Funny Valentine’s Day Cards

I’m planning to mail Alex a Valentine’s Day card to his office. There’s something sexy about opening your boring work mail and suddenly finding a card from your significant other, don’t you think? (At least I hope so:) Emily McDowell’s cards made me laugh…

I would have loved this one in my twenties.

And her other cards are sweet/hilarious for different occasions.

I’m curious: What’s your relationship status this year? Single? Engaged? Married? It’s complicated? xoxo

P.S. You can buy her cards in these shops, too.

(Thanks, Nina)

  1. I’m committed and very happy. I’m looking forward for this Valentine’s Day, to spend it with someone so special to me. I also prepare some card for her with my most romantic Valentines day messages, :)

    Nice cards and wording you got there, unique and fun. Cheers to you and to all!

    Marilyn xxx

  2. hahaha, I’m in my twenties and that card was my favorite last year… and it still true this year! hahaha :)

  3. Hi there, I’d love to share the top photo here on my blog – can I copy it, put your link and say via A Cup of Jo with link to your post?
    Thanks so much, Jessica

  4. Married. Pregnant. First trimester. Want to die.

  5. I love it. :) It’s hard choosing my favourite among those. The first one made me giggle. I’m single.

  6. these cards are awesome! i’m gonna order some next week, so cute :)
    xo, cheyenne

  7. Single by choice. Taking time for myself after years of LTR’s and serial dating. As a full time single mom, dating is complicated and exhausting. So now I’m focusing on the kiddos, and me.

  8. Single by choice. Taking time for myself after years of LTR’s and serial dating. As a full time single mom, dating is complicated and exhausting. So now I’m focusing on the kiddos, and me.

  9. Single by choice. Taking time for myself after years of LTR’s and serial dating. As a full time single mom, dating is complicated and exhausting. So now I’m focusing on the kiddos, and me.

  10. I just bought two cards from the Etsy shop you recommended. Thanks, friend.

  11. I like cards with a good sense of humor. Relationship status? I’m in a long distance relationship for almost 3 years now, but this is the year that I finally get to move and live with him <3

  12. The awkward dating one would be *perfect* for my situation. Especially since the guy knows. He’d find it funny too :)

  13. Married! Thanks for sharing. I just purchased 6 of her cards! You’re helping me keep my New Years Resolution to send out birthday cards this year. Love reading!

  14. Single!! These cards are precious!

  15. Single!! These cards are precious though!

  16. Currently in a relationship but these cards reminded me that I need to make my SO something. I know my SO doesn’t like cards so I can’t go that route. But it’s fun getting creative and thinking about something I should make that he might enjoy.

    Hopefully he likes whatever you decide to get him for Valentine’s day~!

  17. Currently in a relationship but these cards reminded me that I need to make my SO something. I know my SO doesn’t like cards so I can’t go that route. But it’s fun getting creative and thinking about something I should make that he might enjoy.

    Hopefully he likes whatever you decide to get him for Valentine’s day~!

  18. Single and happy as a clam. I was telling a guy I met the other night that finding someone just isn’t a priority for me right now. He didn’t really understand, so I explained that between work and school I’ve a million things going on and I don’t have the time to devote to finding someone I really enjoy and getting to know them. Sure, good-looking guys catch my attention (so many of them on campus lately, all bundled up with their pea coats and beards – I am one lucky gal), but I’ve been in relationships before where we didn’t have time for each other and it was terrible. I’m in a relationship with myself and my future right now and it’s the best I could ask for.

  19. these are great! i love the idea of getting a sweet card at work – what a nice little surprise!

    we celebrated our 4-year “engagement anniversary” on january 1 and we’re finally tying the knot this year! in exactly one month from yesterday :) going to get the marriage license tomorrow!

  20. I love these – so beautiful and clever!

  21. We just bought a house in August and are talking wedding, so we refer to it as “engaged to be engaged”

  22. Engaged! woohoo!

  23. Engaged! Woohoo!

  24. Single but recently might be crossing into that “going steady” status soon. Seriously considering buying the Awkward Dating Card. It’s just too funny not to…

  25. I am taken this year! It’ll only be 3 months on Valentine’s Day, but it has been so wonderful. Best relationship ever. :)

  26. I will be on my honeymoon this valentines day!! Caribbean cruise! Can’t wait!!!!

  27. Single for years, still slightly pining for the one that got away, and a recent tiny glimmer of potential with a dude that a friend introduced me to.

    Expatriated Northeasterner living in sunny (today!) Seattle

  28. I have been with my boyfriend for 4.5 years, we met at University when were 18. Now we live in London together in a teeny tiny, overpriced flat! he is American and I am English so we are hoping to move to San Francisco.

  29. Oh these are too good – I just ordered the first one you posted for my boyfriend. There’s more truth in it than I’d like to admit!

  30. Love it! the second card is my relationship status :) although i don’t think we’re THAT awkward about it.

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  32. Love the ahhhhh you’re having a baby one. Great cards. Brilliant creatrice.

  33. Those cards are amazing!

  34. jinx! I just did a post about valentine’s cards and included emily mcdowell’s cards too! love a coincidence.

    it’s definitely funniest around. thanks for sharing!

  35. Love these cards…I’m totally inspired to make my own this year.

    I’m casually dating for the first time ever!! And it’s weird and fun and hilarious and awkward…and kind of makes me crazy. But hey, I’m kinda loving my newly single girl-takes-over-the-world-and-kicks-ass-doing-it-self!

  36. Engaged! And so excited about my wedding in April… Last Valentine’s Day an unmarried woman!

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  38. Seems like I’m in the minority with the commenters so far! I’m single and have been for a while. When I was younger I put a lot of pressure on myself to get married and start that stage of life. Every new year I would wonder if this was the year it would happen and every birthday would bring me wondering if that was the age I would finally become the Mrs to someone’s Mr. Now, at 31 I’m a pretty dang good aunt, friend, sister, and eater. I have so much love on my life. Especially the eating part, that’s a GREAT relationship! I definitely want the romance but by focusing on what I lacked for so many years I never realized how much I have. So for now I will gladly play the roles that I love so much and keep waiting for Tom Hiddleston to find me. Tom, I’m in DC! Our babies would be amazing!

  39. E says...

    It’s complicated, for sure. Found out my ex cheated on me last valentines day and he’s been working to get me back for the year since then.

  40. I love these!! I am married to a pretty cool dude so these cards would be perfect for him. Thanks for the idea!! Cheers.

  41. These cards are hilarious! My husband and I don’t usually do anything special for Valentine’s Day, but maybe I’ll just by him a ton of cards and get his kids to give them to him throughout the day (he’s a high school teacher).

  42. Single, and happy to be so :) I love each and every one of these adorable cards: I would be delighted to receive (and send!) any of them :)

    xx Ivana

    Macarons and Pearls

  43. Married for almost 4 years, with baby #3 on the way. OOOFTA!

  44. Those are darling! I always get my husband a silly card; we’ve always put effort into finding and writing nice cards even when we’re lazy about gifts. Some years I forgot and he didn’t and I felt like a total jerk. So I planned ahead and got a letterpressed card with two squirrels in sunglasses and a big heart. My husband is so strange when it comes to squirrels, he always actually says “Squirrel!” in an excited voice when he sees one and stares fixedly until it disappears. I basically married a puppy.

  45. these are hilarious! thanks for sharing!

  46. I’m in a long-term relationship (6 years? how did that happen?) and I have had my V-day card for him for months. It says “I’m batshit crazy for you” and has a line drawing of a bat on it. I can’t wait to give it to him. I wish I could find a picture!

  47. so… i’m 30, in a relationship for almost 14 years, living together for the last 3. usually we don’t celebrate valentine’s day – sometimes we have a date night, other times just let it go. not a big deal. however, for vatentine’s day or on our anniversary, i’ve sent him (more than once) a chocotelegram. to his work! it’s basically a shot message made of chocolate squares (each one is a letter). it was a small gesture but i guess he enjoyed it ;)

  48. Very single and so annoyed that somehow Valentine’s day gets to me. But have planned a getaway to avoid the blues. These cards are downright hilarious ! Thanks Joanna !

  49. I just bought the first card for my husband! I sort of hate how guilty we are of doing this–but sounds like we aren’t alone : )

    I will be out of town for Valentine’s Day so sending it to work is such a clever idea. Thanks for the suggestion!

  50. aja, i just ordered it to hang in toby’s room :)

  51. I absolutely love these cards!

  52. I love that you’re mailing his card to his office! I think it’s romantic and sweet. I’ll have to keep that in mind for later, because my boyfriend and I are long distance so I mail just about everything. Hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Hilarious cards!

  53. I just bought the 6 pack of these! So cute. I love the “Delight Reigned” for a wedding card for my mom next month. I’m a newlywed and going to give my husband the “Thank you for loving me even though I’m basically insane” card for Valentine’s Day – he’ll get a kick out of that. Thanks for posting such fun things!

  54. I am with my boyfriend since almost 3 months – so freshly in love! I would love to send him a card but as we also work together and don´t get regular mail anymore (just emails) i have to search for a really good e-card i guess!
    I also love the 20sth-card. You can also send it to your love interest if you´re single!

  55. Engaged!!! The first and last Valentine’s Day while I’m a “fiancee.” :)

  56. What a fun idea to mail a card, I might have to steal your idea!! :)

  57. Single! I loved card #2, hilarious! hahaha

  58. Married and very happy and very pregnant with baby # 2 ;). I *love* the idea of mailing a card to my husband’s office…thanks for that!!! :)

  59. So cute! I love getting Valentine’s Day cards, especially if they are as fun as these.
    My current status is engaged! I am getting married in June in Fayence, France. I am so excited!

  60. The high fives card would be so cute for little boys (Ace would LOVE it)!

  61. hahaha!!!I really like them!!!
    Thank you for this great idea!

  62. joselle, that one is so true for me too, haha. made me laugh.

  63. I’m married this Valentine’s Day, but I love the creativity of these cards! So darn funny! I usually make my own (which end up being just a nice note on a post-it), but I may have to send some of these out! Love it!

  64. Great picks Jo! Julie Ann Art has great ones too. I think she has a shop on Etsy. I would love to get one of these…maybe I’ll have to get some and send them out to some of my friends. I’m sure they would get a kick out of it.

  65. Even though I already bought a valentine’s day card, I just ordered two of these because they are so much better than my store-bought one. I got the phone one (so guilty of that!) and the one that says, “thank you for loving me even though I am basically insane.” Also very true!

    I am married to a saint, hence the cards I purchased. We have a nearly year old daughter who I am crazy in love with but the lack of sleep doesn’t help her mama’s sanity! ;)

    Thanks for featuring these great cards.

    Joselle (

  66. Super cute! My boyfriend and I got engaged before Thanksgiving and are planning a September wedding. It’s been a lot of fun! I found some really cute cards on Etsy to ask friends to be my bridesmaids, and even some adorable ones to ask the little girls in our lives to be flower girls :)

  67. How about taken with a side of “it’s complicated” (ie put a ring on it already dude!)

    Totally going to be a copy cat and send a card to his office! So much better than just hanging it to him at home!

  68. joanna – could you give some tips on how to search etsy – i love the stores you post about, but i get overwhelmed when it comes time to browse myself. thanks!

  69. Mailing cards and Valentine’s Day are two of my favorite things in the universe. Love these. (Single, but always up for a set up- if nothing else they make great stories, so if you know someone ;))

  70. For the first time ever, I have a boyfriend. Like, committed, don’t sleep with other people, admitted we care about each other.

    But I think I’m happy.

  71. I love that idea. I’d love to get a card at work. My boyfriend proposed in December. We’re not getting married for a while (he’s in med school) but it’s been great to take that next step. :)

  72. 2 merry years in. Parents want a wedding and grandkids more than us!

  73. I got engaged on my birthday, 12/19 and we’re getting married September 20 of this year. It’s all lovely and exciting and I am over the moon about being married and inheriting an amazing stepdaughter. :)


  74. I would love that last one for my best friend but she’s not a mom yet. She’s in med school and I’m a stay at home mom of an 18 month old so we have these hilarious phone conversations where one of us calls the other and rants/obsesses/free associates for like five minutes then we catch our breath and go, ¨Okay, I’m done. You go now.¨

  75. These are great! Now I have to start thinking about Valentine’s Day…

  76. what a coincedence! i just ordered 3 of her cards yesterday. so cute!

  77. I’ve been with my lovely boyfriend for 8 years (since we were 16!) and our ‘anniversary’ is Feb 16 so it’ll be a bumper weekend for us this year!

  78. Married and extremely Happy ♥♥