Gift Guide Part #1: Your Chubby Baby and Goofy Toddler, Who Love Taking Splashy Baths and Playing in Forts (Gently!)

The sweetest patterned pajamas for babies and kids, $36 to $46.

Hopewell quilt, made of cotton and linen, $175. Soft for little tummies, pretty for the nursery, and a beautiful heirloom to pass down to future generations.

Board books for reading and chewing, $5.99.

Double decker bus, $19.95. (And so many other great toys at the Land of Nod — they really nail it).

This octopus isn’t the most beautiful thing to feature on a gift guide, but take it from me: BABIES LOVE HIM. Toby played with him constantly as a newborn, and now Anton happily manhandles him every day.

Old-school games, like Don’t Break the Ice, $11, or Hungry Hippos, $27.

Photo puzzle featuring a photo of your child, with 12 easy pieces, $25.

Glow-in-the-dark pajamas, $52, and glow-in-the-dark stars, $15.57, to make bedtime feel magical.

Tegu blocks that stick together with imbedded magnets, $30 for 22 pieces. (We played with these on vacation this summer, and they were fantastic.)

P.S. The complete 2013 gift guide

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  2. Just want to say that I also L-O-V-E love the Tegu blocks. All of them. And they now make wheels that you can buy separately to further expand the Tegu creation possibilities!
    One thing though, the 22-piece set is actually $60. (But as us fans know, they are SO worth it!)

  3. Pirate Octopus is THE BEST!

  4. thats cool
    dont forget visit

  5. aah, Dear Zoo was one of our favorites for all three of my kids. they have a Dear Santa too – so sweet.

  6. aah, Dear Zoo was one of our favorites for all three of my kids. they have a Dear Santa too – so sweet.

  7. aah, Dear Zoo was one of our favorites for all three of my kids. they have a Dear Santa too – so sweet.

  8. We have Mortimer the Moose (Captain Calamari’s cousin) and he is our daughter’s favorite toy. We keep him for car rides… she especially likes chomping on his crinkly feet. haha

    And I, for one, don’t care that you use affiliate links. All of the things you suggest are awesome. Most are too expensive for me, but they do give me ideas, and I love that!

  9. My 7 month old has been in love with his Lamaze Flutterbug practically since day one, and I don’t see the love fading any time soon. Those toys are a winner! Everything else on the list is something that I would like but I’m sure the baby could care less about.

  10. i liked last one picture of Helicoptor for my kid,
    i will give him this as Christmas Gift.

  11. Such a sweet gift guide. It’s my first year thinking about presents for a little one too. We just need to find out if it’s a little lady or a little dude. Then it’s on! :-)

  12. I just wrapped up that hopewell quilt for my baby boy for Christmas. Psychic!

    And if I hadn’t already finished shopping for my 3 year kid I’d be adding hungry hippos and glowy stars to the list.

    Great selection

  13. SOOOO many cute gifts! Thanks for the ideas!!!

    xoxo PARIS BEE kids blog

  14. I just discovered Tegu Blocks yesterday and I think they look amazing! I love that lots of people k=just keep a small set in their purse for places like restaurants.

  15. We have Dear Zoo! It’s so much fun to read. I’ve been trying to figure out for ages whether it’s supposed to rhyme…

    We also have the Lamaze Donkey which is a big hit around here.

    Love those booties. They look like they’d really stay on.

    Maria xx

  16. Great ideas, love the bright fabrics on the clothes and quilt. But I especially love the wood toys which I’m finding harder to come by

  17. Hungry Hungry Hippos? Yesss! I loved that game. Just seeing it now made me so incredibly happy. I’ll definitely be investing in that when my baby girl gets a little older and can appreciate the game without competing with the hippos to eat the little marbles :)

  18. Next time you’re in Cobble Hill/Brooklyn Heights you really should stop at Module R. Toby would love playing in the kids area in the back—seeing your mention of the Tegu blocks made me think of this place. I bring my daughter all the time; staff is super nice and the toys are really well curated. They have amazing stuff for the home too (though I’m too busy playing with the Grimm blocks in the back).

  19. Great suggestions! We just ordered the Tegu blocks (and having shipped to FLA, where we will be visiting from Canada). My son was more of a Rusty the Robot kinda guy though, as opposed to Captain Calamari.

  20. jm says...

    I love the Octopus! Best baby present ever.

  21. Affiliate link or not, thank you for introducing me to The Land of Nod. I’ve just completed a third of my holiday shopping.

  22. jm says...

    Your blog is just wonderful!

  23. I have a wonderful memory of Dear Zoo with my now three 1/2 year old. When she started “reading” aka making up the story to me it was and is still so fun to be there to see and hear her imagination. The zoo sends the kiddo a snake and when she got to that page she said So they sent me a Nake (dropping S’s with SN words) but he was too Nakey so I sent him back. Still makes me smile and I pull from that memory when Im in mommy overwhelmed mode.

  24. SOOOOOO many affiliate links. Would you really be recommending any of these things if you weren’t able to make money off of us buying them?

    Business plan blah blah blah, but this all just seems so contrived.

  25. We loved the octopus. Called him ‘ Mr Calamari’ ;)

  26. Kinda want to get that musical pillow for my 32-year-old boyfriend…

  27. Love the Tegu blocks. They’re actually on sale for $30 right now. Normally they’re nearly double that!

  28. love the circle quilt..
    we started our three year old off with some board games this year. Richard Scarry’s Busytown Game.. and Domino’s.. he is loving dominos.

  29. @ sarah acheson – Hahahaha! The Something Got Me Started comment. You rock.

    And awesome gift guide, Joanna! Can’t wait to see more.

  30. Ha yes, Captain Calamari – we sing his name over and over to the beginning of the tune of “something got me started” by Simply Red (not because we like the song, but because somehow it fits and our baby giggled and then of course we have to keep doing it). There is also a horse called Sir Prance-A-Lot – I thought they all had such great names but sadly not. Wouldn’t that be a great job, to name children’s toys?

  31. aww, so much very sweet stuff here. I would also recommend dear zoo for toddlers and children starting school. I quite often read it when I’m teaching reception (kindergarten) children

  32. That double decker bus is so cute!

  33. Those Minnetonka booties are ridiculous, adorable to look at but the STRANGEST/MOST AWKWARD fit…. they are difficult to put on, and once they are, they do not stay on baby or toddler feet. NOT recommended.

  34. The sweetest happy little ones post (great picks, Joanna!).

  35. I just thought I would add my Etsy store in the mix because other than lots of Liberty of London girls accessories, I’ve just made some girls AND boys little aprons and they are über cute! Also I’m having a 25% discount today so they are a steal! Code is CYBER13 so check out my store if you want some London gifts for the wee little ones too!!

    meg-made Etsy

  36. We just got the Dear Zoo book for our 10 month old. She LOVES books with flaps. I’ve had to repair her favorite one (1,2,3 Count with Me) with tape. There are 40 paper flaps in that book!

    I have also been eyeing the tegu blocks since before I had the baby!

  37. This is so sweet and I really appreciate it because we’re expecting a little man to come in April! I added a few things from your list directly to my registry. :)

  38. Thanks for all these great ideas.

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your friends and family.

  39. Nice to see Captain Calamari getting some love. He and his friend Mortimer the Moose are awesome.