Home Makeover: Master Bedroom

Thanks for your comments on our apartment makeover this week! It has been really fun to share photos with you. Emily also helped us style the master bedroom, and here are the before and after pictures…

Here’s the before photo when we moved in…

And here are the after shots! For our bedroom, we kept most of the pieces we already had—our bed, nightstands, desk, rugs, etc. that Jenny had helped find and make for our previous apartment. But Emily styled it up to fit our new place. (One especially awesome addition is the buffalo from the Animal Print Shop. He’s so regal and I love how he watches over the room.)
Some glamour shots of the pillows:) It feels like a hotel bed!
One happy accident: We discovered the greatest sheets from Bed Bath and Beyond. We were hoping for a pair of basic white sheets to fit with the new decor, so Emily’s team went to the closest store to grab a set. And the random sheets they chose turned out to be RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME. They feel absolutely unbelievably silky soft, like you’re sleeping on a puffy cloud. Honestly, I’ve always wondered how to make a bed truly comfortable because I’m not a great sleeper—and these sheets are it. No joke.
Our master bedroom is where a) Anton currently sleeps (his travel crib is hidden in these shots:), b) Alex and I sleep, c) and I often work. Needless to say, we spend a lot of time here. Emily asked us what vibe we wanted for the bedroom’s styling—quiet and serene? dark and sexy?—and our top adjective was cheerful. We love having a happy, cozy and relaxed place to hang out, especially during the dark NYC winters.
And Emily did just that:) See the complete apartment makeover here, if you’d like. Thank you so much, Emily! And thanks to everyone for reading.

P.S. Not pictured are family photos and a black dresser across from the bed, like we had in our previous apartment—we ran out of time during the photo shoot before Anton had to nap again:)

BED: DIY headboard made by our friend (and interior designer) Jenny Komenda—tutorial here, vintage bedside tables from our old apartment (similar), reading lamps on the wall from One Forty Three, buffalo photograph from Animal Print Shop, long Josef Frank pillow from our old apartment (we bought the fabric and Jenny had it sewn), pink euro shams from ABC and blue floral pillow cases from DwellStudio. DESK: Vintage campaign-style desk from our old apartment (similar), vintage striped rugs from our old apartment, circle lamp from Serena & Lily, acrylic tray from Katy Skelton, large vase from West Elm. Window treatments from Decorview.

(Photos by the wonderful Ryan Liebe for Cup of Jo. Also huge thanks to Emily’s senior designer Samantha Gluck and two awesome interns, Will and Alex)

  1. I love all of your decorations and ideas!! You do such a great job! I did my room really similar to your master bedroom and I love it!! Thank you for all the awesome ideas!

  2. The home is very beautiful… the prints on the pillow covers in the second image are very unique and beautiful.

  3. Very Nice and beautiful house.. Loved it.. That study table is very beautiful and uniquely designed.

  4. Wow!!
    Such nice used color combination and pretty design.. thanks a lot for this…

  5. I love what you did with the room. My entire bedding is also from Bed Bath and Beyond and I love it! This inspires me to do something different with my room as well. Thanks for the ideas!

  6. such a very interesting article. can’t wait for more.

  7. Hi,
    Just curious — I love the long lumbar pillow. Where did you find the fabric?

    Thanks! Jani

  8. Beautiful photos Joanna. Those pillows look great!

  9. It looked so dark before you decorated with all these cozy stuff. All the sparkling comes from the color of the sheets. Actually it is pretty good idea to post a photo “before” and “after”. People can see the difference. Best regards!

  10. This bed looks incredibly comfy! And not only that but it is so stylish! I need to have a professional designer come in and decorate my bed and room to look something like this! Thanks for sharing.

  11. I love the gorgeous for bold prints of the feature pillows. They would be lovely with just the right set of Egyptian cotton bed sheets. I do adore the styling of this room.

  12. Hello,

    What size is the photo behind your bed?
    I love the room. it’s amazing.


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  14. I love the bedroom furniture you have! I especially love that little desk you’ve got. It looks so cute and fits the style very well. We’re redoing our bedroom next month. Maybe I can find a little desk like that for my own room.
    Shelly Slader |

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  18. Wow its so pretty!!!!
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  19. I love your new home. Have come back to this post a few times to look at the sheets. How are they holding up? The reviews at BBB are not great so wondering what you think after a few washings??

  20. Love it! Those Pillows are amazing!

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  24. Hi Joanna!
    I love what you did with the room. My entire bedding is also from Bed Bath and Beyond and I love it! This inspires me to do something different with my room as well. Thanks for the ideas!

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  26. The little deer figure on the desk is just killing me. SO sweet.

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  28. so pretty. I love your work station. a desk by a long window like that is like a dream working spot for me. also the lamp.. so chic.

    congrats Joanna ! wonderful makeover.

  29. wow, your bedroom is absolutely amazing!
    xo, cheyenne

  30. Joanna, this makeover was so fun to drool over. Incredible! I’m a HUGE fan of Emily, and she did a gorgeous job with your home. Enjoy!

  31. We received the Wamsutta Dream Zone sheets for our wedding and they are absolutely the softest sheets around. If the regular Wamsutta set is as good as you say, that’s amazing, since the Dream Zone sets are a bit on the pricier side.

  32. Looks amazing Joanna! I love how homey and bright it is. The whole apartment looks wonderful…so happy for you :) xx

  33. oh yes, anne patrick, i know you can buy sheets there since i’ve bought most of my sheets there in my life. it’s just a surprising place to find the BEST sheets. i would have expected them to have basic sheets but not maybe the greatest sheets we’ve ever had :)

  34. Joanna, your home is beautiful and I love your blog. BBB is actually not a strange place to purchase sheets (as the name indicates “bed). Granted, I don’t have interns buying my bed sheets, but come on.

  35. erica, yes! we love the oeuf elephant crib. it’s adorable and super sturdy and well made. i’d highly recommend it!

  36. K says...

    The thing with Emily’s design aesthetic is, she makes it look so simple that you are convinced that one can emulate it easily and then you try and reality hits you..simplest of designs need brilliance par excellence…Love the house Joanna.

  37. dyyyyyyyying over the reading lamps!

  38. oh yes, i noticed the reviews of the sheets on the BB&B site….so weird because the sheets are so, so soft and amazing. anyway, maybe go feel them in the store if you’re interested? we really are blown away and we’ve tried so many different kinds!

  39. thanks for these sweet notes! i think the buffalo is 24×30? and sophie, we put our clothes in the closets and both bedrooms have a dresser (the one in the master bedroom doesn’t appear in the photos, but it’s at the foot of the bed—it’s the black dresser we had in our old bedroom).

  40. Beautiful! I would love spending my time in that room. What size is the buffalo picture? I love how it looks above the bed!

  41. thanks for the sheet tip! i could just dream away in your pretty place. so much light and interesting detail.
    happy homemaking :)

  42. Very charming .. it’s cozy and still updated urban at the same time … and the wall color is fantastic … congrats, I too would want to stay there for a while. And that Toby is a trip, for sure.

    Thanks for taking us on your journey.

    Karen in VA

  43. This comment is for all posts on your new home. Absolutely gorgeous!

  44. But: Where do you put all of your and your boys’ clothes?

  45. Not to be nosy, but how much did this cost? I’d love to have someone with a good eye decorate and style my place, because I’m so lazy, but I’d always assumed that it was fantastically expensive!

  46. This is so nice – I have enjoyed every part of the home makeover so much! Please do more posts on interior! :)

  47. I’m so in love with that print – what a great addition to the room!

  48. as always – thank you for sharing!

  49. She did such a wonderful job on your entire apartment, very cozy and great sense of character, love it!

  50. What an amazing space! I love all the windows and bright light. It really makes it so cheerful! Did you repaint or was that the existing white on the walls? I’d love to know the colour name.

  51. I love the big buffalo – and everything else!

  52. jm says...

    Yes, so cheerful and upbeat. I love your apartment and what you have done with it. It is all so gorgeous.

  53. Joanna,
    I know I’m a day late with this question, but after seeing Anton’s Elephant crib, I immediately went to Oeuf’s site to check it out more. I’m 17 weeks pregs and am keeping my eye out for cribs I like. I am totally in love with the Elephant crib! My question is…are you happy with it so far? It looked ridiculously easy to put together, so just wanted to make sure the quality was nice and sturdy.
    Thanks! (I have loved your makeover posts!)

  54. Is the desk chair the same DWR chair you have in your dining room? Love the acrylic tray, and I dream of someday owning the Serena & Lily desk lamp – beautiful.

  55. Gorgeous room.

  56. Your room looks beautiful! And you’re reminding me, more pillows on my bed would be an easy way to redecorate and make my room look cozier.

  57. i love how everything fits together so perfectly. it’s bright, and cheery but also nice and cozy! perfecto!

    xo jenna
    sweet grace

  58. Oh, dang! It’s beautiful. I’m envious, this is just how I envisage my room to look like one day! Fantasic, lovely lovely apartment

  59. Hi Joanna! I love the pillows on your bed. That long bright one against the white comforter especially. The perfect amount of color pop! The whole place turned out so nicely and homey. Well done team Emily! :)

  60. I adore how cheerful this room looks! The mis-matchy pillows are wonderful, and I am in love with that desk, especially there in the window. What a beautiful apartment!


  61. Congratulations on your beautiful new apartment and thank you for sharing it :)
    The lounge, dining room nook and tv wall are my favourite, and it makes me smile to think of the nearby sail boats -it makes it feel like you’re living in a holiday town! Well done on finding such a great apartment and making it BEAUTIFUL. Love from South Africa x

  62. Love Love Love…I think I said that before, but the whole apartment turned out perfectly…must be such a joy to live in. Thanks for sharing.

  63. looks very cozy and stylish I love it!

  64. I love the single large pillow that you had custom fitted with the Josef Frank fabric. Aside from it looking great, do you actually find it a useful piece to have on your bed? ie do you use it for reading? Or in reality is it just a bulky thing that gets thrown on the floor every night?

  65. LOVE IT! I have to ask, do you sleep on those pillows or are they just for show? Ive wanted to recreate a look similar but Im not sure how functional it is :)
    Thank you for sharing- the whole apartment looks wonderful!

  66. The buffalo’s nice but I really loved that photo you had over your bed in your old apt :) !

  67. J says...

    Love it! Thank you for sharing. I checked out the link for the sheets and hope they turn out as nicely as they feel right now… the reviews are terrible! Not trying to be rude, just giving you a heads up. If they for some reason don’t work out, my staples are Pottery Barn’s 300 thread count egyptian cotton sheets. They only come in white and ivory but are so comfortable and last for years with weekly washes:)

  68. I’m so glad you didn’t get rid of everything, and used what you had and already loved. The apartment looks beautiful – live in it in good health and happiness : )

  69. Love it! What a great place you have now. It makes me wanna revamp my place too.

  70. Looks so awesome!

  71. I love how the desk is set up against those angled floor-to-ceiling windows… I imagine it will be good for your writing to periodically gaze up and out into the city :) How dreamy!

  72. What is the name of the sheets from BB&B? I am always in search for good sheets

  73. I love how you were able to mix and match all of the colors and designs. Somehow, I always seem to get stuck in a matchy matchy rut when I try to decorate.

  74. Love it all! Is the comforter from BB &B as well? I love the simplicity yet plushness of it.

  75. I couldn’t see from the pics if you ended up installing any window treatments? I only ask because I have similar windows in my apartment bedroom. I love the light they provide during the day but it can sometimes be hard to sleep through the bright lights and early morning sunshine they let in during nocturnal hours. How do you guys handle that?

  76. It all looks wonderful! Am I imagining things, or did you paint the window trim? It looks black in all the before photos and seems….white or cream in the afters? All very crisp and bright!

  77. everything emily did seems to be perfect for you guys and your style. love it all. one question, where’d that gorgeous max wagner photo go??

  78. Your house is wonderful! I live in New Zealand where we have land in abundance so when I first saw the empty apartment it felt claustrophic to me. The makeover has reversed that and made it light and airy but so welcoming too – you must be so happy because it’s truly beautiful. And now I want a string of lights at my house too!

  79. You guys are killing me! How beautiful is this. I love the art work and the prints of the pillows. And of course the windows *sigh*


  80. It looks amazing! I just wanted to confirm that the link to the 400 tc Wamasutta sheets was correct. I can’t tell you how many expensive pairs of sheets we’ve bought only to have them get pilly. Hard to believe a 400tc set could be so comfortable! I hope these are the right ones though, cause that price is great!

  81. Wonderful Room! Love the wall lamp on the side of the bed and art above. Perfect :)

    cheers, beth-ann

    ps. love the comment note

  82. Lovely!

  83. Lovely bedroom and the rest of apartment. Funny, though, that the sheets get some pretty bad ratings on Bed Bath and Beyond’s site…

  84. It does look very bright and cheerful! I love it!

  85. I am off to BB&B to get those sheets! We registered for “good” (expensive) sheets for our wedding last year, only to have them fall apart and fade into ugly discolored splotches in a few months. I’ll stick with solid white from now on.

  86. Your view is amazing, wow! Loving your makeover posts, for the size of the rooms, they have been so creative…it all looks so stylish and comfortable too :)

  87. It looks fantastic! I love the wall sconce reading lights next to the bed. Also, the desk is perfect! It’s a great style and can be used for so many different things, not just work. It could also be a stylish (not fussy) looking vanity table. Thanks for sharing!

  88. Wow, it’s so lovely and I love the natural lighting! Well done :)

  89. Your bedroom is fascinating awesome but most of all i like your desk!

  90. I am SO glad you made a bed linens recommendation. Thank you. I have had such excellent service with Bed, Bath, & Beyond lately that it was actually one of my top places to go for linens. Thanks for the link. I get too overwhelmed with options sometimes so it’s nice to have something to focus on. Here’s to Wamsutta and the interns!

  91. suzanah, yes, it’s a lovely paperweight! we just used it for styling—it’s from DwellStudio. xo

  92. The house looks great! Is that a horseshoe crab paperweight on your desk? Where to purchase?

  93. Looks lovely! I know what you mean about the sheets, they make such a difference!

  94. Gorgeous! I love the different colors and patterns mixed together. These photos inspire me to tackle our bedroom this winter, thanks for sharing.

  95. I love love love those pillows! And the desk area looks so nice and bright right next to the window!

  96. Wow the BR looks awesome, quite similar to what you had. I love this whole house makeover. It’s bright, airy and stylish. Love the fact that she has personalized it to suit your taste. While i did find some of the pieces Emily used to be quite expensive this whole series is a great source of inspiration. Thank you for sharing your beautiful house with us :)

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  98. I love this desk ! I would spend hours sitting there, just writing things …

  99. your home looks absolutely lovely, joanna! congrats :)

  100. Love what you did with the room…you made it warm and cozy. A total transformation from how it looked when the room was empty…great job! RoRo’s World