1. I’ve always loved lockets! for me this one is a gorgeous locket..seriously this one looks so pretty…

  2. That is a beautiful locket! I am looking to get a present for my wife. Our anniversary is coming up and I would love to get her a gold heart shaped locket. I plan on putting out wedding picture on one side and the pictures of our kids on the other. Do you know where I can find a gold heart shaped locket?

    Brad | Gold Heart Shaped Locket

  3. What a beautiful locket! I am a huge romantic, and I have always been in love with the idea of wearing a locket with your loved ones’ picture in it. I would love a locket just like this one. Is it heavy? http://missingpieces4u.com/Jewelry

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  6. I wear a locket that belonged to my grandmother. She received it as a gift when she was a baby, so it’s about a hundred years old. It is engraved with her name, “Anna”, which is my middle name. When I had my daughter we gave her the middle name Anna as well and someday I will give her the locket to wear.

  7. I haven’t worn one, but that’s a such a sweet gift!I bet this one would look great layered with other simple necklaces.

  8. I wear a silver locket that my partner gave me for my 21st. I’ve worn it every day for nearly two years. It has a picture of us in it, I feel lost if I ever forget to put it on!

  9. I love this House of Harlow locket! I got it for Christmas and I’ve worn it everyday this week — it totally helps my tired self look pulled together and doesn’t betray that I’m out of it due to newborn-induced sleep deprivation.

  10. My mil gave me a beautiful antique locket when my son was born. Perfect.

  11. My (now) mother-in-law gave me one she had gotten when her son, my (now) husband was born. His picture was to go in one side and her second child’s in the other. she lost the lock and had three more kids, so even after it was found, never put a second photo in. She got my mother to give her a photo of me as a child and surprised me with it. I love it because it was a gift from my new family.

  12. I have that same locket! I love it but have to say it’s a bit heavier than I thought it would be. Still, I adore it.

  13. Gorgeous! I have my great grandmother’s locket that my grandmother gave me as a child. Inside there is a picture of my great grandmother and a picture of my grandmother as a baby. It’s one of my favorite treasures.

  14. Lockets have always been my favourite type of jewelry to wear. I still have a silver heart I wore as a kid, when I carried around a photo of our beloved cat inside. Now I collect vintage lockets (and other treasures) and sell them on Etsy. There are a couple in my shop right now! xx Shanan http://www.thesymmetric.etsy.com

  15. My grandfather gave my grandmother a silver heart shaped locket before they were married – with her initials on it. Inside he put a picture of him in his army uniform and a picture of her from her 16th birthday. It’s now mine, and I wear it all the time. I love it.

  16. Lockets are so special because you can make them personal. Lately I’ve been really into Origami Owl lockets because you put charms in them.


  17. I’ve worn lockets since college and have several. My favorite, a large, vintage silver one, has a cut-out illustration of Huck Finn in it. I also have a flea market one with someone else’s husband in it. I know lockets are usually filled with family pictures–children, spouses, loved ones–which is lovely, but mine remind me of a younger me–and in the crazy, messiness of having two little ones, it’s nice to be reminded of a younger me. They are my favorite everyday jewelry.

  18. Beautiful! I’ve never worn a locket but have been looking for something chunky like this to wear. Very nice idea!

  19. What a gorgeous locket!!! I’ve always loved lockets! My boyfriend got me a heart key necklace that is a locket for our first Valentine’s day! It’s one of my prized possessions! =)


  20. I had a locket when I was little but it had pictures of myself in it because I didn’t understand the point. Haha, I believe I thought it was somewhat like identification…

    Aww, children.

  21. I had been looking for a nice gold locket for several years (I love the simplicity of the look, and the meaningful aspect). I looked at every flea market, jewelry shop, etc, but ended up finding the best options on Etsy! My boyfriend ended up purchasing it for my birthday, and it is always one of my favorite and most often worn pieces.

  22. I love lockets. I used to have one in my early twenties and it was sadly stolen. My grandmother gave it to me and I wore it all the time. I love this one!! So delicate and simple…

  23. My husband gave me a locket as a wedding present. He had it engraved with my new monogram (I took his name) and he put he most random pictures of us in it! One of each of our faces! I don’t think I could ever change them out though because of the sentimentality of the gift and it makes me laugh every time I open it :)

  24. Last year our daughter was born extremely premature so we spent all of the holidays in the hospital NICU with her, it was a very hard time. This holiday season our daughter got to be home with us and it was absolutely magical. To mark the occasion of her first Christmas at home my husband gave me a simple locket with our family picture in it. I cherish it deeply and will someday pass it onto her.

  25. I have a couple of lockets that I really love to wear, but have been on the lookout for a worn looking vintage gold heart locket. I just love the look of those. The one you feature here is quite beautiful too.

  26. Completely unrelated but I would love to see your rotating favorites updated! Such great reads and I’m curious to know what else is out there that you’re enjoying. Thanks so much for your wonderful blog. I enjoy it every day.

  27. @Lendy this locket is gorgeous (I have it) but not real gold. In fact, I was slightly disappointed in it when I received it because it is slightly costumey looking in “real life.” However, I’ve come to love it…in fact, I’m wearing it today! (

  28. @Lendy this locket is gorgeous (I have it) but not real gold. In fact, I was slightly disappointed in it when I received it because it is slightly costumey looking in “real life.” However, I’ve come to love it…in fact, I’m wearing it today! (

  29. My (now) husband gave me an engraved heart locket on our first “dating” anniversary – That was almost 5 years ago now and I still wear it and cherish it deeply!

  30. I got a locket a few years ago from my mom, and was in love with it, but I lost it:( Maybe she will buy me this one:)

  31. Such a sweet gift!!

  32. Just Beautiful! I gave a locket to my Daughter with a picture of her father and I when we dropped her off at college. I told her we if she got lonely or sad just look inside and it’s Mom and Dad! FYI-I left the original pictures of the “Sailor” and his “Gal” under ours.

  33. Joanna did Alex actually get you this House of Harlow locket? Or a different one? I cant tell if it’s real gold and I have sensitive skin so would love a few more options of beautiful lockets!

  34. My mama still wears a locket with one of my baby curls from my first haircut. I love it.

  35. I don’t have one, but I definitely wouldn’t mind one!! I’ll add it to my list of mommy wants!

  36. I’m obsessed with lockets! Such a thoughtful gift and so heartwarming to wear. Your husband got it right with that gift! I have a small collection of them.

  37. Is it just me or do other people have issues opening affiliate marketing links? I really like the locket (and plenty of other things Jo links to) but can’t ever open the links.

  38. I have a lovely locket from RUST that my husband gave me a long time ago. I keep meaning to put photos of him and our daughter in it but haven’t gotten around to it….

  39. Super cute!

  40. After my grandmother died, it was basically my job to clean out her house and decide what we would keep and what to give away. She was always a very austere woman (came of age in England during WWII), and so never wore much jewelery, but I found a beautiful collection. In it was a golden, heart shaped locket that was empty. On that same trip I found an old photo of her that happened to fit, and it seemed like fate.

    I wore that locket every day for four years after her death, and still wear it regularly. I am always surprised by how many people ask to see my locket, and always proud to show them my beautiful grandmother.

  41. i have my grandma’s locket, given to her my by grandpa. it has a dent where my aunt, long before she was an aunt, once took a bite.

  42. I have a locket and I wear it everyday. Photos of my late mom and grandma are in there. Both women are a huge inspiration to me and it feels so nice to have photos of them with me everyday

  43. No but that one is beautiful! This Christmas my husband gave me a double strand necklace, each strand had my daughters initial on a small circle, their initials are “w” and “e” so naturally it spells “we”. I love it. :)

  44. I used to wear an empty locket (never bothered to get a tiny picture) and it was realllyyy odd how often I got hit on because of it…

    guys used to constantly ask me who was in my locket, that would be there pick up line. then I would say oh it’s empty and they’d respond with something really cheesy about how I’ve been waiting for pic of them or how they should be in it. It turned me off to the idea of it haha.

  45. anna, i just called alex to ask him: he went to a photo lab and they sized it for him, then he just cut out the photos! if you have a good color printer at home or at work, you could also do trial and error :)

  46. I had a locket when I was a little girl, it was one of the most fun treasures of mine to wear. I would love one that’s more grown-up such as this one! The detailing is so pretty!

  47. I have this locket! It is quite large and heavy and the chain is pretty long. I made a makeshift knot in the back to shorten the chain and now I love it (the knot comes out easily)!

  48. I have a locket that I love, but don’t know how to size pictures to put inside – I want to use digital photos and have them printed out at the right size. Anyone know how to do it? Johanna – does Alex have any tips?

  49. I have a locket that I love, but don’t know how to size pictures to put inside – I want to use digital photos and have them printed out at the right size. Anyone know how to do it? Johanna – does Alex have any tips?

  50. I haven’t, but I’d love to. I know that I would put a clover in—so many years ago my first daughter taught me an incredible lesson and life, hope, and the ability to hold on to magic even if it feels as if it’s gone. Thank you for this unexpected reminder! http://amandamagee.com/2007/09/its-still-a-clover-mama/

  51. My husband gave me a locket last year too and it is so precious to me. I want to have my daughter’s initial on it (which is also mine) and then one day give it to her for her own memories. xx