Home Makeover: The Nursery

Thanks for your comments about the living room makeover yesterday! We were also really grateful to work with Emily on the boys’ bedroom. Here are the before-and-after photos, if you’d like to see…

Here’s the before photo when we first moved in.
And here’s the after! How amazing is Emily? We are totally in love with this room. The boys will be sharing a bedroom, and I LOVE how cozy and soft and welcoming it is! Toby’s old nursery was soooooo tiny and grimy, so it has been an incredible treat to have such a clean bright space for him to play.
Side note: I’m really excited for the boys to share a room. Right now, however, Anton is still sleeping in our bedroom because we are wusses and can’t figure out a way to have the boys sleep in the same room. Any advice on how bedtime works? Do you put the baby to bed first and then read bedtime stories to your toddler in the living room, and then sneak him into bed later? For some reason, we are taking forever to pull the trigger:)
Anyway! The plan is to move Anton into the crib (which right now Toby is sleeping in), and then Toby will move straight into the double bed. My friend Samantha had a brilliant idea to put pool noodles underneath the flat sheet on both sides of the bed to make sure Toby doesn’t roll out. So we’re going to try it! I think it will work! Once we man up! :)
We have many of the same things we had in Toby’s old nursery, but they look SO different in this new, clean space. My sister and brother gave us the beautiful sailboat mobile back when I was pregnant with Toby, and we got the sweet baby deer print from our friend Sharon Montrose when he was born. Toby even says goodnight to it.
One thing that was really important to us was having low bookshelves that the boys could reach themselves. So we were thrilled to get this beautiful bookcase for their books, toys and instruments. The good thing about this bookcase is that it will also look great in a teenager or adult room in the future, so we can keep it forever.
The striped fabric headboard for the bed was made by our friend Jenny Komenda for our old apartment, and she had also found the vintage dresser years ago and just brightened it up by painting it red and white and adding baby blue knobs.
When Emily asked me to send her inspiration images for the nursery, I sent her a bunch of photos, including this shot of a grid of airplane artwork, so when she was in New York, she found some paper soldiers and decided to frame them in a similar grid!
Here are some close-ups…what a fantastic idea, right?!
I also love how she hung this paper airplane. So sweet and playful. We’ll see how long it lasts haha.
One other thing that we were hoping for was a super soft rug where the boys could play and lie around. So we went with a flokati rug, which is incredibly deep and plush. It makes you feel like you’re wearing fluffy slippers. It’s instantly relaxing. (I know everyone likes hardwood floors these days, but I secretly love carpet—we had wall-to-wall carpet growing up in Michigan and it just feels so good and cozy!!)
Toby is just ecstatic over the new room, and I know Anton adores it, too, with all his kicks and squeals. Thank you again, Emily!!

FURNITURE: Elephant crib from Oeuf with the sweetest rounded legs, bookcase from Oeuf, flokati rug from Serena & Lily, white floor lamp from IKEA, blue pouf from Design Within Reach, black-out shades from Decorview. CRIB: Crab sheet from Serena & Lily, striped pillow in crib from Anthropologie, sailboat mobile from Ark Toys, which was a gift from my sister and brother when Toby was born. BED: Galaxy duvet set from DwellStudio, knitted garland bunting from Oeuf, star pillow from Happy Habitat, white and silver pillow from Anthropologie, yellow striped blanket West Elm, vintage soldier paper dolls from John Derian in A.I. Friedman frames, wooden plane from ABC, handmade fabric sailboat from Tamar Mogendorf, changing pad cover from Carousel Designs. BOOKCASE: Bookcase from Oeuf, vintage blue lamp from etsy, plush Eiffel Tower from Oeuf which was a gift from a friend, baby deer print from Animal Print Shop, wooden camera from Acorn, hippo bookend from Serena & Lily, mini red piano from Land of Nod.

Tomorrow we’ll share the master bedroom, and then we’re done! Thanks so much for reading.

(Photos by the wonderful Ryan Liebe for Cup of Jo. Also huge thanks to Emily’s senior designer Samantha Gluck and two awesome interns, Will and Alex)

  1. Mine share a room, Josiah is 3.5 and Anya now 6. They have been sharing since J was about 6 months old. I had been putting it off worried about the bed time factor. We went on holidays, they shared a room and the rest is history. I just got up quickly to the baby and she got used to it. He makes lots of noises when he sleeps and she sometimes wakes even now but just rolls over or comforts him with an “it’s ok buddy” and I close my eyes and go back to sleep :-) zzzzzz

    Your place looks FABULOUS x

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  3. Dear Joanna,

    We are going through the same thing trying to get our two kids adapted to the same room. Our first is almost 4 and our second is 7 months. My husband and I are strict about no kids in our bed so we want to struggle now but it will pay off later. Our youngest goes to bed first then about a half hour later out oldest will sneak in the bedroom and go to sleep. He is real quiet and understands the situation. The youngest wakes up at least once a night still and cries. We were so afraid that the crying would wake up our oldest but it didn’t even phase him. He slept right through it. Its so easy to give in and bring the youngest to the bed just so he doesn’t cry. Stick to your plan and let the youngest cry a little bit. We let our little one cry for over an hour for the first couple nights but he now hardly cries at all. Good luck!

  4. Just too adorable!!! What a wonderful job you and your designer did!

  5. So great to see the blue lamp in it´s new home. It fits in greatly in your boys new – and very wonderful – room.


  6. @Raj S. Looks like it’s these thin white frames.

  7. Looks like you have everything you need already, but I noticed that the knitted bunting would be matched perfectly by the ‘Bunting’ print fabric (in the blue colourway) from the Cloud 9/Rae Hoekstra line ‘Fanfare’ – cosy organic cotton flannel, perfect for babies.

  8. Hi Joanna, I’ve been looking for frames like the ones above Toby’s bed everywhere. What is the style of the frames at Friedman’s?

  9. Vert cute!

    My one piece of advice would be to move Toby to the big guy bed a bit before Anton moves in, if you’re putting it off any longer. That way, Anton isn’t “stealing” Toby’s bed (I’ve had some friends who’ve had this problem).

  10. Beautiful.

    I know staging for photos. However, bunting on a crib or string anything scares me because they are dangerous around babies and toddlers.

  11. Oh my Gosh! I’m so crazy for this nursery! It’s so perfect and practical. The pool noodle idea is absolutely brilliant!! Those metal barriers are the worst. Thank you for sharing that suggestion. I also love the paper soldiers. They look great!

    For the bed time ritual, we just began including our little one in it. We would read to them both or sometimes I would read to one and my husband would read to the other one and then sing our bedtime song and put them both in bed at the same time. Luckily, our older boy is a heavy sleeper so it works fine. If not, it might be a bit harder! Good luck with the transition!

    Thanks for sharing!

  12. I love the room (all the rooms!), and had to laugh about moving Toby to a big boy bed… we moved our 22-month-old over last week after he took a flying leap from his (high!) crib in the middle of the night. He wasn’t hurt – thank goodness – but we were alarmed enough to make an immediate switch to the twin bed in his room. We took out the bedframe, left the mattress and box spring, and put loads of pillows around the edges in case he falls. So far, it’s been tremendous, only one little slide out of bed, and then onto soft pillows, so no problem. He seems to love it. Unexpected bonus for Mom: it’s much easier to snuggle when putting him to bed :)

    We’re expecting #2 any day now, and hope to move her up into the same room once she starts sleeping through the night. So please don’t hesitate to share any lessons you learn in the process of moving Anton!

  13. Love the room too, the only thing I’d change is the soldiers, don’t like the gun thing.

  14. Love the room too, the only thing I’d change is the soldiers, don’t like the gun thing.

  15. I love your new apartment! I’m sure Toby does too–lots of room to grow and play. can’t wait to see the rest.

  16. beautiful!
    i would be a little cautious with the noodle thing, we tried it for my 3 year old and it didnt work . she fell out of bed. i know they are ugly, but bed railings are ur best bet.
    as for the boys sharing a room, JUST DO IT. Keep a noise machine/fan/humidifier out so there noises drown out.
    Read a book to TOby, as you feed baby, put toby down first, come back in a few minutes and put baby down. and walk out of the room. let baby and toby figure it out. first few nights might be chaos, lol.

  17. oh, yes, the windows actually only open a few inches—there are guards on every one in our apartment for child safety. NYC requires that (or window guards) for apartments with young kiddos, thank goodness!

  18. Oh my goodness, that’s absolutely beautiful. It’s such a boyish, but stylish room! I adore it. :)

    The only thing that makes me a wee bit nervous is the big window by the bed. It’s probably just me (I’m mildly paranoid when it comes to kids and windows), but I’d make sure the windows don’t actually open, and that the glass is very hard to break (a while ago I read an article about installing a glass that was some kind of bulletproof, to make sure the kids didn’t break it while playing around with a ball or a racket or whatever). I’m not a fan of heights, so that’s always a huge concern for me. But if you have those two points under control, the windows are gorgeous for all the light and the ambience of the room. :)

  19. I’m with you on the carpet, Joanna! I like carpet wherever I spend the most time, it is super cozy and feels good to just lay on the floor sometimes. To the previous commenters wondering about how dirty it gets with kids – yes it gets dirty, so you just have to accept it if you want them both! :)

  20. oh, yes, the banner was just for styling—we moved it right after that (as you can see from the top photo with toby in it).

  21. shurti, i’m sure she’ll work with pieces you already have, as well; we wanted to get a few new things because our old stuff was so worn out and grimy, but we did keep many of our same things, and i’m sure emily would have been happy for us to keep more, if we had wanted! hope that helps!

  22. If I was a little kid I know I would instantly love this room, that plane above the bed especially. I am getting so many ideas for my own apartment just by looking through all of these photos, so thank you for posting all of this, and yesterday’s photos, too!

  23. Darling room! I imagine the knit pennant banner on the crib was just for the photos as it could become a choking hazard.

  24. Beautiful beautiful home. Love it. I specially love the soldier prints. They look excellent in the nursery. Just curious to know if Emily will work with furniture and things one already has or is it absolutely necessary to buy things which she suggests for the home? Any idea Jo?

  25. You’re home looks amazing! I would live there in a heartbeat. A beautiful family space. Enjoy!

  26. As a mom to 5, we have some sharing going on too. My first advice is get your oldest used to sleeping in the bed before you add the baby to the room. That is a big enough change in and of itself. Once he’s spent a good week or two in the new bed, then transition the baby in. Talk it up like it is the coolest thing the brothers get to bet together and all the fun stuff they will do when they are all a bit older. It also depends on when the boys go to bed. If they go down at separate times that’s a little bit easier, but if they go down at the same time I would start with whomever has the hardest time falling asleep, and then putting the other one down. It might be a little trouble at first, but it will come together, just don’t lose patience and get frustrated!

  27. What a beautiful room for your boys…
    The little touches makes it homely fun & sophisticated all at the same time…
    I can see the three of you fast asleep on the rug after playtime…
    My kids are 17 monthes apart, they spent quite a few years in the same bedroom & were quite happy together.
    Bedtime was together, a toodler & a baby need the same amount of sleep, so does a teenager even…
    They would have a talk, a laugh & fall asleep fine…
    Then we would have some “us” time…

  28. I LOVE YOUR APARTMENT, the big windows are the best and the decoration also very nice.
    As for putting both kids in the same room, I only have one, but from friends that have two, I got to the conclusion that is best to wait for the baby to get a bit older like 2 or 3, depends on how soon he starts sleeping though the night or almost. otherwise his brother might not sleep very well with a crying baby in his room.

  29. This room is lovely – what a great place for the boys to have and to share.
    We had our boys in separate rooms until O was two and E was six months old, when they were forced to share as we moved into the apartment we were renovating and all of us were squeezed into two small rooms. I was worried how it would work but it went smoothly. We put E down 30 minutes before O and while we were waiting for E to fall asleep, we did just what you said and read to O. In fact, we stick to that system still (O is now three and a half and E is coming up to two year).
    Biting the bullet is the hardest part, I think, but change is often good too ;)

  30. Oh, I love also this room! Can I steal it for my kids? ;)
    I also wanted open bookshelves for them to be accessible and some drawers, while my husband was more for a tall gardrobe. I will show him the pictures of this room so he can be inspired!

  31. It’s gorgeous! and pool noodles?? Pool noodles! That’s genius. We’re working on transitioning our 2 year old out of her pack-n-play and into her big bed(insert nail biting fear here) and eventually getting her newborn sister into the same room too. Let me know how it goes. :0)

  32. That is a great question. About the room sharing. Our two year old has her own room and we have her in a sweet day bed, but we are wondering how to transition her sweet little seven month sister in there. When is a good time? How do you do it? What is the best way? Will you write a blog post about it.

  33. Just chuckled about your hardwood comment. We recently moved into a loft with hardwood. It looks amazing but I so wish we had carpet! The rugs are nice but just not the same. I grew up in Minnesota and we always had carpet. :)

    Love reading your posts!!

  34. Lovely! Who makes the wooden blue and red striped bus/trailer type toy that is beside the wooden camera? Love it!

  35. Hi! The new apartment looks beautiful. Like others have said, I love the colors, the livable feel, and the sophistication.
    I also wanted to tell you about our two boys sharing a room. Our boys are 17 months apart and we put them in the same room when the little guy was 7or 8 months. We changed their bedtimes so that they fell asleep at the same time. They talk and babble and laugh with each other and fall asleep very happily. They nap in separate rooms (the baby sleeps in a pack n play) and that way they can stagger naps and overlap.
    We are so so happy now that they are in the same room and I think they are happy too. There have been a handful of times tops that one has woken the other up. Sure, sometimes one will rouse the other, but they usually fall right back asleep. They love that their bedtime routine is together, and we love that at 7pm the evening becomes adult time.
    I’d also like to advise you to transition Toby to the bed before throwing them together in the same room!
    Good luck!

  36. Beautiful room, really special. My sister slept in my room from the time she was 6 months old. My parents allowed some fooling around, but not much. We learned to whisper even from a small age. It does allow for unique bonding from those very early months. We are separate people, but know we are close because of those special shared moments.

    My experience is that is that it will go as well as the parents are relaxed and confident. And patient. You might want to talk about all the rules and positive benefits for Toby. He’ll go into the transition knowing what the “plan” is.

    I would use side rails, give you peace of mind and keep the atmosphere stable. You could ask him if he wants to transition to the new bed with Anton as a roommate or would he rather get used to it first before Anton comes in for the sleepovers.

    Good luck .. stay strong, the kids will read your actions as “the plan”

    You are a terrific blogger, and I love your work.

    Karen in VA

  37. My 5-month-old has outgrown his mini co-sleeping bassinet, but I can’t figure out a good night routine, and I feel unexpectedly nervous about having him in another room! Love the rug! And I’m sorry to be THAT commenter, but it bugs me when cribs are staged/designed unsafely with strangulation and suffocation hazards. I know Anton’s not in there nor is it my business, I’m just saying, in general. I am a huge fan of your blog, and of Emily Henderson’s work!

  38. It looks gorgeous! As for the pool noodles – add one to the foot of the bed also – our 3 year old niece (who moves around like crazy apparently) fell off the foot of her bed and broke her collarbone.

  39. Ha! I was so confused when I read on Emily’s blog that Will and Alex were so instrumental in shopping, styling, etc. I was definitely wondering why your husband was THAT involved in the whole process. “Interns Will and Alex” makes much more sense.

    Looks great, of course!

  40. This is so beautifully done. I love the color combination, the addition of nautical elements without going overboard (no pun intended). Really the perfect little boys’ room! You guys must be thrilled.

  41. Hi there – your new place is looking gorgeous! I would take it one step at a time with the change of sleep environments – get the older one settled into his new bed first and then move the baby in. But I would absolutley have no hesitation in getting going on the transition to the big boy bed right away. Sleep in our house got much much better once our daughter was in her big bed

  42. Love what you (and Emily Henderson!) have done in your apartment – it all looks fabulous! Just wish I could get access to your stockists without the hefty shipping fees to NZ :)
    Our two little ones share a room, and we love it, and so do they. It won’t last forever (they are boy and girl) but hope they will develop a special bond because of sharing the same space for a while anyway. We took more than 12 months to pluck up the courage to move them in together, so don’t feel bad! For us it seems to work best to get one to sleep first, then sneak the second one in – even if they make some noise about it, the first is often asleep enough that it doesn’t bother them too much. If day time sleeps (or not) mean they need to go to bed at the same time, we just put them to bed early and expect that there will be chatting and giggling until they eventually give in to sleep!
    Also, a rolled up towel worked perfectly for us when our eldest first moved into a bed.
    Good luck with the transition, and I look forward to the master bedroom reveal!

  43. Such a great space! A guest could stay here as easily as the kids. We had our girls in the same room, but did not have the baby in with her 3 year old sister until the baby was a little over a year old. It seemed to work out fine. They had such different internal clocks, the baby was asleep by 8 and the older daughter often not until 11:00! They are still like that and both in college now. You will sort it out….no worries.
    BUT I did notice that the cute little knit banner is not on the crib in all photos, so maybe it is on the crib for the cuteness factor only. I would suggest that it not be on the crib when baby is in the crib….not safe :(

  44. So sweet. It looks like the perfect room. I love the how much natural light is in the space.

  45. Love the mix of colors – it looks lovely!

  46. So cute! I was wondering where you found the frame for your baby deer print. It looks great.

  47. I love it all! We are thinking of what to do when we move our son into his big boy room. Parenting magazine had an article about siblings sharing a room!

  48. The nursery is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing it with us! Oh, and please edit the post to let us know where the beautiful knit bunting comes from!

  49. Looks great!
    I put the baby in the room at 4 months. There is no problem with bedtime, because even the oldest (3 years) is already asleep when the baby cries (now has eight months), he did not wake up. And the reverse is also true! Works very well! **

  50. Looks like a perfect room for two little boys :) That rug looks so comfy!

  51. Beautiful colors and I love how the theme will grow with the boys. Enjoy! Emily did a fantastic job.

  52. C, I love the idea of having a big-bed party!! That is so sweet!!

  53. the mirror is from anthropologie (sold out now, unfortunately), and the wooden bus is melissa and doug (they make the best toys), and the drum is from Acorn. xoxo

  54. tatanicka, i wish! we actually didn’t redo or photograph those rooms—they’re pretty basic! :)

  55. What a comfortable and fun space for your little ones. :)

    We purchased a bed rail from Toys r’ Us that can slide between the mattress and boxspring when not in use. We’ve been really happy with it.

    Can I ask how the frames over the bed are secured to the wall? Are the frames lightweight and is it plastic instead of glass?

    I’ve been wanting to put up some art over my daughter’s bed but I’m worried that it might come down while she’s jumping around like a monkey on the bed.

  56. Where is the fabulous mirror from over the changing table?? Love it!

  57. Beautiful room! Three words: LOUD WHITE NOISE. I have a one year old and three year old that are noisy sleepers. We can hear them on the monitor but they don’t disturb each other because they are drowned out by the sound of the air filter in their room.

  58. Beautiful room! We have a loud air filter in the room with our one year old and three year old. The white noise drowns everything out. They are both noisy sleepers. We can hear them on the monitor, but they don’t disturb each other.

  59. The room looks so lovely. I LOVE Sharon Montrose’s animal prints. I will say, though, that the bunting on the crib makes me nervous. I see that it was only in one of the pictures, so perhaps it makes you nervous too…

    My kiddos share a room and I too really waited to pull the trigger. Sometimes it’s a disaster, but more often than not they sleep perfectly fine together. My biggest advice is someone is always going to wake up someone–just accept it. I used pool noodles with my oldest and they helped, but I think the best thing really was that she was in a double bed. We put her in sideways at first. That would be a lot of rolling to fall off.

  60. My two girls share a room, and I remember waiting forever to move our baby into the big room w/ her sister too…! We put our 1 yr old down first, and I also turn on some mellow music to drown out the sounds when we put her big sister to bed later…
    We just read in the living room or on “mommy & daddy’s” bed, and then sneak into the kids room and tuck our oldest into bed. I love putting the baby down first b/c it gives us some one on one time with our oldest. :)
    Hope that helps!

  61. Congratulation for a new room for your boy’s! It’s looking very comfy and playful!
    My 2 sons also sharing a room . When my first boy was 4 he got his little brother.
    He slept in our bedroom till he was 9months, then we decided to put boy’s together.
    The older is having bunk bed, the younger has a bed under it. On the beginning we
    were puttying the small one first, and then the older one. Even during the night the younger
    was awake and crying, his brother never notice! It was incredible!
    Now the boys are 7 and 3 and they go
    together at the same time to bed, and accully they can’t fall a sleep when the other is not there…
    which is so sweet ;)

  62. this room is adorable. i have a 6 month old and a 3 year old sharing a room. its tough becuase the 6 month old is going to bed by 7 at the latest and the 3 year old isup until 8:30. we read books in our room and a lot of times let her fall asleep in our room and move her. so far so good. and we moved her in there at 3 weeks too!

  63. I’d Like to move in with Toby and Anton! Cozy and stylish at the same time, I love it! And with the bookcase I have been wanting to buy for my little girl! I will definitely look at these pictures again when we start decorating her new room, and be inspired. Wishing all four of you nothing but bliss in your new and lovely apartment! X

  64. Will you be sharing pics of the kitchen and bathroom as well? I loved your old bathroom makeover, curious what Emily came up with:)


  65. this room looks so cozy! yes, my kids shared a room when we were in a 2 bedroom home. i moved my daughter to the shared bedroom when she was 5 mos and my son was 4. she had a an earlier bedtime so she went to bed first and then an hour later my son went to bed. it can be done! although for us it helped that my babies were good sleepers :)

  66. I love everything about this room! All the animals, the colors, the coziness. I’ve always really liked those fluffy rugs, but for some reason they scare my cat and she won’t walk across it. It was funny to watch her take a running leap from the middle of the room to the bed so as not to step on it!

  67. Where are the wooden bus and drum from? Such a beautiful room!

  68. Put Anton down in your room and move him into his crib once Toby falls asleep! That’s what my brother and sister-in-law do, and it works perfectly! The older kids still get a normal bedtime without disturbing the baby.

  69. I absolutely love how your apartment looks! It’s the perfect mix of cool, sophisticated and comfortable. I’m already planning on copying some things with my apartment. My husband is wondering how I suddenly came up with all of these brilliant ideas :)

  70. We moved our older son into a big bed when he wasn’t even two and now that I have my second son I feel like I want to leave him in his crib forever!!! We did use a bed gate (they easy come up and down) because I felt he was such a crazy sleeper he needed something pretty substantial to keep him in and it totally works–most of the time when we go in to see him he is sleeping up against the mesh of the gate—I feel if it was just a pool noodle he would be spending a lot of time on the floor!!! I am also impressed with all your beautiful plants–I had to get rid of mine as my boys would see it is an indoor garden– how do you keep your boys out of the dirt?!

  71. I have two children–ages 4.5 and 1.5. They’ve been sharing a room since my son was about 12 weeks old. Overall, I’ve loved it. For a short time, my oldest went down first and the baby later, but pretty quickly (maybe 6 months on?) the baby goes down first and his big sister follows him a little later. We do stories/snuggling/milk in our room and then quietly put her to bed with him sleeping in the room. I rub her back and sing her songs–and he rarely stirs! You’d be surprised what they can sleep through. That being said–many, MANY times they have woken each other up in the middle of the night, especially if one is sick, or as my son was still hitting his stride with sleeping all the way through–I think that part is inevitable, because most children will wake occasionally no matter what. But that happens to my friends whose children have separate rooms side-by-side, too. Id say take this opportunity to get your oldest adjusted to the big boy bed and then move your new little guy in once you’re over that hurdle. My daughter loves having her brother in the room, and we love hearing her talk to him first thing in the morning! I think eventually, when my son is out of his crib, they’ll keep each other company and we’ll have fewer middle-of-the-night visitors to our room. Wishful thinking maybe?

  72. C says...

    Our boys have shared a room since our little guy was about 4 months old. They are now 4 and 6. When they were littler, we put our bigger one down first (he stopped napping before his little brother was born) and then put the baby down later. Now, they go to bed at the same time. Sometimes, it is pretty noisy in there when they first go down but most of the time, they are ready to sleep. (We do dinner, bath, 22 minutes of TV [one program on the DVR], a story for each and then bed every night by 8 pm.)

    What would happen if you start having Toby sleep in the “big boy bed” with a party for him? Anton can move to the crib in a couple weeks when Toby is more comfortable in his new bed.

  73. Looks gorgeous! Very cosy and light and uncluttered! So what’s the secret? Did you guys strip back on toys and do a sort through or is there a stash out of sight. We seem to accumulate toys by the dozen and no matter how many storage boxes I find to discretely hide them away my three year olds belonging seem to be seeping into all areas of the flat. Any tips here would be good.

    Lori x

  74. This room is absolutely amazing, I’m feeling very inspired!

  75. This room looks AMAZING! I’m feeling very inspired :)

  76. jm says...

    I am totally loving these photographs of your makeover. I cant’ wait for the master bedroom. Your home seems so beautiful and full of love.

  77. Two things about the bed transition:
    -Instead of pool noodles, you might consider this inflatable bumper: The Shrunks Sleep Secure Inflatable Bed Rail
    We bought it for travel (it folds flat), and it’s much bigger than a noodle (more effective against the wild preschool sleep gymnastics) and has non-slip to help hold it in place. That’s a high bed, so you might want the extra security!
    -I’d get Toby used to the bed before moving Anton in. We transitioned to a toddler bed around my son’s third birthday, and it was a couple weeks of constant silent returning him to his bed as he popped out over and over before falling asleep. He thought it was hilarious. It was annoying, but if he’d been waking his sister up? Oy.

    Intrigued to read about the transition. We have the luxury of a guest room, so my daughter sleeps in there, but I’d like them to share eventually.

  78. My girls are 4 and 1 and they just started sharing a room about 2 months ago. At first, we tried putting the baby down first, but quickly she realized that she wasn’t falling asleep along side her sister and would cry and cry until we came in. Now, we read books in big sisters bed, have a 1 minute cuddle sesh, and put both kids down at the same time. We RARELY have a night where the 4 yr old comes out (usually to pee) or the 1 yr old cries. They are so close now and I love seeing their relationship grow together. We wanted them to share a room forever, and we had to sometimes when traveling, but I wish we pulled the trigger sooner. If you have a good spot to nurse the baby in the room, then I say go for it. We didn’t have room for a chair in their room, so that’s why we waited. Good LUCK! and the room is adorable!!

  79. oh, yes, toby’s original crib was from wal-mart and was actually breaking! the sides were starting to come detached from each other. it was okay but i didn’t want to have anton sleep in it for another three years. it was also really chipped from toby teething/chewing on the sides of it years ago, and it had weird paperboard glued to one side from a babyproofing experiment we had done a while back. haha, needless to say, we were happy to get a new crib for anton. and we love the oeuf elephant crib. it’s so cute and quirky.

  80. So glad you asked about room sharing – I’m in the same boat with a seven month old and a 2.5 year old. The seven month old keeps waking up at night…teething, screwed up schedule, etc etc etc so I still haven’t made the leap. It might’ve been easier if I’d done it at the beginning and followed more of a schedule for him – I think with the next baby I will do the Babywise approach. I’m slowly converting the 7m.o. to Babywise right now but he’s pretty used to his old ways still :) I keep telling myself that when I get him waking up once or less at night that I will put them together…plus I will read all the tips from your readers!

  81. Love to boys’ room so much! I noticed that the crib isn’t Toby’s original crib. What happened to it?

  82. There’s a palpable sense of integrity about your apartment’s make-over. It manages to feel true to you and your family (not just the designer’s style), as well as appearing lived-in and beautiful at the same time and the style is continued throughout. Love it!

    Like you and Alex, we are at the stage where we now want more space and proper furniture, so I get you so much on those fronts! So happy for you that it’s all done now. Just in time for Christmas! May you all thrive at this apartment. x

  83. Lovely room! We use the pool noodle trick with out 2 year old. We found that the noodles tend to slide down the side of the bed so we readjust them nightly and started laying a spare pillow on the floor beside the bed. She fell out once the in the first week but didn’t get hurt, just startled. Good luck with the transition! I was a wuss too but we had to man up because I’m worried that there may be jealousy if we wait ’til our new baby is born and takes over the crib.

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  85. We moved our son to a twin bed when he was about 18 months – just the twin mattress and box spring on the floor so that he wouldn’t hurt himself if he rolled our. But he’s only rolled out once or twice, so it hasn’t been a big deal. I’ve loved it because we can cuddle with him as we put him to sleep. The baby is 6mo but still sleeps with us because he doesn’t sleep through the night yet. Pretty soon though, they’ll be sharing a room too! We have three bedrooms but I want one as an office/guest room.

  86. jamie, the mirror is from anthropologie, but from ages ago. they have some similar ones now, though, i think!

  87. Beautiful redo! Super simple about bedtime with that nice big bed…tuck T in, Mama rests against beautiful striped headboard nursing A and reading ONE book to T. Then it’s lights out and quiet. T falls asleep when no one is interacting with him, A falls asleep in Mama’s arms, Mama slides A into the crib and then sneaks out to Daddy for an evening cocktail and movie. Do it.

  88. oh, yes, the bunting is from oeuf—i added the credit to the post. thank you!!

  89. My girls are 18 months apart and have shared a room since the younger one was about 8 months old. We initially put the older one to bed first then snuck in with the baby when she was ready to sleep for the night. When they got a bit older and were ready at the same time we would put them down together and sometimes the baby would cry…we would just tell Izzy (the older one) that Lilah was going to cry for a bit but that she would fall asleep soon…Izzy seemed good with that…now they chat and sing and giggle…and in fact we are approaching the opposite transition of moving them to separate rooms…sigh! Good luck…you will find what works for you and the boys, just do what works until it doesn’t work any more then you try something new ;)

  90. sumslay, oh, haha, i meant the “after” photos. we will share our bedroom tomorrow, too. thanks!!

  91. Joanna, have you transitioned Toby to a big boy bed yet or were you going to do two cribs for now? I wasn’t entirely clear from your post but if you were going with the one bed, one crib setup then definitely do Toby’s transition first before putting them together. You’ll retain a bit more of your sanity that way than trying to make all the changes happen at once! Anton will go with the flow whenever you’re ready with Toby…2nd kids just have to :).

    Anyway, my second girl is a few days older than Anton and she’s mostly sleeping through the night so I think we’ll attempt to move her into her sister’s (2.5 years) room soon too! Reading these comments are fairly encouraging :)!

  92. What a lovely room!!! We have done the pool noodles (or pillows under the sheet works too!) when traveling, but honestly, I’d have real bed rails for the first 6 months or so. Abby slept up against hers for a while after transitioning – I think it made her feel more comfy? And it definitely saved her from falling out because she has a few times since we removed them! Especially if he’d be falling onto a wood floor. You don’t want him to get hurt or to wake up Anton screaming!

  93. margaret, that is AWESOME! thank you!!!!

  94. M.M, thanks for your sweet comment. yes, absolutely—we only put it there while taking photos actually :) and then we moved it off the crib. and we’ll also move the pillows out of the crib, too, once anton sleeps there. it will just be a fitted sheet for that little guy!

  95. My son is about to turn one and still sleeps in our room. He still wakes up and drinks at 11pm and 4.30-5.30 am so I don’t want him to wake his 4-year-old sister. I’m really hoping he’ll sleep through the night soon.

  96. thanks for all the bedtime advice, can’t tell you how much i appreciate it!!

  97. Love the room, liveable and classic!

    Do you know where you found he convex mirror above the changing table?

  98. We have a floakti in our nursery too, and after 7 months of getting grimy I finally washed it! It was so much easier than I expected and it looks better than brand new! Use Eucalan wool wash and just soak it and drain it in the washer, no rinsing needed, then spin and hang it to dry in the shade and brush it with a hairbrush.

  99. We’ve been so excited for this post especially! And everything looks beautiful!! You and Emily did an amazing job!

    May we ask where the adorable knit bunting is from? Or did we miss the link for it? We just love it!


  100. Lovely room, esp. the bedhead. Not too babyish, nor too grown-up.
    About putting them in together: I had my second child when my first was just 19 months old. When my daughter was about 3 months old and no longer feeding at night we got the biggest a bed of his own and moved the cot into his room. He was thrilled at big boy bed, she was happy just to be near him. Crucially, I got them into bed at the same time, altering both bed times just a bit to make a fit. They took to it straightaway – he would chat to her, she would potter about in the cot and they would both fall asleep within about 20 minutes. They rarely disturbed each other and shared a room until we moved and they got their own at 3 and 2 respectively. She got used to having daytime sleeps in the new room so moving her in at night was nothing new.
    Hope it helps because having your room back to yourself is such bliss…

  101. Joanna, this is such a beautiful and cheery space! I can tell how much love is felt here :)

  102. I had no doubt that the nursery would be as cool as your boys!I wish I could help with the bedtime..Not a clue here!

  103. Love it! But being such a safety nerd I hope the pennants are removed/seriously fastened down before Anton moves in. We had a baby in the family almost choke herself on a ribbon that was woven into her crib in a decorative addition.

  104. This is beautiful! What a lovely space for two boys. I love the mixture of bedding. It reads masculine without screaming “little boys sleep here!”

  105. The room is lovely! We are still trying to figure out when we are going to move our 11 month old in with his brother. We are so ready, but we are really nervous they will wake each other up! Best wishes on your endeavor.

  106. This comment has been removed by the author.

  107. I love everything in here – except for the soldiers (sorry!). I’m pretty pro gun control so I have a hard time seeing pictures like this – but I love the grid idea. :) I’m one of those crazy moms that doesn’t allow any kind of toy gun in the house – and of course my little boy makes other objects into guns – you can’t win. :)

  108. What a lovely home. I love it all!

    We use the pool noodle trick for our 3 year old and it’s great. I bought the fatter diameter one. Our boys share a room, too, and bedtime is hard. We divide and conquer. Our six year old goes to sleep in his top bunk and the 3 year old starts out in our bed. We move him once they are both down for the count. Works for us so far. Good luck!

  109. Where is that beautiful knitted banner from?!

  110. We moved from a three to a two bedroom when my girls were 2 and the other 7 months. I moved the girls bedtime to the same time and thought them to both fall asleep on their own without CIO. (Not as easy as it sounds but it’s doable.) It’s worked great and is fun to hear them in the mornings giggling and playing. I did have to teach the two year old to sneak out like a mouse if baby wasn’t awake yet and usually they sleep through each other if one wakes during the night. You can do it and then you and your hubby will have your room back!!!!

  111. Our boys are 2.5 and 1 years old, and they’ve slept in the same room since the baby was 8 weeks. We started by putting our older son to bed first, and bringing the baby in to sleep after. They got used to it really quickly, and now go to bed at the same time…they even ‘talk’ and giggle for awhile before falling asleep sometimes. They love it! And we love it! And I’m sure it will go much smoother then you think, so good luck :)

  112. Also, what do you mean “Final” photos!? NOooooooo!

  113. So pretty! I really love the oeuf furniture – it is so nice that the bookcase is low enough for little ones but nice looking to use after. Enjoy the madeover apartment, Joanna!

  114. Looove this room! Also, your comment about carpet cracked me up – I feel the same way, but thought I was alone!

    I feel like I’d get Toby used to the big boy bed first so that it’s not such a sudden “The baby gets your bed, and you need to move to that bed” kind of adjustment. ;)

  115. I love reading your blog, and usually don’t post comments, just a casual observer. BUT I LOVE, LOVE the beautiful touches Emily put into your apartment. It looks absolutely gorgeous. Just had to say so.

  116. Wow what a great room for the boys, I love everything and I’m sure the boys must too. I’m just wondering where the mirror above the change table is from?

  117. I was so excited for this post, and it did not disappoint! Such a classy boys room.

  118. lauren, haha, good question. we actually have a boys bathroom and a girls bathroom, ha! alex is so sweet about it and totally doesn’t care. :) it’s BLISS.

  119. gorgeous!

    i was wondering the same thing about siblings sharing a room (we’re considering another in the nearish future, and i like to worry WAY in advance), and i found this thread on apartment therapy which brought me (mostly) comfort. it may be rough at first, but kids have been sharing rooms for centuries (having one’s own room is a first world luxury!). it’s bound to work out eventually. ( :

  120. kayla, i had the same thought about a white rug, but that’s one good thing about flokati—it’s kind of plush and deep and textured, so you don’t see dirty or spills nearly as much as if the rug were plain white and flat, you know? so i think it will work for that reason!! fingers crossed.

  121. We have a similar set up! We have a 7 month old baby boy and a two year old boy, and we all live in a 2 bedroom condo. We plan on having the boys share a room, eventually. My biggest fear, however, is that the two year old will climb into the baby’s crib with a pillow or stuffed animal, and the worst will happen. I really don’t want you to freak out about it. I know how post-partum hormones can make a mind wander. Just a head up if Toby can climb in and out of the crib!

  122. I noticed on your floor plan that you guys have two bathrooms right next to each other (which sounds awesome.) Just curious what the plan is with those? Is one going to be for the kids and one for the grownups?

  123. I don’t understand white rugs…are they easily washable? Don’t they get super dirty? We have beige carpeting in the living room right now (yuck) and it always gets dirty….I can’t imagine having white rug + kids.

  124. It is so fun! I love that it feels so boy and comfortable at the same time!

    We used the pool noodle when we converted our crib to a toddler bed. We tried to use the noodles when we went to a bunk bed and our youngest was now in a twin and it did not work. He fell out many times.(luckily it was more of a sleeping slow slide, so he was never hurt) The trick is having a REALLY tight sheet so the noodles do not slide around or down the edge of the mattress. Crib sheets are extra tight, but sometimes regular sheets can be baggy. I would put the noodles under the mattress pad so that they stay put. Good luck!

  125. What a delightful boys room. I have a son Toby’s aga and he still sleeps in his crib and I feel like we need to man up too! I like the pool noodle idea and the blue star bedding is amazing!

  126. abbie, yes, actually! but it’s worth it. i just pick up all the fluff every couple days :)

  127. Your new apartment is so light and bright. What a find in Manhattan, as I feel like every place I lived in was a cave. So much nicer for your little ones.

    Misadventures in Motherhood

  128. thanks for this advice!!! so great to hear. maybe we’ll just start tonight. i’m nervous but i’m probably just being a wuss. hopefully it will all go smoothly and i’ll wonder why we waited so long:)

  129. Beautiful room! About bedtime: just do it. Get Anton used to sleeping thru low voices in the room. You’ll be soooo glad of it later. He’ll learn now! Then you can read books in the lamp light. Anton is programed to go with his family’s flow, so it will work! Just bite the bullet and you will be good to go in no time.

  130. Love it!!

  131. Is it sad that I was giddy this morning anticipating this post?!!! I love this. Seriously, a dream come true. How amazing it has all turned out! I am really happy for you and your family! :)

  132. So bright and warm. She did such a beautiful job on the boys room…I am sure they both will love it.

  133. WOW! Looks great, I especially love the framed soldiers, they are playful but clean and spacious with all that white background. Good luck with the bedtime!

  134. so cozy and beautifully decorated. I especially love the artwork above the bed!

  135. It looks lovely. I had 4 kids sleeping in a big attic- I moved my baby up when she started sleeping through the night. I put my bigger kids to bed first (usually) and put the baby down when they were sleeping. I worked great! My kids still love sleeping together even when they don’t have to.

  136. Looks so nice. Comfortable, boyish without being over-the-top gender-ed. Very nice.
    Love the airplane, though my first thought was that if that were in my son’s room, it would get ripped out of the ceiling the minute he could reach it! lol!
    And, one word of warning about the super comfy rug…. once Toby gets old enough to play with legos, get a new rug! Flokati and legos are a recipe for disaster. You will forever be vacuuming up lost/hidden pieces and they are incredibly painful to step on! :)
    As for bedtime… wait until they go to bed at the same time. That’s what I would do. :) But, then again, I am SUCH a wimp about baby sleep.

  137. So lovely! excited to see the rest of your digs! congrats on the lovely new space

  138. Does the rug shed? Those rugs look so welcoming and comfortable, but I know some varieties them leave little hairs EVERYWHERE :( What an amazing job you and the designer did. Everything looks incredible!!!

  139. looks lovely! excited to see the rest of the house!