Gift Guide Part #6: Your Best Friend Who Is Always Up for Adventures and Looks Gorgeous in Red Lipstick.

Stylists’ pomade to give the greatest gift of all: a sleek ponytail without frizz, $22.

An encouraging pot for her trembling houseplants. 19 euro.

The Most of Nora Ephron, $22.47, a collection of essays, books and screenplays of the late, great writer. From the glowing NYTimes review: “The real Nora Ephron was the person every­body wanted to hang out with, in part because she was funny and charming but more critically because she made the people she was with feel funny and charming…..She was never the life of the party in the classic center-of-the-crowd sense. She was the one who listened and then finally tossed in the one fabulous line that brought every­thing together. Her best writing was exactly the same.”

A $100 gift certificate to Kitchen Surfing, the awesome service that lets normal people hire private chefs. It’s totally customizable, so you can choose to learn to make dumplings, have stiff cocktails or host an Italian dinner party. Available in New York, the Hamptons, Berlin, LA, Chicago and Boston. How cool is that?

Glow-in-the-dark Ouija board, $20, to ask all your most pressing questions, along with a bottle of wine.

A cheeky tote to make her laugh, $12.

Fancy candle, $60. The kind of thing you don’t buy for yourself but you LOVE when someone gives to you. (This one smells like a cozy fire.)

A yearlong membership to the Museum of Modern Art, $85, because it’s inspiring, romantic and a little nuts.

Jeni’s ice cream package, $29, with two flavors of ice cream and one bag of gravel (flavors include French Toast and Everything Bagel!)

P.S. More gifts for friends, and the 2013 gift guide so far…

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  2. i am obsessed with several of these things! love the flower pot, and the lipstick AND the tote is hilarious!

  3. Oh, friends. Please don’t play with Ouija boards. Bad things come by way of Ouija boards– you’re just asking to invite something unfriendly into your home. How about a set of tarot cards and a guidebook instead? Much safer, and a really fun party trick.

    Everything else on this list is divine!

  4. Jeni’s! Be still my heart! I got spoiled when I lived in Columbus for 4 years.

    I’d also add something crafty and unexpected to the list- like a henna kit or set of oil pastels!

  5. Makes me heart warm and fuzzy any time Jeni’s gets a shout-out!

  6. THANK YOU, Joanna! I just put an order in for a pint of Brambleberry Crisp and Brown Butter Almond Brittle (with Honey Cornbread “gravel”… what?!) for my best friend. She loves making her own ice cream and will be stoked, I’m sure. Plus, I live in Madrid, so what a perfect way to send something special her way. Thanks for the great ideas, as always :)

  7. I love Jeni’s! I don’t live near a location anymore but will be ordering some delivery for my family’s Christmas party. Hope it gets there all nice and frozen!

  8. Excited to see Jeni’s at a pick. I live in Columbus, Ohio where she originated and we are lucky to have many stores to visit.

  9. Does it make me an essentially bad person that I now want all of this for myself?!

  10. This is by far my favourite gift guide thus far! Everyone has that friend and it just really spoke to me! Thank you Jo! xox

  11. Jeni’s ice cream is the most delicious!

  12. Amazing ideas!! I love the Kitchen Surfing site! I just sent it to several of my friends. Thanks for introducing me to that!

  13. This is my favorite of all the gift guides this year. I can’t believe I’d never heard of those Instagram marshmallows yet! Love the idea of getting someone something you’d love yourself, but you splurge on someone else for the fun of it (the candle)- that idea is so true. And the MoMA membership is great because it gives the gift of experience, but also helps continue funding for the arts! Love all these ideas.

  14. OKAY. While I love your gift guides (and most gift guides!) this has to be one of the only times that I would buy my best friend EVERY SINGLE THING on this list.

    This is incredible. It’s thoughtful and beautiful and even a little funny (instagram marshmallows = best thing EVER).

    I just wanted to tell you, THANKS! This is just so timeless and wonderful.

  15. That Nora Ephron book is on my own personal wishlist! My mom is supposed to get it for me for Christmas…finger crossed!

  16. Awesome ideas. You’re totally right about the Dyptique candles. 60 seems reasonable to spend on a gift, but I don’t know if I’d ever splurge on one for myself. Would LOVE to get one though.

  17. I always love your gift guides Joanna! So cool with unique items. I can’t resist adding several of these to my wish list!

  18. I want ALL of these, what great choices!!

    I cannot wait to get my hands on the Nora Ephron collection….and those marshmallows are genius, going to check those out right now!!

    Loving your gift guides :)

  19. I want the Nora Ephron book and need the tote!

  20. I will take the ice cream please!
    And instagram mallows–now I’ve seen everything!
    x atelier zozo