1. 38,900 words. Okay for someone with no degree…

  2. Ha ha, that was fun — 38,800. I read many books (I have a dusty house to prove it) in many subjects but never saw the majority of words in the last column, yikes. Who uses those words in ordinary conversation? I think a colleague of my husband’s used “epigonic” in a sentence but he’s Italian. I’m 55, Chinese descent but grew up in NY since 3yrs old. Currently living in Europe.

  3. What fun! Passing this test on right away. I know approximately 34,100 words. And now I know a few more, thanks to looking up the words I didn’t know. I do read A LOT, but that doesn’t necessarily correlate with a large vocabulary. Cool!

  4. 21,600. 39 yrs old. College grad. I better do something about this…I’m too old to be so limited.

  5. 21,600. 39 yrs old. College grad. I better do something about this…I’m too old to be so limited.

  6. 32,500! oh my gosh! it must be because i read so much. I love to read!

  7. 10.500 :( But english is my second language and I’ve never been to an english speaking country… so I guess I’m fine :P

  8. That was fun! I am definitely a “word nerd.”

    I got 25,700, which looks pretty average from skimming over the other comments. I always thought I had a relatively large vocabulary – guess I’m not as loquacious as I thought! ;)

  9. 35,000 words, and whoa! That last line was TOUGH!!

  10. I got 20,300 and am embarrassed! I’ll just tell myself I was too brutally honest and didn’t check ones that I probably knew… ;/

  11. 31,200 – but I’ve just been studying with my 5th grade daughter for the spelling bee!

  12. 33,100, but it would be better if I read more. You learn a lot of weird words when you study poetry–I forgot I knew “oneiromancy” until today.

  13. 27,200 – talk about tough words!

  14. Scored 20,000 words, being a non-native speaker but currently studying English in my second year of college, I’d say it’s pretty good?

  15. Thanks for the link!
    Scored 14,100 as a non native speaker after about 10 years of English in school and a one year stay in the US more than 10 years ago.
    BUT I also did the test with my son who is turning 5 in March. Since he is 2,5 years old he is going to an international school with 50% native English speaking teachers. English is his 3rd language. And I am so surprised he scored 2,660!

  16. 32,900. Love to read

  17. 31,300…I’m not sure how?! Seems I know more random words than I thought? :) Thanks for the fun afternoon distraction…

  18. 18.100 – English is not my native tongue, so I think that is pretty good! :D

  19. 38,500! I am an absolutely voracious reader, so I suppose that would account for it!

  20. Not to get all science-nerdy on a fun vocabulary-nerd exercise, but this methodology seems a little faulty, doesn’t it? Seems to me this test only accurately measures what the test taker THINKS he or she knows, right? Like, maybe you THINK you know from tricorn, but then again, maybe you are wrong. Also, I don’t know about anybody else, but I had a serious urge to fib and check boxes next to words I’m say 90% sure about, though 90% is not the same is knowing for sure! Seems like a multiple choice test would yield more accurate results.

    All that said, fibbing and errors included, I got 25,800…time to get the book club started again:)

  21. I’m proud of myself…I thought I was a lot rustier than the test showed. English is my second language and I havent spoken a word in like 2 years! GO MEEE….Got 19.100 :) (I need to do some more reading, i know)

  22. I’m proud of myself…I thought I was a lot rustier than the test showed. English is my second language and I havent spoken a word in like 2 years! GO MEEE….Got 19.100 :) (I need to do some more reading, i know)

  23. 22,200. Fudge. :( Better brush up on my vocab words.

  24. I got 36,200. I’ll happily take it & look forward to improving.

  25. 31,500. English is my second language. It does help that many of the test’s more difficult words have French roots.

  26. a says...

    Step 2 Column 2 contained some of my favorite words! Ragamuffin? I died.


    Welcome to Metro City!!!!

  27. Such a fun quiz! I’m like you guys- Joanna, Sammie, and Rosie- I felt good until I got to the last columns…

    I scored 25, 4000. Not too bad for my age, but as someone that loves to read, I thought I’d do a little better. Maybe I should read more. Or maybe it’s the books I’m reading? Oh well. It was a fun mental break. :)


  28. 34,000 I read lots of Nabokov whose vocabulary is astonishing. I keep a dictionary alongside to learn all the new words.

  29. 29,800. I read for a living…children’s librarian ;-)

  30. I’m not even going to post my score!! I’m going to look up all the words I don’t know, read a lot more fiction, and take the test again another time…THEN I’ll post my new score. :)

  31. 33,600, but I was an English lit major. I think I might have known more back when I was reading loads and loads of old novels and plays. Total mommy brain these days. Fun quiz!

  32. 20,000 :) haha, I need to read more!! English is even my first (and only) language. Very insightful test!

  33. 34,500, not too shabby:)

  34. 32500 I saw Parsimonious and that was a word I had to look up in the past because some jerk used it in an email to me.. as in my responses were parsimonious. I thought they were succinct!

  35. 24,800 and I’m native English speaker. I guess reading more can always help? Interesting idea for quiz. I enjoyed perusing the data after the quiz.

  36. 24,500. And now I definitively know it should be a much higher number. let the learning begin!!

  37. 25,800 — seems small to me, I am a voracious reader but apparently I need to open a dictionary more. fun little quiz!

    Welcome back!

  38. 34,100 – but being bilingual (French is my second language) helped!! Now I’m off to go google some of those weird words… :)

  39. 32,900 – but speaking French helped a lot :)

  40. 26,300 and right on the 50th percentile for my age. Was feeling a bit disappointed with that until I read the bit at the bottom saying that all of the results are in the 90th percentile of the population as a whole – “I guess it’s a certain type of person who likes doing vocabulary tests on the internet”! Ha!

  41. 34,000, but I read constantly and am a word geek!

  42. How funny! I blogged only today about how annoying my child’s obsession with the musical Cats is, but that’s where I first encountered and learned the word “terpsachorean”, so I guess I have to thank TS Eliot and Amdrew Lloyd Webber for that, if nothing else. Great quiz.

  43. got 30,000! not a native speaker but being French helped (for once!) since there were a lot of french words / latin roots
    loved this test!