Home Makeover: Our Living and Dining Room

Thank you so much for all your sweet notes about our home makeover! I’m really excited to share the final photos. As I’ve mentioned before, we were lucky enough to work with the fantastic Emily Henderson. Here are the before and afters of our living room, if you’d like to see…
Here are the photos of the empty apartment, when we moved in. (You can see the floor plan here, if you’d like.) The living room is nice and bright, and the kitchen and dining nook are off to the right.
Here’s the dining nook after Emily worked her magic!! It’s actually the first time we’ve had a dining room table (our old apartment didn’t have room, so we’d just eat at the coffee table) and it’s amazing and life-changing to have a place for family dinners and pancake breakfasts.
Alex LOVES the Clash, and he’s had this poster for a thousand years. To his great delight, Emily thought it was cool and hung it front and center! I also like fairy lights, so we strung some up instead of using lamps.
We’re psyched that the chairs are family-friendly—if a certain three-year-old spills spaghetti sauce (check) or wipe peanut-buttery hands on them (check), they just clean right off. :)
And Anton has his little Stokke high chair so he can join in, too.
FURNITURE: Oak dining table from Design Within Reach (now sold out), dining chairs from Design Within Reach, high chair from Stokke, side table from Canvas, blocks from Land of Nod. ACCESSORIES AND LIGHTING: String lights from One Forty Three, vintage candle holders from Monki Vintage etsy shop, white scallop vase from DwellStudio, mug from Canvas, small plant pot from NYC flower district (similar), rug from Design Within Reach.
Between the living and dining areas, this yellow console—which was the TV stand in our old apartment—now holds a bunch of trucks, planes, crayons and instruments. We also have bins scattered around the apartment for the boys’ toys, including this one from West Elm. It’s funny how even when you have a bigger bedroom where your kids can play, they still want to be in the main room where all the action is! It’s so sweet.
During one of our first phone calls, Emily asked what vibe we wanted our place to have, and I explained that our top priority was for things to feel comfortable—like a soft rug for playing with toys, and cozy chairs for watching movies and chatting with friends. And she totally gave us that—the sofa is comfy enough for naps, the chairs are super soft and ergonomic, and walking on the rug feels like a foot massage.
Here’s the room from the other direction. Emily had the great idea to install our own bookcase from the Container Store. The cool thing is, you can choose how far to space out the shelves if you want to leave room for photographs or a lamp, like Emily did here.
During this makeover, one of our goals was to get rid of our ratty old furniture and start fresh with some upgraded pieces we could cherish for the rest of our lives. So we figured we’d give away our shabby old glider, which is peppered with milk stains and crayon marks after three years of daily (and nightly) use. “Aw, I nursed both my babies in that chair,” I told Emily wistfully. “It means so much to me.” After sweetly listening to me absentmindedly wax on fifty times about how much I loved it, she ended up insisting that we work it into the room. We just love that chair so much! I have a suspicion that in a few decades, it will still be my favorite chair, like Marty Crane’s old armchair in Frasier.
Here’s the TV and art wall, which was really fun to put together. Although they’re not family photos, the prints feel so personal—from the Beatles and Rolling Stones photos that Alex adores to the car drawing that makes me think of my dad and brother’s car obsessions to the New York prints since we’ve now lived here for more than a decade. Here are all the prints: Deer bed photograph by Katherine Wolkoff (here’s the story behind it), Beatles photo from Sonic Editions, Rolling Stones photo from Sonic Editions, New York buildings by My Guide To, flower photo by Keri Herer, triangle print by Nan Lawson, car print by Hugo Guiness, indigo watercolor by Renee Ann, green-and-pink abstract painting from Leif, pink-and-purple abstract painting from DwellStudio, building collage was a gift from Danielle Krysa.
And here are the other credits, if you’re interested… FURNITURE: Sofa, coffee table, white chair and white side table from Design Within Reach, walnut TV cabinet from Room & Board, leather chair from DwellStudio, white side table from West Elm, wood and brass side table from West Elm, vintage Franco Albini rattan ottoman from Gallivanting Girls etsy shop, glider from Crate & Barrel. ACCESSORIES AND LIGHTING: Solid rug from ABC Home, colorful vintage rug from Fossik, branch floor lamp from Canvas, window treatments by Decorview, vintage Egyptian pillow from Loopy Mango, wooden desk lamp from Anthropologie, flying car photo by Matthew Porter, vintage copper bookends on bookshelf from Monki Vintage etsy shop, vintage gold lamp on bookshelf from Gallivanting Girls etsy shop, brass ball from Me & She etsy shop, geometric pillow from ABC Home, navy linen pillow from Canvas, white pillow from Canvas, pink stripe pillow from Anthropologie.
Thank you so much, Emily!!! It’s now such a beautiful place to come home every day. Looking forward to sharing the nursery tomorrow and the master bedroom on Thursday…Thank you so much for reading! xoxo

(Photos by the wonderful Ryan Liebe for Cup of Jo. Thanks to Emily’s senior designer Samantha Gluck and two awesome interns, Will and Alex. And huge thanks to Design Within Reach for partnering with us and helping with some of the furniture)

  1. It looks great!! I love the mustard dresser for games. But it doesn’t look like/feel like small children live there. Is there anything you would do different?

  2. Wow, what a beautiful space. Love how comfortable and relaxed it feels yet so modern as well.

  3. Wow, what a beautiful space. Love how comfortable and relaxed it feels yet so modern as well.

  4. jm says...

    I love your whole vibe! Such a gorgeous place you have created.

  5. PLEASE tell me what PLANT that is next to the TV console???
    I LOVE IT.
    And I’m desperately looking for an alternative to the ubiquitous fiddle leaf fig!

  6. This place looks so smart AND normal!!! This is inspiration for the rest of us.

  7. Its really stunning Joanna! I bet you will have a better winter experience with all the light and color. A nice home to work out of and raise your littles is gonna be wonderful. ^_^

  8. Everything is lovely but please tell me that this is not a real skin of a cow; this would break my heart. I do not understand why people ever find dead bits of animals attractive and suitable in the house. Please be kinder, lovely ladies. I know you can do it.

  9. Love the easy carefree style and kid-friendly pieces!

    I am wondering what the budget was and if certain pieces were free or discounted? This makeover seems a lot more ‘expensive’ than the lovely makeovers from your old flat with the cool designer from Little Green Notebook.

    Just wondering (as other commenters seem to be) about the nitty gritty details of designing from scratch.

    Love the blog!

  10. What a fabulous update! It’s entirely possible that I’d admire your home without the interior re-design but this feels so fresh and comfortable for a growing family. Enjoy! xo

  11. Looks so amazing!! I love the style you went with and I literally gasped at your gallery wall! Great job, can’t wait to see the rest!! xo

  12. I have to admit from the moment you announced Emily was doing your space I was anxious with anticipation. I couldn’t wait to sit down at my computer to see the reveal! After chasing my now walking 11 month year old around all day reading this post is what I chose to do with my 10 min of free time before bed. Enjoy your new space!

  13. It looks so GREAT!! And, how fun to be able to ride a tricycle around!! Superb!

  14. Such a great space! You are one lucky lady.

  15. Well done! As my mother-in-law always says on such occasions: “May you enjoy it in good health!”

    Letting the glider chair go would have broken your hearts, so hats off to Emily for insisting that you keep it. She’s a wise woman.

    My eye was immediately drawn to the deer bed photo, and when I read that it was taken on Block Island, my heart soared. My husband and I have been going to BI every summer since the year we met, 25 years ago. Now I know what I will be getting him as a gift for our next anniversary. Thanks for that!

  16. perfection! so bright and airy and comfy.

  17. you are officially living in an Anthropologie catalog. amaaaazing!

  18. The space is beautiful, no doubt, but I was definitely disappointed in the makeover in so far as it is completely unattainable. That Wegner shell chair alone is like 3 or 4k. I guess I was assuming it would be like Jenny’s makeover with some well thought out investment pieces, and a lot of affordable style and creativity. While this is both stylish and creative, I’m tempted to go add it all up and post the real price tag… Every piece in this room (except maybe the west elm side table) would be a huge splurge.

    No hate here at all. Love Jo, love Emily, and love the room, however, this was not at all the kind of budget I was expecting to see from this collaboration.

  19. The apartment looks beautiful Joanna! At the same time I feel disturbed and saddened by the animal skin in the dining room… it’s unnecessary and perpetuates this ugly trend. You’ll probably delete this comment but I’m going to post it anyway because I know you can do better!!!

  20. Love love love your new home! It looks so beautiful and cozy.

  21. Don’t usually comment, but read all the time. Feel comments re Jo’s blog being “different” recently are ridiculous. As a new mum with a toddler itit’s any wonder Joanna can blog at all!

    While points about sponsorship are valid, I hardly think they’re relevant for this blog which clearly just showcases Jo’s taste and Emily’s talent. No one is forcing readers to buy and Joanna’s transparency is evident in her links to the furniture and other items. If someone put their foot in the fire, we’d certainly not do the same ourselves!

    Kudos, Jo. Hope things are brightening up on the baby front and really love your apartment. This, from a struggling student who lives at home with her parents – at 28! ;-)

  22. It IS a beautiful space.

    But it IS important to consider what Jennifer B. stated above. One of the most important guidelines laid down by the FTC is that bloggers should disclose endorsements, sponsorships, and other payments. (see this well-done explanation for details:

    I’m not a lawyer so I can’t say for certain how these guidelines impact this particular post. But I would urge my fellow readers (who do truly love following Jo’s curated content) to carefully consider the importance of critically thinking about the media we consume. It’s easy to be enthralled by glamour. It is easy and rather addicting to mindlessly peruse crafted image after crafted image.

    Liken my points to the ‘real women’ campaign against photo shopped body images. If we don’t critically analyze the content we see, we’re becoming mindless consumers instead of conscious consumers. This may seem overly critical for a home makeover post, but when you think about how the financial collapse of our country was partially propagated by consumers buying homes they couldn’t afford in order to achieve lifestyles like this–it seems a lot more important to consider.


  23. It feels and looks like home (:

    P.S. I am enamoured with the tv art wall. Thanks so much for introducing me to such great Etsy artists and art sites. I especially like that a Canadian is in the bunch!

  24. Beautiful! Love it! How did you hang the pictures on the wall? Did you drill it for each one or used some other technique?

  25. I love the transformation and best of all how comfortable it all looks!

  26. wow. im kind of really jealous! but super happy for you! its amazing. exactly what i would want!

  27. Gorgeous! I love the muted tones with subtle pops of color. Emily elegantly executed the cozy mid-centry modern look!

  28. Looks fantastic! SOURCE QUESTION: the large gold frame that holds the photo in the container store bookshelf area….? Is it custom or somewhere you could share? Thanks!

  29. Everything looks so bright and beautiful! I am specially in love with the TV and art wall.

  30. I love it! Emily did a fantastic job. The bookshelf, so perfect.

  31. I have been waiting to see this! Jo, I am so happy for you, it looks amazing! I recognize the Stokke chair from a family I stayed with in Italy. Glad to know where I can get them now. xo

  32. Thanks for sharing your beautiful space, Joanna. For readers who are expressing disappointment at the cost of some items, I hope you bear in mind that this blog’s theme isn’t DIY or home decor on a budget, it’s a woman sharing her life and lifestyle, which is an ongoing evolution. There are many ways to be inspired by the decor and take ideas from it even if the items are out of range for some people (including me). Joanna has no responsibility to furnish her home with only items that will feel affordable to everyone who reads her blog–this is her home. If the project was sponsored, good for Joanna and her creative talent for writing a blog so popular it attracts such great sponsors. I’m not sure that’s necessarily our business–the blog is free to read, if you don’t want to buy anything it’s linked to, don’t. As a fellow writer, I think she should be applauded for creating such a successful writing career in an ever-changing online world.

  33. Oh my gosh, it looks so amazing! :) I love the clean lines, however, it’s TOTALLY cozy and comfortable….and colorful. :)

  34. Wow – looks fabulous!

  35. I love it!! So many great ideas to incorporate — like the twinkle lights instead of a lamp. LOVE!
    My only question is, when you put the sofa right up against the shelves, it looks like you’re blocking some of them. Is that really the case, and if so, how practical is that? Do you just use those shelves for things you don’t need access to? I’ve wondered this a couple times when we’ve lived in houses with built-ins. I LOVED them, don’t get me wrong, but I felt like they limited my decorating options because I wouldn’t put other furniture in front of them. Anyway, since I’m not a decorating genius, I’d love to hear thoughts on this. Thanks in advance!

  36. Gotta join the vocal minority here, Jo — was this post sponsored? Or did DWR give you the items? It just kind of flattens the whole effect for me, especially since this is one of the more major posts you’ve done in a while. I agree with one of the above posters that everything seems really sponser-y lately.

    I love your blog, Joanna. And I’ll never stop reading. But I feel like something’s been different lately.

  37. looks so pretty <3

  38. Great Redo! It makes me wanna rearrange my furniture and change the decoration. So inspiring, as usual!

  39. @MollColl, I’m not a hater!

    I’m very happy that Jo has such a nice house. I would just appreciate knowing whether this is a sponsored post or not. Transparency in blogging is so important. I know Jo wants to retain her credibility and not have us all doubting which products/services she truly is sharing just for our benefit, vs which she’s helping to sell.

  40. Such a great mix of fun, comfort and understated elegance. By the way, don’t let the (very few) haters get you down, Jo. You are doing a great job.

  41. It looks great! Like a home! A really cool, stylish, New York home!

  42. Lovely! But wowsers – $5,000 for a couch? Does it also fly you to Australia – and back?

  43. It’s lovely Joanna! I really like the colorful rug and the sentimental chair…
    You must feel so inspired working in such a lovely space.

  44. What an incredible transformation! I am pinning like a crazy person over here!! ;) I would love to know the style name/designer of those dining chairs? I can’t seem to find them on the website… Stunning! X

  45. I have been so excited to see how this turned out!!! I have been reading both Emily’s blog and Cup of Jo for so long that I was thrilled to see those two worlds collide! Everything turned out so lovely! Thanks for sharing your world with us!

  46. More info on the branch lamp; there’s no info on the Canvas site. Thank you.

  47. Can you please give out more info on the branch lamp? Thank you

  48. Wow! You must be in love with your new digs. Great, fresh design that really makes you want to keep looking all over the apartment. Did you do the bedrooms? The leather chair from Dwell Studios is my favorite piece in the living room. Enjoy your new space!

  49. I love that deer bed photo as well but cannot figure out how to purchase it! Is there a better link that enables it to be bought?

  50. Looks great! Would love to know about your plants … fiddle leaf ficus?

  51. It looks SO good and SO cozy!! Congrats on it all. Really hip and cool for a family of 4.

  52. Thank you for sharing, so nice to see the transformation. And the view from the windows looks very NY-ish. Caroline

  53. Everything looks beautiful! Emily Henderson, I love your styling! Enjoy your new space Joanna.

  54. Beautiful! This is so inspiring, I’ll be frantically decorating my own tiny New York apartment very soon!

  55. So beautiful and cozy! This is inspiring, I’ll be frantically decorating a tiny New York apartment of my own very soon!

  56. Agree with PP – it is absolutely lovely and I LOVE the dining room but was disappointed when I saw all the furniture for it was from DWR (which we ordinary folks don’t really find “within reach”)…

  57. The decor is gorgeous! But I’ve gotta say, I’m mainly jealous of those windows! Oh to have those windows in New York. This is inspiring not just through the interior design, but inspiring me to work hard some I can some day have a place with windows like that!

  58. Hi Jo, lovely redo! But it would be great if you could be transparent about whether this was sponsored, or whether you paid for all of this furniture yourself. This is a LOT of expensive furniture, and while it’s very aspirational, most normal people wouldn’t be able to drop tens upon tens of thousands of dollars on furniture all in one go, so there’s not really a lot we ordinary folks can take into our own lives from this, aside from “lovely redo!” It would be great to know whether this is some kind of promotion (as you can tell from a lot of the questions in these comments).

  59. Love that you kept your “nursing chair”. I, too, couldn’t bear to part with my old green chair that I nursed my two sons in. Twenty eight years later, my younger son now has it in his new house. Love your apartment and thanks for turning me on to Emily Henderson’s blog! She is great!

  60. I absolutely love how the place looks now! It’s awesome that you also worked so many sentimental pieces into it :)

  61. ooh, so many ideas to “steal” for our family room.

  62. Love the Viking candle holders, the cow skin rug, the many seating options, the…
    So cosy looking and totally captures the feeling you were after. Enjoy those pancake mornings

  63. Love it! Everything looks amazing together! Where did you find the english flag? It looks great too! :)

  64. This looks amazing– can’t wait to see more. Can I ask about the mug on your coffee table? Where is that from?

  65. Where can I find the gold frame above the couch?!

  66. Where can I find the gold frame above the couch?!

  67. Absolutely fantastic. I love how live-able it is while also feeling very artsy and unique. It looks, quite simply, like a home. I hope the whole family loves it! :)

  68. Wow, your living room looks absolutely amazing! – I adore the bookshelf and the way it’s been styled. Very inspirational – it’s given me some ideas for the small (glorified studio) one-bedroom flat my boyfriend and I have just moved into in Australia! Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to see the rest of the place.

  69. so so excited for you! i’m dying to have even one finished space in my home! it’s super stylish yet really family friendly. love love!

  70. I love the shelf. It makes me want to move everything around in my house.

  71. Your house is so warm and cozy with a 60’s vibe, do you agree? And I love the windows!!!

  72. How lucky are you?!? The whole place looks amazing and I love the choices in furniture…very modern and clean but totally lived-in. I love it and I’m jealous you have such great talented friends!

  73. Love Love Love it!!! such a warm bright loving space. Clearly lived in and comfortable while not sacrificing style. Congrats to you and Emily for a job well done!

  74. WAUW! Congratulations with your new, fabulous room. I love the idea of putting two rugs over each other and it always surprises me how Emily can make a room feel so positive, light and colorful. It looks super nice, you and your family will definitely have a great time there. Enjoy!

  75. Omg!! I love it! It looks bright and modern. It suits you!

    We also have the Stokke chair with the Tripp Trapp Baby Set, and we use it a lot! It’s the one baby thing I love the most, and that has been the most practical. Scandinavian functionality! and having a dinner table is essential! My husband, my son and I eat dinner together everyday and it’s my favorite time of the day. Enjoy your new apartment!

  76. Wow, just wow. Emily is such a talent–the world needs more of Emily to rid the planet of ugly once and for all.

    Can’t wait to see more!

  77. Emily does it again! She is such an amazing designer and just gets people. Great place for your adorable boys to grow up :)

  78. Looks beautiful! I’m more than familiar with the challenges of working within a small NYC apartment space, so I am especially in awe of how great and spacious this looks. Congrats! :)

  79. Beautiful, beautiful home! The comfort and style is a reflection of your family. :)

  80. So incredibly envious of your apartment. It looks fantastic and I love every detail and touch! Job well done to your designer.

  81. Oh, it looks so good! I love how fresh and inviting the design is. The dear bed print is stunning and looks so beautiful with all the other images. Emily and her team did such a nice job :)

  82. Wow, I am so impressed! This is beyond what I thought could be done, you are both truly talented. I also love all the little personal touches, without crowding any of the rooms. Great job!

  83. That Branch Floor Lamp! Is that one of a kind? I couldn’t find it on Canvas’ website.

  84. Love all the DWR selections…always my dream store, and also Room and Board…nice selections. Was this sponsored, or just ended up that way? Great taste.

  85. Joanna, your home looks so lovely!
    Whenever I picture a family home this is exactly what comes to mind.

    The fairy lights and the windows are incredible. You must be over the moon!

    { Teffys Perks Blog } X

  86. Such a great space with great pieces, child friendly ones too. Love all the frames on the wall! Inspiring!

  87. I’m so in love with the yellow console! kisses from Spain!

  88. Truly, magnificently beautiful! What an amazing, homey space you’ve created!

  89. Your place looks fabulous!! Kuddos to Emily for her design talent and eye. I am sure you, Toby and the boys will love the new space. Cheers to you and the design brilliance that is Emily Hendersen!

  90. Love it all to bits! What a great apartment you have…I would adore to spend a few months in a place like that!
    Greetings from very cold England….

  91. Looks great! But as two writers, how on earth can you afford to furnish your house with all these expensive items?! It’s not my business, but… it must be nice!

  92. Love it all to bits! What a great apartment you have…I would adore to spend a few months in a place like that!
    Greetings from very cold England….

  93. Great job!!! Everything looks awesome!

  94. Your home looks incredible!!! I love it!!

  95. Wow! Of course looks perfect. One lamp alone costs $400…

  96. I LOVE this!!! Amazing job!

  97. so great, joanna and emily. i love it!!

  98. GAH I’m so jealous of those floor to ceiling windows. UGH I NEED MORE NATURAL LIGHT IN MY APT! I also need a bigger apt but for now I’ll take more windows *sigh*

    Anyway your spaces look amazing!!


  99. As a renter it can be hard to move into a new space and really make it your own, but this has such great personality. Very inspirational!

  100. Love it.

    A lamp in the bookcase? Brilliant!

  101. i love the shelf option, we’ve been looking for something similar and your designer chose such a great way to showcase the books and art and pix.

    thx for sharing.

  102. Joanna, it’s so gorgeous!! Beautifully styled, but so cozy and lived in at the same time. Just perfect! What I wouldn’t give to have Emily do our SF apt…

    I have to ask — will you cover the dining room rug when the boys eat? I’d be so nervous to spill on it!

  103. Gorgeous space! Love the family feel to the whole place.

  104. I think it looks great – very homey! I gotta admit….I would have never pegged this as a designed space though (and I love Emily Henderson!), but maybe that’s the point?

  105. Looks so great – love Emily!

  106. C says...

    love it!

  107. C says...

    love it!

  108. you are one lucky duck getting to live in both a jenny komenda AND emily henderson styled homes?! basically my two favorite design inspirations ever. wonderful!

  109. Oh my gosh! AMAZING. I’ve been reading your blog for years and admire your taste so much, and adore Emily Henderson’s work so I was super pumped to see this, and now I keep slapping my forehead wishing I had done some of the same things at our new place! I ended up compromising on comfort with our living room rug and getting a semi-scratchy wool rug from West Elm…not ideal with a toddler and another baby on the way. Your living room rug combo is absolute perfection. I wish I could move in (haha!) Seriously- well done ladies!

  110. I love all the shelving! Looks very Scandinavian :) Just lovely. Enjoy!

  111. How beautiful! I love that it’s still so personal to you guys. It it decorated so well it could be in a magazine, yet it looks comfy, not uptight. What a great place! Thanks for sharing.

  112. Ooh!! C’est chouette!! Très newyorkais!

  113. Really beautiful! So bright and comfortable! I have to admit that those bracketed shelves make me cringe a bit, but A-MAZING overall.

  114. AMAZING!!! So fresh, clean and bright!

    Please let me know the name of the white paint you used on the walls.

  115. AMAZING!!! So fresh, clean and bright!

    Please let me know the name of the white paint you used on the walls.

  116. Oh my gosh- looks amazing- so light and airy!a happy space.

  117. What are the names of houseplants? I especially love the two on either side of the yellow console.

  118. Love everything about it! Been wanting shelves like that forever! Beautiful, clean and very New York family!

  119. Wow, it looks fantastic. She did an amazing job picking out pieces that reflect your personality and personal taste. Enjoy!

  120. Colorful, cozy, creative, & FUN! Hope you enjoy your new abode!

  121. i’ve been looking forward to this reveal! looks amazing. emily works all kinds of magic and always creates spaces full of love instead of just looking “designed”. such a fine balance! enjoy your beautiful new space, it is filling me with inspiration for our new house we are moving into in a month.

  122. i’ve been looking forward to this reveal! looks amazing. emily works all kinds of magic and always creates spaces full of love instead of just looking “designed”. such a fine balance! enjoy your beautiful new space, it is filling me with inspiration for our new house we are moving into in a month.

  123. I have loved you both so to see you together is fab! Great makeover so far! I’ve always loved that deer bed print (wish it was affordable!) and that gallery wall around the tv is my favorite. I have been wanting to do something similar and this is getting my ideas started! Can’t wait to see more! xx

  124. It’s beautiful!

  125. AMAZING!!!! What a dream! You guys are so lucky! I wish I had the funds to purchase ALL NEW furniture. How long did you guys save up if you don’t mind me asking?

    So fantastic!

  126. So so incredible!!!! And you got the deer bed photo and that amazing rug. Whoah! Looks awesome. xo

  127. Looks so cool & comfy! I love the bookshelf. What a great idea!

  128. wow, everything is so perfect!

  129. I am in the middle of renovating/decorating my home too, so I was SO excited to see what yours looked like. I know you have amazing taste and Emily is one of my fav designers so I knew it would be gorgeous. I simply love it! So family friendly, but you could totally have great adult parties there. So classic, chic and cozy.

  130. The window coverings are ridiculously awesome, too—they’re MOTORIZED!!!! i’m going to do a separate post about them, i think :)

  131. Wow, did DWR sponsor this makeover? That is my dream sofa. Great work, Emily.

  132. It looks great, very nice color combination. It seems so confortable. I love the light string!

  133. Looks beautiful! What are the window coverings – I love the white, they make a huge difference in the feel of the room. So cozy!

  134. It looks great, very nice color combination. It seems so confortable. I love the light string!

  135. Wow this looks like you’ve lived here forever. You ladies did an amazing job. Can’t wait for tomorrow ;)

  136. Looks amazing! Such a wonderful place to come home to every day. Enjoy!