Terrain Giveaway

Today’s giveaway is from Terrain, the beautiful home and garden shop based in Pennsylvania. The store is all about life’s simple pleasures, from entertaining and cooking to reading and gardening. Today, Terrain is offering one lucky reader a $250 gift certificate, plus one of these beautiful Forest Fir candles, which smell like freshly cut fir trees and fly off the shelves over the holidays. What would you pick? (I’d go for a gorgeous wreath and spoonable caramel.)

For a chance to win, please visit Terrain and leave a comment below with your favorite things from the store. A winner will be chosen at random tomorrow. Good luck! Update: A winner has been chosen. Thanks for playing. xo

Bonus for all readers: Get 15% off your order and free shipping at Terrain with the code CUPOFJO, good through Sunday.
(Photos by Alpha Smoot for Cup of Jo. Styling by Kendra Smoot)

  1. What a joy to find your website. I’ve spent way too much time trying to look at everything. With that said…. $250!? I’m so looking forward to spring – anything associated with gardening – YES. And then, the caramel, the candles, the wreaths………

  2. The throws!

  3. I love the candles!

  4. the greybar bench is so lovely!

  5. What would I choose? Ten of the candles. Yum.

  6. A beautiful mirror.

  7. I love everything at Terrain, but I might use this for some garland for further decking of my halls. Thanks for the chance!

  8. I love the terrariums!

  9. I love the terrariums!

  10. I love Terrain! I’d get candles and their gorgeous wreaths.

  11. Oh yes please!

  12. I would LOVE the pyramid travel throw–or any of the throws Terrain is offering right now. Beautiful stuff!

  13. I love Terrain and would adore some of those candles!

  14. i’d love one of the linnea candles!

  15. I would love a Frosted Campfire candle. LOVE the smell!

  16. I love those copper mugs! Hard to choose, though. So many fun options.

  17. I would love their candles! I’d like to pretend I’d gift them but they would honestly be for me!

  18. Wreath, garland, candles!!! Love!

  19. I love the Swan’s Island throw! And they are made near my home!

  20. Yes to a whole lotta candles!

  21. Their scarves are gorgeous.

  22. Their scarves are gorgeous.

  23. Some cashmere socks, Rodin lip balm, oversized copper mug, & that fir candle would make for a perfect evening in!

  24. I want the topiary so bad!

  25. Al says...

    The copper filagree sphere! How gorgeous and romantic – over a little reading nook maybe?

  26. love Terrain! beautifully curated store.

  27. The sphere hanging baskets! I would love to be able to put a few under the tree for my mum!

  28. I love all their terrariums, but especially the Hanging Diamond Terrarium!

  29. Love their terrariums and also the curio case, both brass. So lovely!

  30. Hi Joanna,
    How do we know who is the lucky winner for your giveaways? I’m always looking for winner the next day, but never seem to find it. Thank you!

  31. SC says...

    I would love the white milk glass cake stand!

  32. I love the furniture!

  33. Would love holiday decorations, especially the garlands!

  34. The Milk Glass Mixing Bowl Set is classic and perfect for any kitchen!

  35. I’d love to cover our windows with those darling boxwood wreaths.

  36. Gosh, the linen wrapped flower pots are lovely!

  37. So many pretty things! I love the Verdigris filigree lanterns.

  38. Love terrain! Candles and throws and jewels.

  39. Mo says...

    Laser cut leather coasters! And lots of candles of course!

  40. Beautiful things!! Love that linen tufted chair, and the roman urn.

  41. I’d get that gorgeous pepperberry wreath for my mom. She loves that stuff!

  42. Both the Emerald Isle and the Land & Sea necklaces are gorgeous. The striped felt tote is very pretty, specially in red.

  43. This site makes me want to grow my own garden! Or a starter trough planter!

  44. The striped alpaca throw looks lovely!

  45. I’ve been eyeing that pia Wallen blanket, but everything is amazing!

  46. I’ve been eyeing that pia Wallen blanket, but everything is amazing!

  47. I love the mercury glass candles and throws!

  48. I love everything there!

  49. Shop Terrain is my favorite place to buy gifts. Would love to get wreaths for all the ladies in my family for Christmas!

  50. Shop Terrain is my favorite place to buy gifts. Would love to get wreaths for all the ladies in my family for Christmas!

  51. Too many fabulous options to pick from!

  52. Everything! the marble trays and terrariums!

  53. I love the iron signs and all the books they carry!

  54. My mom just got her ears re-pierced after more than 20 years of having them closed up, so I’d get her those adorable pumpkin earrings, or maybe shell out for the etched pearl ones.

  55. I would get different sized lanters

  56. They had lovely bird houses and I would totally pick up more outdoor things.

  57. I like the wreaths and all the garden staff.

  58. Copper candles, well anything copper!

  59. Love terrain! Love the tufted linen chair, the vintage milk crate, and more than anything I am head over heels for the sly fox door knocker!

  60. Does one ever have enough storage? I love some of their wire basket options – especially the steel milk crate!

  61. I love the glassware- I have a few pieces and I love them! Unique and sturdy.

  62. red rocker peppermint bark OR the cabin incense burner!

  63. There are so many lovely items to choose from! Terrain is such a consistently well-curated shop. I know for sure I’d get a set of the milk glass globes, the rope handle hurricane and a cloche.

  64. EP says...

    Love the Gilded Shadowbox!

  65. Terrain has the most beautiful wreaths! I love the Long Pine & Teasel Wreath especially!

  66. Frosted rose vase collection! I’m crazy for pink.

  67. Oh how I love Terrain! I love their candles, vases, lanterns…to name a few :)

  68. The geometry throw. So gorgeous.

  69. Everything! But I would especially love the fingerless wool gloves.

  70. i’m crazy for the cafe lights!

  71. I love their botanical prints and all of their stationary.

  72. I love the linen cross-back apron, and all the candles… I’d love to win!

  73. Ha, the foxy fellows ornaments are hilarious.

  74. Great site! I love the Ice Lantern Kit. Perfect for winter parties!

  75. Great site! The Ice Lantern Kit looks amazing and so much fun for a winter party!

  76. I’m in love with all of their holiday decor right now, especially the traveling mice ornaments. So cute!

  77. I would love a terrarium kit! I’ve been wanting to make a terrarium for the past couple of years :)

  78. I would love a terrarium kit! I’ve been wanting to make a terrarium for the past couple of years :)

  79. LOVE the birch bark vase!

  80. The trees are s beautiful. It reminds me so much of my parent’s house. I’ve been away from home for a few years and normally visit for Holidays. And looking at those trees remind me so much of home. It’s a bit bittersweet because this year I will not be able to visit my parents for the Holidays.

  81. Love the scarves and terrariums.