Have a Lovely Weekend.

What are you up to this weekend? Our friend is throwing his annual holiday party tomorrow, so we’ll be dressing up and going out! I can’t wait to feel like a grown-up:) Next week we’ll be sharing photos of our newly decorated apartment (here are the “before” shots). Excited to see what you think. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

Google Street View goes to Venice! Employees wore 360-degree cameras while walking around and riding gondolas to capture all the secret paths and canals.

My friend Abbey told me about this awesome restaurant in New York that serves only steak, fries and salad. That’s it. When the waiter comes, you simply tell him how you like your meat.

A year of parenting. Made me laugh.

Pie chart: What’s in your suitcase?

The effortless fame of George Clooney.

Yesterday I went to hear a talk by George Lois—he was the real Don Draper—and he was hilarious and inspiring.

This weekend I’ll be rereading this brilliant book.

Philippines typhoon relief: A good list of ways to help.

The (very different) bodies of Olympic athletes.

Whoa, these pants are sexy.

The essential Thanksgiving guide.

Colorized historical photos make the past seem incredibly real.

These braids are insane!

A cute holiday video.

And, finally, I can’t stop thinking about Kate’s beautiful essay. Thank you again for all your amazing and heartfelt comments. Have a good one. xoxo

(Photo of Toby with his beloved violin)

  1. I’ve seen you mention George Lois several times and just wanted to know if you’ve heard the allegations that he lied about many of the campaigns he worked on, and while obviously a creative genius, he might not be quite the creative genius he claims to be.

  2. Thanks for the links! I’ve been thinking a lot about the stillborn baby, it made such an impact.

  3. Do you mind sharing where you found Toby’s boots? Are they redwing?

  4. Le Relais is great here. The best is that they keep part of the dish warm until you’re ready for it. They often run promotions for a free bottle of house wine ( which is good).

  5. I would like to know where to buy toby’s hat:) thank you

  6. I would like to know where to buy toby’s hat:) thank you

  7. I am a musician too and love seeing Toby with his violin! I have two sons, one is Toby’s age and the other is 15 months old. I want to recommend a book to you and all the music lovers out there. It exactly mirrors what you were saying about Toby waiting for his violin to come in the mail. Here is a link. I love this book, my husband loves it, and my boys do too!

    Love your blog!!
    Principal viola, St. Louis Symphony

  8. Thanks so much for the essay-beautiful and sad

  9. Great links, as always. I’ve always wanted to see Venice, that street view will have to do for now x

  10. I adore how Toby loves his violin! Have a happy weekend <3

  11. I know that it’s a cheap violin, but as a musician, I am shocked to see a kid handling a violin outside its case in the street…
    Have a nice WE

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  13. Your little boy is adorable! I love everything about that photo. A holiday party with adults sounds so nice… in fact, I’ll take any excuse to go out right now. I hope you have a wonderful time!

  14. Thank you for featuring a link to the typhoon relief. Every bit of donation helps. Love from the Philippines

  15. I love your Friday favorites! The history in color link was so interesting! I hope you enjoy your holiday party.

  16. Those colorized photos are incredible. I am getting a PhD in the history of photography and I love seeing those.

    Joanna, I bet you would like watching this movie about a (relatively) recently discovered street photographer in Chicago, Vivian Maier. She was born in France, nannied in Chicago for decades, and passed away in 2009 totally unknown. Now she is being re-written into the canon alongside other famous street photographers like Henri Cartier-Bresson, Garry Winogrand, etc. It’s a really touching movie with an incredible story, along with all her great images of people, and of Chicago and New York!

    It’s only a little over an hour, so not quite the time commitment of watching an entire long movie :)

  17. Can you please explain how it is possible that Toby gets cuter by the day?

    Also, as others mentioned above, I SO look forward to your Friday links. Thank you!!

    I hope that you have a lovely weekend.

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  19. K says...

    HI Joanna,
    I have been and ardent follower of your blog like crores others. I need a little help was trying to find a post you did on New York city with kids or something. cannot seem to find it. We are visiting New York in December with a baby then turning 1 year. Just wanted to know what is a good area ( down town id town, near Times square central park) to stay. SO as to cover diff areas in NYC with baby. WE have been there before many times so tourist attractions are not the charm. Will appreciate any guidance on it. Thanks

  20. Thanks so much for including links for typhoon relief for the Philippines! I hope you readers will donate what they can. Every little bit counts!

    Filipina, long-time reader

  21. Joanna, I just want to tell you that I wait all week for your Friday links! Thanks again for a smashing round up and a great daily blog!

  22. I have been thinking of the essay Kate wrote all week as well. It really moved me. It was so sad and yet so honest. Thank you for sharing Kate. I think I will remember it always.

  23. I have been thinking of the essay Kate wrote all week as well. It really moved me. It was so sad and yet so honest. Thank you for sharing Kate. I think I will remember it always.

  24. I cannot stop thinking about the essay, too.
    Since days.
    It really moved me and changed the way I think about certain things.
    Thanks for sharing it.

  25. L’Entrecôte is my favorite!! We went to the one in Paris on our honeymoon, at the recommendation of a coworker and I fell in love. When we were in NY last year I knew I had to try the only US restaurant and was thrilled it was just as delicious as the original.

  26. I can’t believe you were at the George Lois talk yesterday! I’m smacking my forehead now for staying in my cubicle and doing work instead of taking the short elevator ride down to our auditorium to hear him speak–and maybe see you! (Actually all of us in the office are obsessed with your blog, so we were all bemoaning the fact that we didn’t go to the talk!).

  27. I am so torn on reading there is a steak frites place in NYC. It takes some of the magic out of the ones in Paris. As a little girl we always went to Relais L’Entrecote but then I just took my kids a few years ago to the Relais de Venice in Paris. It was something so french. The world is almost too much the same.

  28. Whoa, there’s a real Don Draper, I just figured he was based on a bunch of people. And, get coated jeans at Old Navy – don’t pay the ShopBop price for a fad :)

  29. Whoa, there’s a real Don Draper, I just figured he was based on a bunch of people. And, get coated jeans at Old Navy – don’t pay the ShopBop price for a fad :)

  30. In lust with Toby’s little shoes!!

  31. you forgot to include a link about batkid in san francisco today! by far the best thing on the internet (and in life) right now.

  32. Always looking forward to your Friday links!!

    Have a lovely weekend…

  33. Kudos to you for going out! But a serious question: what will your babysitter do if Anton starts crying while you’re out? (Since you’re breastfeeding, I’m guessing that he’s used to being fed when he cries a lot?) Is the babysitter a family member? I am just fascinated by these logistics because I couldn’t have imagined going out when my baby was Anton’s age, but I admire it so and think I need to re-think my “style” when it comes to baby #2! Thanks for answering, Joanna.

  34. That sounds like such a cool restaurant. No menus needs! Definitely tell us your thoughts on that place soon! Enjoy your weekend :)
    the way to my Hart

  35. I love that Toby carries his violin around, my little guy (same age) does the same thing with his! It’s just too cute for words, what a fun age :)

  36. Oh man, Le Relais De Venise is SO amazing. My husband and I love the one in New York almost more than the one in Paris :)

    x Elizabeth of Thompson & Prince

  37. Ah L’entrecote in Paris is so delicious! You must go!

  38. My husband is suddenly a student again which means lots of nights at home studying. Whenever we do go out, I’m super excited to get dressed up and feel like a grownup again, too.

  39. Have a lovely weekend ;)

  40. Love Toby’s hat. Would you please share where to buy? Have a wonderful weekend!

  41. There is a Brasserie in Lisbon, Portugal that does the exact same thing as Le Relais de Venice… and it is DELICIOUS!
    I hope you and Alex can go on a date at this one in NY sometime.

  42. oh L’entrecote!! I didn’t know this was in NYC. When I lived in Montreal as a wee 23 year old this was my absolute favorite restaurant I would treat myself to for a “fancy” night out. Thanks so much for sharing and I can’t wait to check it out here!

  43. What a sweet, adorable photo of Toby. Oh my goodness!

    I keep thinking about Kate’s essay, too. I’m not a mother, but reading her essay was so moving, real, raw, powerful… There was something to transcendent about her experience–the experience of love and a devastating loss. She wrote so honestly and vulnerably. Kate, if you’re reading this: thank you for vulnerability. I hope love surrounds you and carries you through your darkest moments.

  44. I heard about the Google Venice project while interning there this summer – I’m so happy that it came to fruition!

    Lovely links as always, my dear. I definitely understand what you mean about feeling like a grownup – sometimes, an excuse to dress up and go hang out with other adults is just the reminder that you need that you’re an adult :)

    Have a lovely weekend!!
    – Amanda |