Juggling Date

To spice up the winter, Alex and I have booked some funny dates through HowAboutWe, the dating and relationships site that helps plan amazing dates for couples. You browse their list of dates, book the ones you like, and go. They take care of all the details. It’s great for people who want to do exciting offbeat stuff but don’t have time or energy to plan everything themselves.
We’ve been lucky enough to get massages at home (woo hoo!) and take a pool lesson, and last week, we went to a juggling class, which was one of the funniest dates we’ve ever gone on.
Our teacher, Heather, learned to juggle when she was in the circus (naturally).
She had us start with scarves, which are of course slower and easier than juggling balls.
Heather explained that juggling is not only a fun party trick, but it’s also incredibly calming and meditative. When you’re juggling, you can’t think (or stress out) about anything else, so it really clears your head. Pro athletes often juggle to increase coordination, and studies show that it can actually increase grey matter in your brain.
She told us to pretend we were robots, so that our bodies would stay in the same position and just repeat the movements, but it was easier said than done!
We were all over the place, and I was dying laughing.
And it was a surprising workout! Throwing and picking up the balls makes your heart pound. At one point, Alex said, “I’m literally sweating. I have rivulets coming down my forehead.”
The juggling class was such a fun activity on a winter afternoon, and we must have been belly laughing for 95% of the date. (And Toby was PSYCHED when his parents returned home knowing how to juggle:) Thank you so much for the idea, HowAboutWe. (And three other dates that look awesome: A “naked” scavenger hunt at the Met, an couples astrology reading and side-by-side acupuncture and reflexology.)
I’d highly recommend HowAboutWe for Couples. You can sign up for free and browse their creative dates in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle and—as of this week—Los Angeles! BONUS: Get $50 off your first date through this link, until April 30th. Thanks so much, HowAboutWe.

Check out all their dates here.

Have you been on any fun dates lately? Any recommendations?

P.S. More NYC date ideas, including fire-escape drinks and massages at home.

(This post was sponsored by HowAboutWe, a service that gets people in relationships on wonderful dates, tailored for two. All opinions expressed are our own. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that make Cup of Jo possible. Photos by our friend Julia Robbs for Cup of Jo)

  1. Elegant and super amazing girl, I love this girl from her smiling

  2. Anyone who signs up for the $50 credit from HowAboutWe should watch their bank statements! I had no idea I had been charged $24/month for nothing after I signed up and chose a <$50 first date activity. I had no idea this included membership in something I didn’t plan to use that would CHARGE ME without telling me! Very disappointed.

  3. J says...

    Used your link and signed up! Taking my man on a surprise boat cruise in a few weeks, and donut tasting next weekend. Thank you, and enjoy the discount on your next date courtesy of me :)

  4. Rivulets! That’s hilarious. I don’t know Alex but at the same time I was thinking ‘that’s SO him’!


  5. I LOVE your way of not taking yourself to serious :) Ive read your blogging story about when you started your blog and I felt so at home in that story.

    I have a category on my blog called Inspiring people…maybe you want to feature in a post and tell your succes story to my Swedish followers Joanna ???

    Just let me know and I wish you a great day dear :)

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis – inredning it’s, Swedish for decor :)

  6. The lipstick that you’re wearing is the PERFECT shade for winter – do tell what it is!

  7. I love juggling. I’ve been practicing for the past couple months now. I bought real juggling balls and everything :)

  8. So cool! Thanks a lot, when I go to NY, I know where I’m gonna go :)

  9. You guys are awesome. I love how you are picking such fun and off the beat dates. And I love that you’re still sporting your red chucks. :) Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

  10. You guys are awesome. I love how you are picking such fun and off the beat dates. And I love that you’re still sporting your red chucks. :) Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

  11. The photo of you in the background and Alex in the foreground is great:)

    And for sure, hockey goalies are a definite in the category of athletes who juggle!

  12. My husband can juggle, and for some reason, I find it very sexy.

  13. It looks like you had so much fun! If anyone hears of anything like this in Australia, I would love to know.

    Thanks for sharing you laughter and enjoyment through this post Jo!


  14. 7th photo down Alex looks SO much like Toby!

  15. I’ve been waiting for it to launch in LA and I’m so excited it finally has! So many fun dates – including super good deal on Book of Mormon tickets! Hooray HowAboutWe!

  16. Such a cool website idea! I’ll definitely check it out!

  17. ha! so funny that you mention it being a work out. when we first moved to Portland, Levi was determined to learn how to juggle. so while he was avoided looking-for-a-job stress, he’d be juggling. for hours. and I’d come home and he’d be out of breath and all sweaty! I’d just laugh. looks like you guys had a great time!

  18. Ahhh I LOVE to juggle — what a fun date idea ;)

  19. My husband of 32 years brought home “Juggling for the Complete Klutz” back in the early 90’s. Much laughter ensued as we mastered the drop. He went on to become quite good and we still have the original set of juggling balls. Our grandson loves it when his Grandpa starts juggling. I hum the circus music;)

  20. whoa, chelsea, that sounds AMAZING. going to look it up!

  21. amy, good question! it was a super small and friendly class, and we explained that our friend was taking photos for my site, and everyone was really cool about it. at first it was kind of funny being photographed, but everyone was running around juggling, no one really paid attention in the end! :)

  22. You look exactly like Toby when you smile. :)

  23. melanie, you should have seen the outtakes haha

  24. jess, i love that valentine’s day plan!

  25. thanks, laura! i think my jeans are from hudson and my sweater is from joie. i got them both during the fall shopbop sale:)

  26. This looks incredibly fun! How do the other people in the class feel about you showing up with your own photographer? Do you have to get them to sign releases to have their photos here? Just curious about the nitty-gritty of getting to do this collaboration with How About We! It’s equally fascinating to me :)

  27. Great photos! What a fun date idea!

  28. I wish they would come to London, I would love to use this service!

  29. This sounds like so much fun! I wish they did dates in Denmark as well!

  30. Bahh hum bug! I just tried to sign up and they don’t cater to Houston, TX (yet). :/ I will live vicariously through you in the mean time. Please continue to post these…hahaha love the photos :)

  31. HowAboutWe Couples has an incredible date to do a Thai Yoga Massage workshop. You learn this amazing technique by taking turns practicing on and being massaged by your partner, and you leave completely relaxed and stretched with a short guide on Thai Yoga Massage so you can recreate the experience at home. Very highly recommended!!

  32. I’ve been looking at HowAboutWe for date ideas for my fiance and I…i just hate that you have to pay for a membership to get deals…i mean i know i can sign up for a “free 30 days membership” but honestly don’t want to pay for one after that. $18 per month seems a little pricey even for discounts on date night stuff…


  33. Excellent idea for a date! It’s definitely a good workout too. I learned in my 6th grade p.e class. I already had an interest and it was so much fun. I still know how to juggle and my kids love it when I do. I should do it more, considering it helps with the grey matter! Thanks for the post!

  34. That looks like so much fun! My boyfriend loves circus and acrobatic things – I bet he’d like this, too.

    Also, I learned how to juggle on a field trip to a Renaissance Faire in junior high…but I can’t remember how, now!

    This is our first Valentine’s Day as a couple, and since I’ve really only ever had *one* good V-Day, I’ve never been too precious with it. So, we are going to stay in bed most of the weekend, binge-watch season 2 of HOUSE OF CARDS on Netflix, drink good wine, and eat BBQ ribs, like Frank Underwood!

  35. I wish I lived in NYC, nothing like that in boring France. Maybe wine and cheese tasting though… :)

  36. Heather is SO great! She taught my company a team juggle class in Central Park and was the sweetest little peanut in the world.

  37. So fun! Where are those jeans from?

  38. Great photos – it looks like you two had so much fun!

  39. Our 3 kids had juggling in their school just for the reasons you mentioned! I think I finally threw out the balls and scarves last year. Looks like fun.

  40. y’all are too cute! what a great site!

  41. Haha this is so cute! I tried juggling once and it was a disaster…a FUN disaster but definitely unsuccessful lol. Looks like it was a blast :)

  42. OK, the looks on your faces in various shots are classic. So funny!! The pictures really show the humor you both were experiencing. Too funny. What a fun idea though!!

  43. Oh man, I really wish How About We would set up shop in metro Detroit! I would love to do something like this!


  44. Love your jeans and sweater, Joanna! What brand are they?

    Juggling looks like a ton of fun. Loving the photos!

  45. This just made my day. I am smiling to myself, your pictures are so great! I love the one with Alex trying to keep it together while you’re running in the background trying to catch a ball! You guys just seem like so much fun.

    And funny, because today I posted about my trapeze class!


  46. This looks like too much fun! I’m glad you are enjoying your time with HowAboutWe… it’s such a beautiful idea!

    And Julia, as always, knocked the photos out the park. She is a magician at capturing happiness.

  47. we are in the SF bay area and bought a membership for my in-laws. They always SAY they want to do things, go try new restaurants, etc. but never actually do it. Hopefully they are putting it to good use!

  48. HowAboutWe isn’t in DC yet, but my BF and I are doing a very similar “naked” scavenger hunt at the National Gallery of Art for Valentine’s Day. So excited!

  49. What a great idea! Joanna, you look GORGEOUS! :) XO

  50. jm says...

    This looks hilarious! I have always wanted to know how to juggle – great for entertaining children and I love the meditative aspect.

  51. how cool that you work for a toy company, emily! what a dream job:)

  52. haha I love this! I work for a toy company on the upper west side and last year we started making Juggling Balls! We typically make educational toys + arts and crafts supplies but we found out juggling increase the gray matter in your brain, and supposedly makes you better at math, we got really into the idea! I taught myself recently how to juggle during the museum trade show in LA. If you’re looking for a nice juggling ball set check out eeBoo http://eeboo.com/store/show_by_tags/Juggling%20Balls

    as for great date ideas in NY I’m fan of food truck hopping! better for the spring and summer though.

  53. Cute photos! They remind me of your banner photo