kids balloons is really dangerous. They may pop them and put them in their mouth without anyone noticing. Lots of little ones have sadly choked this way. Sorry to put a damper on this otherwise fun idea.

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  14. I’ve been meaning to try nature box!


  15. oh those snacks sound great! not only for a play date :)
    xo, cheyenne

  16. My son and I have spent countless hours playing with balloons together. I absolutely LOVED playing with them as a kid and still get a real kick out of it. I actually have to hide the bag of balloons otherwise he insists I blow them all up, and my lungs just aren’t that good!

  17. About a month ago, my friends and I rented an ice rink for our friend’s thirty-first birthday and before he arrived, we blew up about a hundred balloons and put them out on the ice. You’re not kidding when you say a room full of balloons is fun for kids of all ages.

  18. Do Sophia’s parents mind that you are using her image in an ad for Nature Box?

    Not trying to be snarky, just wondering how it works. Since this is an ad, they are essentially child models, no?

  19. Hi!! I love Toby’s outfit. Where did you buy it? He is so cute!

  20. NatureBox will make a nice monthly gift

  21. So true! Balloons really can brighten anyone’s mood no matter their age! I LOVE nature box, thanks for some new recommendations :)

  22. I wanted to send a 6 month subscription to my sister and her kiddos, but the code didn’t work…maybe because it was a gift?


  23. Too bad they don’t deliver outside the US. :( Maybe they’ll expand in the future to include shipping to Canada!

  24. I had thought about doing Nature Box but then our household went Paleo. I think the moment we fall off that wagon I am all in!

  25. Such sweet pictures!! And we love NatureBox!! Yum.

  26. I’m wondering if something is wrong with the Naturebox website. You convinced me and I tried to sign up twice…no luck either time. Shucks.

  27. toby and his friend are adorable! nature box sounds amazing. definitely going to check out the site – thanks for the heads-up!

  28. I see now that you’re adding that to your post about it only being 50% off the first month. Thanks again!

  29. I just signed up for this. I was disappointed that the discount is not for the whole subscription, it is only for the 1st month. I thought they way it’s worded on the blog and on the NatureBox website when I signed up, that it would be 50% off each month. I’m still going to try it, and can cancel if I decide I don’t want to pay the full amount. Thanks, Jo! I’m looking forward to trying this.

  30. They’re such an amazing company! Any chance they deliver to London? I now crave the almonds and figs..

    {Teffy’s Perks} X

  31. the discount is for the first month—i’ll add that to the post. thanks!!

  32. Alas, my husband is an ER doc, so no “free play” with balloons for our young kids. They do so, so love them, though!

  33. I used to love playing with balloons as a child. I played hundreds of ‘tennis matches’ in the living room with my dad. <3

    p.s. those snacks look soooo good. Have to see if they are in Europe as well.

  34. i’ll ask about the subscription right now xoxo

  35. lauren, i love the peppery pistachios!

  36. melissa, what a cute name for a party!!

  37. Whoaaaaaa, dried fruit isn’t a healthy snack. Our pediatrician basically forbid me from giving it to my kids. One dried apricot is one serving of fruit for the whole day but nobody stops at 1. Carrot sticks and a squirt of low fat salad dressing, a greek yogurt or a skim milk string cheese.

  38. The generous discount from NatureBox was exactly the motivation I needed to sign up! Thanks for sharing :)

  39. I second that inquiry: is the cup of jo discount only for the first month or for the life of the subscription?

  40. cj says...

    I’ve been doing the balloon thing with my grandkids for a few years. I suggest throwing in a corgi and watch the action as kids and dogs all compete for the balloon. We also play hot potato with balloons.

  41. I love love love NatureBox. It takes something pretty special for me to shell out $20 a month for but this service is so worth it. They also have fantastic customer service if you ever have a problem. I’m actually munching on Peppery Pistachios as we speak :)

  42. Sounds great- is the cup of jo discount only for the first month or for the life of the subscription?