Home Tip: Disco Ball!

My friend had a surprisingly brilliant idea for her house: Get a disco ball. It sounds random, but it creates such AMAZING light in her apartment during the day. She recommends putting it on the floor to get better light, and the whole room looks magical and ethereal. I’m excited to try one ourselves. Would you do it?

P.S. A NYC apartment tour, and a 500-square-foot San Francisco apartment.

(Photos and styling by Kendra Smoot)

  1. Wow….
    This is a great idea, last Christmas party, i have bought one of these Disco balls. I just looking and looking at surprisedly when the ball leave drops of sunshine all over my room. My kids arelove this very much and they got extra fun and fanciful feel when they saw it.

  2. Grace Frank says...

    I love my “Miror Disko Ball” i bought from the “Katzco” brand, i bought on Amazon, it does it’s job perfectly!

  3. My disco ball came last night via UPS. In the dark, I thought I was crazy buying such a tacky huge mirrored ball for my traditional living room. But I remember reading the best design has some surprising object in each room that doesn’t “go.” This morning the light has been catching the different mirrors casting AMAZING dots all over the room. Best decorating decision I’ve made in a long time. :)

  4. Bad buy. Had to return it to

  5. I want one for my nest–it’s official, a disco ball is on my wishlist.Viva la disco and happy nesting.

  6. Brilliant! That type of light would put a smile on anybody’s face! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Such beautiful light, but what grabbed me in your photos is the colour of that room …. What is it.
    I have really being enjoying your posts. Just found you.

  8. I would SO do this. I’m seriously considering it. also, I love the lava lamp

  9. We have a disco ball hanging in our bay window – it definitely brings a smile to my face when the sun shines in on it and casts little specks of light around the room! Never thought of putting one on the floor, though. Those pictures look so magical!

  10. We’ve had one for years. It was tricky to find the ‘revolver’ but so worth it. Spontaneous disco dancing at any time…

  11. I love this idea :) The light is amazing in those photographs. I used to have a small disco ball hanging off my curtain rod in hs, but it never got direct light. Now I wish it had!!

  12. this is awesome! this would be great in a baby room too in place of a mobile.

    Mikie and Kristen

  13. I’m sorry but I am claiming this idea!! :)

    I had 6 mini disco balls in my window from the age of 14, (12 years ago) and they threw the most beautiful light across the room. I loved spinning them in the sunshine when I was stuck in bed with hayfever in the summer. It was the best thing EVER!

  14. My mum has one in her house, which sits on her kitchen windowsill and catches the light when she comes downstairs to make coffee in the mornings – a most cheering display first thing in the morning. Extra nice because it was a table decoration from our friends’ Studio 54-themed wedding and brings back great disco memories!

  15. I had been talking about wanting one for months and my pal got me one for Christmas this year – I absolutely love it! It makes me smile every time I walk into the room! Thinking of getting cats this summer and can only imagine how they’ll react : P

  16. Ah, what a great home decor tip. I will definitely try this.

  17. How sweet! I have a mini one in our living room and every morning the little squares of light fill upthe room. Get one they are fun and look cool on the mantle. :))))

  18. I would totally do this and want to figure out where I can find one pronto! How fun!! My kids will also think this is amazing.

  19. We rented a house in Tahoe for a family vacation and it had a disco ball. We had a kick with it.

  20. I used to have one hanging in my bathroom of all places! Several years ago I went to visit my friend in Hamburg and she gave me the idea. :)

  21. This post is too perfect! One of my random goals for 2014 was to indulge a fantasy I’ve always had and buy a disco ball for my home. And BOOM! Going to definitely buy this! :)

  22. We’re getting one, too! My husband, obviously, doesn’t know, because when I suggested it he looked at me like I was outside of my mind.

  23. My boyfriend’s cousins’ have a disco ball in their house! They got it for a special New Years Eve party three years ago, and loved it so much they never took it down.

  24. We’re definitely fans of this at Sister Disco!

  25. I have one in my living room and it’s one of my favorite things. I love coming home in the afternoons and seeing the whole room lit up!

  26. I have seen this in some other homes, so I jumped on the Hobby Lobby post-Christmas sale for some disco ball ornaments. I keep them in a wooden ball on our dining table and call it “Magic Hour” when the light hits them just right. It’s lovely! I took a photo here:

  27. We just bought a disco ball for my daughter’s b-day party. I’m obsessed with it and I think we are going to leave it up!

  28. That looks magical! I wish I could do that but my dog already has seizures and I’m sur he would try to catch each light. Love your blog!

  29. My cat would lose her mind. She loves shiny things more than I do (and thats saying alot).

  30. i need to get a disco ball for my house.

  31. jm says...

    Oh, I just noticed that these pictures were taken during the day! Cool.

  32. That’s a great idea! So festive!!

  33. This is beautiful! Maybe I’ll have to try to convince the husband.

  34. What a great idea! My daughter would love it. We have crystals hanging in the windows and in the late afternoon they cast dancing rainbows on the walls. That’s always fun too.

  35. ha, i had one in my dorm freshman year. made getting ready feel like a party!

  36. I didn’t have a huge disco ball, but I used to have a little bowl of small mirrored ornaments. I left it on our coffee table and the light in the afternoon was great. When kids came over, they did have a tendency to try and throw them around, so I no longer have them anymore. But, it is beautiful.

  37. while i’m no so sure i’d dive into putting a big disco ball in the living room, i might do what others have said and hang a disco ball Christmas ornament in the window! it might give off the same sparkle :)

  38. My son would love this :) Looks like tiny little stars. Also try prisms around the house!

  39. When I first saw the title of the post I was baffled as to how that would not be cheesy but this is so cute! I love that the natural light from the window is what is causing the reflections! I stand corrected…totally cool!

  40. I love this, but it would probably cause my cats to have a collective nervous breakdown. Light reflections and shadows turn them into crazed balls of fur.

  41. A long time ago, we had one of those in an apt in NYC .. my little cat lost her mind trying to catch those lights on the walls lol

  42. That would make a cat insane!

  43. I would absolutely do this. As it is, with three daughters we have a lot of clothing with sequins, when the laundry gets (cough cough) left out for a day or two, the sun often catches on the sequins sending prism blurs all over the room. Magic!

  44. we’ve had one in my two year old’s room since he was born. it really is awesome! good tip!

  45. YES I definitely would! What a fun way to add some pizzazz to any room!!

  46. I have one in my bedroom. It makes the most dazzling light display when the sun hits it in the morning. So great to wake up to!

  47. I think this idea is super fun for a party of even a Friday date night in, you know push back the coffee table and dance with your sweetheart right there. For everyday, I would probably pass.

  48. ow, that looks amazing! We have a small disco ball Christmas ornament that I’ve never hung on my tree, look Amazing

  49. ow, that looks amazing! We have a small disco ball Christmas ornament that I’ve never hung on my tree, look Amazing

  50. omg yes! i have one in storage. this is inspiring me to dig it back out.

  51. Wow, this is incredible! Thanks for sharing! Ebay, here I come…..

  52. I did this during the holidays and it was amazing – made me happy every day!

  53. Wow, that looks amazing! We have a small disco ball Christmas ornament that I’ve never hung on my tree, we keep it in the kitchen window instead. It makes me so happy and the dog loves chasing the spots of light that sparkle down to the floor.

  54. I have disco ball ornaments for my Christmas tree and I just love when they get the light just right and leave drops of sunshine all over the room. Love this idea. I ought to pull them back out and keep them in a bowl or something. Chic.

  55. My daughter would LOVE this!! What a fun idea! Cheers my dear.