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  2. Recently becoming a mother of two under two I have now joined the ranks of flat wearing mamas. Never did I imagine the heels would just be banished to the closet!
    Love your shoe choices Joanna! You always inspire me to hunt down these cute styles. Curse you! ;) Last time it was the Jeffrey Campbell Regina wedges (which I love thank you!)
    For those interested they do have these flats in stock on Amazon. For those that own these lovelies – any intel on sizing? Reviews seem all over the place! Thanks! :)

  3. Love these – and I love that you linked different price points for those on a budget.

  4. E says...

    Love the blog, but one suggestion: it’s great that you post nice things, but it would be nice to have products/activities for those of us operating on a budget.

  5. thanks Joanna :)

  6. Links on the black flats and second “here” go to a page that doesn’t load at rstyle.me

  7. I can’t get into flat loafers. Think it’s because I have athletic legs and they don’t feel very feminine on me. I do, however, love that rug she’s standing on!

  8. I think a good pair of flats are a wardrobe essential. I love the studs on these!

  9. Love them! I would never think to buy these but now I want a pair!


  10. I never wore flats till late in my pregnancy and then after my baby was born. Now I love them and don’t know why I never considered wearing them before! These are super cute . . .

  11. Super sexa! ;)

  12. My favourite source of amazing flats is the incredible blog, En Brogue. She is a gem. http://enbrogue.com

  13. These are super cute, I love the little accents!

  14. My favourite source of amazing flats is the incredible blog, En Brogue. She is a gem. http://enbrogue.com

  15. These are too cute! I can’t wait for the days when I don’t need to wear three pairs of socks inside my sorels at once!

  16. Ah, super cute flats.

  17. Cute jeans too! I’m always struggling to find the right color. I wonder where hers are from?

  18. I have those shoes :)
    I got mine in Buenos Aires . They are the most comfortable shoes I own.

  19. I love a classic ballet flat. Repetto is perfect.

  20. D2 says...

    Love these flats! They would so be my go to shoes. They are sold out. I’m going to search for them elsewhere. And I always wear flats (no socks) in the winter and I live in Chicago!!! Love!

  21. KW says...

    Where are her socks! Its January!

  22. Bought! (I’m such an easy mark)

  23. Funny to see all you gals post about socks and they cold NYC weather. I’m in sunny California so it didn’t even cross my mind! xo

  24. I have almost exactly the same pair which I’ve been wearing non stop since Spring! In fact, I’m wearing mine right here in the last picture

  25. That’s so funny! That was the first thing I thought….sockless shoes in the NYC winter?!

    Nice idea, though, I need more slip on shoes and never know what to choose. These look like a modernized version of an 80s flat. Might have to get a pair! Thanks!

  26. Ha! Funny, I was going to ask about the weather, too… no socks in winter in NYC? But you have answered the question. I don’t wear shoes in my house so it is a foreign concept.

    I love those shoes but because of the cold weather the thought of buying “sockless shoes” doesn’t enter my mind.

  27. I have similar brown ones by Steven Madden and LOVE them. They were my go-to most of the summer and fall.

  28. good question! :) she was wearing them while hanging out with friends at home. they’d be perfect for those early spring days.

  29. With this much cold in the city??