Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

Happy Thanksgiving to all the American readers! What are you up to today? We’ll be heading to our friends’ house in Brooklyn, where they have a fireplace, red wine and lots of stinky cheese. Have a wonderful day, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

The trailer for the next season of Girls. Will you be watching?

Mapping how Americans talk.

Curious to try this sleep app, which wakes you up when your body is ready.

How to sound like an art genius.

Such great Jackie Kennedy photos.

A babysitter’s adorable photo series. (Thanks, Julia)

Zach Braff photobombed this wedding couple!

Because grammar.

And, finally, three Thanksgiving tips from this great book:
* “Start serving drinks the minutes your guests arrive, no matter the hour. Thanksgiving is not a time to judge.”
* “A salad is a perfect accompaniment to many meals, a hit of astringency that can improve some dinners hugely. Not this one. You can have your salad tomorrow.”
* “Thanksgiving is a holiday that anchors itself in tradition. Which means: You should make turkey. Turkey is why you are here.”
Have a good one! xoxo

(Top photo by Vanessa Rees for Saveur)

  1. That’s one of the best snap i have come across recently…really wonderful…

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  2. I have Sleep Cycle and have recommended it to many friends. It’s totally cool! And interesting to track how well you sleep through the night.

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  4. Wow, those photos of Jackie Kennedy are really great.

  5. That article that you linked from The Atlantic was super interesting!

  6. happy thanksgiving!

  7. So, I think I understand why many women aren’t comfortable calling nannies “nannies”—in fact, I believe Tina Fey even touched on the subject in Bossypants—but I can’t help but be a little bothered by my profession for the past seven years being regarded as “babysitting”.

    I certainly don’t mean this in any way but to let you know that it may be rubbing others similarly. If it helps to ease the critique, I totally just recommended your wedding dress to my engaged friend as you both seem to share the same killer body type :)

  8. Just wanted to say THANKS for the Pinhole Press code!!! Just completed ordering my Christmas cards! I really appreciate it. Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend! xo

  9. Loving the art genius post. If only I had that to get me through my art major instead of torturous memorizations ;)

  10. Loving the art genius post. If only I had that to get me through my art major instead of torturous memorizations ;)

  11. that app would really be worth something if it could put my toddler daughter back to sleep if my body isn’t ready to wake yet!

  12. Ahaha I love the tips from that book – too funny! Great links, as always. In Canada, our Thanksgiving was last month, and I celebrated it even though I live in Australia now. It’s always been one of my favourite holidays. Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. Happy Thanksgiving to all Americans!

    I won’t be watching Girls, I watched the first 6 episodes of season 1, and it just made me sad. Their lives is so sad, and I hate Adam! There, I said it, sorry, maybe I’m too old!

    But I have to admit the trailer looks like fun…

  14. I may not be American, but I love that you have this amazing tradition. It looks like so much fun! Enjoy!!!

  15. Happy Thanksgiving to you too! I plan on having a great day with family, friends, and great food!

  16. Happy Thanksgiving!
    Thank you so so much for posting my sister’s babysitting photos, we are so excited!! xo

  17. Happy Thanksgiving Joanna, Alex, Toby & Anton! :)

    I’m glad I can celebrate Thanksgiving since four years ago I made friends with a New Yorker man living in Barcelona and married to a catalan man. Every year, they invite their friends to their delicious Thanksgiving dinner, which he cooks. It’s a big party with about 40-50 guests (they live in a huge flat) and we all love to celebrate this tradition!

  18. jm says...

    Love, love, love “because grammar” Happy Thanksgiving!

  19. Happiest Thanksgiving to you and your family and friends! I’ll be celebrating from Paris. It won’t be the same… but there will be turkey :)

  20. have a great one with your family!