Gift Guide Part #5: Your Bearded Husband Who Wrestles Your Toddler, Kisses Your Baby and Gives the Best Advice.

Ampersand sweatshirt, $62, because you belong as a pair.

A calendar with your favorite photos over the years, for his office desk, $29.99.

Krave jerky, $7 each, with the most incredible flavors (think: basil citrus turkey and chili lime beef). I don’t even usually like jerky, but these are ridiculously delicious.

NATO straps, $12.50. The fastest way to give his watch a makeover. Alex is obsessed. “If you’re into watches, you can’t help fantasizing about buying new ones,” he says. “The next best thing is to buy a new strap. They’re cheap and colorful and totally change the watch every time you put one on.”

A fun local class to take together, like a blind wine tasting, $75, or an always fantastic Murray’s cheese class, $60-$75.

Revolution in the Head, $14.62, which tells the real story behind every Beatles song. Written by a genius music critic, the book gives a sociological and musical analysis of how the Beatles achieved the effect they did.

Army green Marshall headphones, $100. As Alex says, “Marshall is the most storied name in guitar amplifiers, going back to Hendrix. You can’t fit a giant Marshall amp in your apartment, but you can get these Marshall headphones and keep the spirit alive.”

Cards Against Humanity, $25, to play when friends come over. It’s like Apples to Apples… but racy/crazy/inappropriate.

Bike light, $13.09. This tiny lamp fits onto the spokes of your wheel, so that once you’re pedaling at a steady speed it blurs into a solid ring of light that cycles through the color spectrum as you ride. For fun nighttime bike rides.

P.S. The 2013 gift guide so far…

(Wine illustration by Gemma Correll for this post)

  1. Hey! Crazy New Yorkness- I introduced myself to your cute son and nice hubby on the train this am!! I said” is it weird that I recognize you guys from your wife’s blog?” :) well thanks again lady- love love your tidbits and thoughts here!
    happy holidays

  2. I love the Ugmonk ampersand sweatshirt. I went to college with Jeff, the designer and I love all of his products! Great gift guide all around. Thanks for the ideas!

  3. I love the Ugmonk ampersand sweatshirt. I went to college with Jeff, the designer and I love all of his products! Great gift guide all around. Thanks for the ideas!

  4. I’ve just read through a few of these gift idea posts- you have exceptional taste (and so do the people you know, lol).

  5. You seriously post THE BEST gift guides. Thanks for the ideas!

  6. cards agains humanity is the best idea EVER. Thanks!!!

  7. I love the title for the post – don’t we all wish we had a bearded husband too :)

  8. I love the title for the post – don’t we all wish we had a bearded husband too :)

  9. Yeah, I sorta want that Revolution in the Head book for myself…!

  10. Just ordered the Krave jerky sampler pack for my husband. Thanks so much for the great suggestion!

  11. I think the “&” sweater is my favorite!

  12. jm says...

    I ordered a pinhole calendar this year, too. They are great!

  13. sarah, thanks for your note! these aren’t sponsored gift guides at all, and pinhole isn’t paying me to mention them in any way. i just truly love their products, which is how i first started working with them years ago. i actually buy their products for all our relatives as christmas gifts every year. funnily enough, i almost chose NOT to include them because i didn’t want my guides to feel sponsored, but then i figured, why penalize them for being a sponsor? so i included them anyway, because i love them so much. hope that makes sense!!

  14. Just ordered the bike light for my husband who bikes 30km (~20 miles) every day for work, mostly in the dark in the winter in Canada. I know, the dude is intense. Hopefully this gives him a laugh!

  15. jm says...

    This is such a fun guide! Love the Beatles book and the jerky especially.

  16. You give wonderful gift ideas, Joanna. Thanks for posting :)

  17. I loved ALL the suggestions you gave, for my husband and for other family members as well. Thanks you!!

  18. That Beatles gift is the ultimate for the music fan on your gift list.

  19. I love these, Joanna! I have a special request. Can Alex make a book recommendation? He recommended “Better Angels of Our Nature” – which my husband l.o.v.e.d. Does he have any other “must reads”? Thanks and Happy Holidays!

  20. These are great! My boyfriend would LOVE the headphones.

  21. If you’re a Beatles fan you should also pick up a copy of Good Ol’ Frieda about the Beatles fan club manager. Saw a screening at the Museum of the Moving Image and it was incredible!

  22. Since you’re looking at bike lights, if you’d like something a little more upscale, check out the insanely-cool Revolights ( Brighter, safer, and just all-around awesome-looking :)

  23. I just bought Cards Against Humanity for my husband and my mom bought those throws for both of my kids.

  24. The magnets, the puzzle, and now the calendar?? I know you are only posting about “products you love”, so disregarding the fact that you have now given your sponsor three plugs and failed to mention any disclaimer that there may be a conflict of interest, it’s just kind of poor form to mention the same company three times. There are thousands of companies out there to choose from, and many of us readers are already very familiar with the Pinhole Press products from all your other links. Let’s see some diversity!

  25. I love the bike light! I am going to get that for my husband :) Thanks for the idea!!

  26. I hate jerky but my boyfriend loves it. Great gift idea!

  27. I just bought the card game after reading some pretty hilarious reviews… I hope he likes it (if not, I’m stealing it for myself)!

  28. NEED that bike light for my boyfriend. what a perfect gift- makes him safer and helps me to sleep better at night. WIN.

  29. You are THE BEST! Totally just helped me finish my Christmas shopping. MUUUAAAAHHH!

  30. My husband LOVES Krave jerky. He will definitely be getting some in his stocking this year :)

  31. That jerky is amazing. I’ve been thinking about giving it as a gift, but have been worried that it might seem strange! But seeing as I’m apparently not the only one with the idea, I may go for it!!

  32. Love Cards Against Humanity.

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