Gift Guide Part #7: Your Awesome Brother Who Can Handle Any Hot Sauce and Never Refuses Your Toddler’s Requests for Shoulder Rides.

Simon memory game, $32, the cult classic from the 1980s. We loved this growing up!

Cozy wool socks, $32, made in Maine.

Flask for hikes, picnics and rooftop parties. $24.

Tattly subscription, $60, where he’ll get 8 temporary tattoos in the mail every month for six months.

3-D space cookie cutters, $12, since he would get a kick out of them.

The Best American Infographics, $13.66. They’re always such fun to read.

T-shirt describing his ideal day, $28.

Habanero Extra Virgin Olive Oil, $24, for salads and cooking. Not for the faint of heart!

A gift certificate for Fellow Barber Shop’s Hangover Treatment, a face massage with hot towels and essential oils, $25. To use as needed.

Stinky cheeses from Cowgirl Creamery, $60, plus this funny card.

Awesome patches to show off his skills, for his backpack or jacket, $5.

Man Candle that smells like New York style pizza, to remind him of home. $15.

And, always and forever, the Icelandic Beard Cap, $79.

P.S. More gifts for brothers, and the complete 2013 gift guide

(Barber shop photo by Robert Wright for The New York Times)

  1. Ha! The title is hilariously appropriate. I just might have to pick up one…or two….of these for my brother.

  2. I live on the corner of Garden Pl and Joralemon. It is lovely–my favorite part is hearing the foghorns at night. Good luck on the motorcycle search! I think the vintage Gimas are real cute if you’re going to go French manufactured.

  3. Oh cool, where did you live? I lived on Garden Pl. and State St. Had a red motorcycle I parked at that corner sometimes too.

    Traded the scooter for a painting. Sold the other motorcycle. Now searching for another one in France.

    Hope you’re enjoying your time in that neighborhood. It’s lovely.

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  5. This is kind of crazy but I think Nick totally lived around the corner from me in Brooklyn. I saw him on the street once and his yellow scooter was always parked on the block! I noticed the scooter was missing…hope it made the trip to France too!

  6. The coffee books & rain t-shirt is on its way to Spain, for my brother. Thank you Joanna!

  7. Hey, that shirt kinda describes Portland :)

  8. Hey, that shirt kinda describes Portland :)

  9. Oh, I read through again and saw that he’s in France!

  10. word to the wise: simon is sold out EVERYWHERE- seriously- EXCEPT at urban outfitters (which you linked to) so weird! everyone must be excited for its’ return!

  11. I have to know if that candle REALLY smells like sawdust! What a great gift.

  12. I want all of these things! Especially the cheese. And the pizza candles!

  13. Oh, I am enjoying so much your guilt guides! they are original & fun, and would make great presents! thank you so much!

  14. I love how personality-instilled these gift suggestions are. They’re so fun!

  15. Joanna: I LOVE that a lot of your gift ideas are intended to make the receiver smile. Your family must have fun on Christmas Day!

    Its inspiring!

  16. Makes me think of my little B, killed in Afghanistan in 2010. Would someone please tell him I’d buy all of these for him?!

  17. SIMON!!!! Oh how my brother and I used to fight over this!!!! Would be a blast to give it to him for Christmas!!!!

    xoxo PARIS BEE

  18. Great ideas! I especially love the coffee, books & rain t shirt!

  19. I use to kick so much butt at simon!!

  20. I’ve long been eyeing that COFFEE BOOKS & RAIN shirt for myself!