1. Yes, pretty please! I’m half blind, in NY, and would love to talk about having two boys with you (I’m in the same boat)!

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  2. i’m so in! I’ve been wearing my current pair of specs for FAR too long. You’ll receive an email from me shortly.

  3. oh yes!! so sorry for the delay in responding; i’m just seeing these comments now—yes! if you are able to make it to NYC, absolutely submit your photo!! the shoot will probably be on november 2nd (still getting it all together!) xoxo thank you for your interest!!!!!

  4. Per your suggestion, I am now the proud owner of TWO pairs of Lookmatics! One is a classic clubmaster style in tortoise, the other is a all black pair of prescription sunglasses (my first pair ever). They were so cheap and they are nicer than the ones from my optometrist! I am hooked! I want one in every color (But particularly the FDR’s in a green tint).

  5. How fun! Can’t wait to see these!

  6. Ohhhhh i would totes love to do this, especially since i am in dire need of new frames. but alas, i live in the south – not close to the new england area at all! :( perhaps if this all goes well, you could do a 2nd edition / tropical style ?! (i.e. travel to south Florida… ;) haha!

  7. Sending in my photo tonight! It will be kind of embarrassing since my frames are so old and unflattering I never wear them out of the house any more. So I really need new ones, and I would LOVE to meet you!

  8. I live in Brooklyn and just emailed you! I’ve had my glasses for over 10 years and with a toddler, I don’t splurge on things like this for myself (although you’d think glasses would be a basic essential).

  9. If only I lived on the east coast :(

  10. Sounds awesome! I can’t wait to take a picture of myself and email it. I’m local!

  11. I’d love to participate and live in the city, but don’t wear prescription glasses – is that a requirement? If not, count me in! Love this idea!


  12. Oh, is not for me, unfortunatly! I live in Portugal! Good luck for everyone ;)
    It is fun because today I write something in my blog concerning glasses…but for children.

  13. Ooh, I’m in! I love the pair the girl is wearing in the first photo. Which style are they?

  14. That souns great! But I live in The Netherlands..! Thankfully I love my specs, so I hope other people will have a blast. But if you are going to make it internationally… I’m in!! LOL :)


  15. Ah, this sounds so fun (and I totally need new glasses)! Too bad I’m living in South Africa.

  16. So jealous! I would love to come, and I need new specs desperately. However, I live in Michigan. So, count me out :( This is a great giveaway and I think you’d be so fun to hang out with, so I just had to comment.

  17. Too bad I from Europe. I would have liked to meet you and Anton ,,,

    Aura – Appreciative Joy curator

  18. Me, me, me… there’s only one problem… I’m on the other side of the Atalntic ocean ;-)

  19. Aw this sounds like so much fun! too bad I live in Sydney :(

  20. Sad I live in the UK=(

    This would have been perfect cuzi need a new pair

  21. Oh it’s such a shame… I live in Madrid! And I just discovered I need glasses and have no idea which one will look better on me… :(
    Have fun!

  22. I’m in!

  23. I will be in nyc on my honeymoon (travelling from Australia) from 1-9 November AND I wear glasses! Tick! Tick! Please please choose me! Ill leave behind my new husband for an afternoon!!

    • I think u deserve the prize =P

  24. great idea! I wish I lived in N.Y.! I’m from Finland and in real need of makeover ;)

  25. What a splendid idea. Unfortunately, I’m in California and in need of new eyewear. Its been so long in which I’m going without glasses.

  26. What a splendid idea. Unfortunately, I’m in California and in need of new eyewear. Its been so long in which I’m going without glasses.

  27. That’s so awesome! If I lived closer and wasn’t so busy I would totally do this, but alas. I love my glasses but I’m definitely in need of a new pair to switch it up now and then.


  28. So, is it possible to enter if we can get to NYC quickly? I’d love to train down and get my wretched glasses swapped.

  29. I’m nowhere near New York but I wouldn’t be entering anyways since I JUST got my new lookmatic glasses! I actually got the same pair you did and they arrived right before I gave birth to my baby girl. So happy with the purchase! Thanks for the recommendation!

  30. I SO wish there was a way to do this remotely! I could really, really use some advice on picking out my next pair of shades.

  31. I wish I could take part in this! Let me know if you ever decide to visit Vancouver :)

  32. Just sent you my photo! Yay!

  33. Oh, jealous! I always find it really difficult to pick out glasses – last time, I was there for two hours, canvassed all the staff, security and customers for their opinions, and ended up returning with my sister in tow later that day.

  34. Hello Joanna!

    I have recently bought mine (Dolce Gabbana) big, black and nerdy. I love them!
    The doc told me though that you need to wait until your body has fully recovered from having given birth as your refraction power changes from before and after. Once everything is back to normal, you are good to go.


  35. Yet another reason I would love to live in New York! Such a great idea! I’d even pretend to wear glasses (unfortunately I am blind as a bat, so I do) just to see little Anton!

  36. this is such a fun idea! I’m entering!

  37. I just entered! I am super excited!!!

  38. I live in new jersey..but go to school in New york does that count?
    Also, I have been wearing glasses 24/7 since i was two!



  39. My glasses are horrible and I broke them a few days ago and would LOVE to meet you but I live in Austria =(

  40. Please choose me!!! I just sent the e-mail :)

  41. This sounds so fun and I desperately need new glasses. I live in LA but will be in nyc 10/31-11/4….should I submit?

  42. Literally just thinking about how I need a new pair of frames ….. feeling so blah looking at myself in the mirror. Thrilled to enter this contest!


  43. I live in new jersey..but go to school in New york does that count?
    Also, I have been wearing glasses 24/7 since i was two!



  44. OMG i wish i wore glasses. This is such a charming idea! I hope you, and the readers and Anton have too much fun! I can’t wait to see the results.

  45. I’m so bummed I don’t live in NYC! Sounds like such a fun treat!

  46. Sounds like so much fun-wish I lived in NYC.

  47. What if we are willing to travel to NYC on our own dime? Getting to meet you would be amazing and getting a new pair of glasses for my horrid eyesight would be a bonus! I’ll take any excuse to book a trip to NYC :)

  48. Omg, this would be perfect as i live in NYC and definitely need new pair of glasses. The only problem is, i cant take a pic in my glasses. I tried adjusting my old crooked glasses last week and they literally snapped in half- probably a sign of how frustrated i really was with having such old ill fitting frames, lol- so i tossed them.

  49. count me IN!!!! I DO live in the area (it’s jersey not nyc, but hey, I can get to you by train faster than someone in Brooklyn so it’s all good :P) this is so exciting! I have glasses that are “ok”, but I’ve never been able to find some that I just love to death… sending my picture as soon as I get home!

    jenn @ beyond the stoop

  50. darn it, I live in Connecticut. This sounds like a dream. I’d love perfect glasses just for me!

  51. I live in Long Island, does that count? Would love to throw my hat in the ring!

  52. I’m excited you’re doing this! I live in NC so I can’t participate, but I’m curious to see the pair that you will pick out for someone with a narrow/oval face. :)

  53. Dang, too bad I’m so far away! New glasses would be nice, but what I’d really like is an afternoon to hang out with you! I’ve been following along for so many years, it’d be like meeting an old friend but for the first time! Good luck to all the nyc glasses-wearing cuties!


  54. I’m with Liz Roller. I live in Philly and would love to apply. :-

  55. this is so exciting and such a great idea! can’t wait to see the results! (and i wish i wore glasses :)

  56. Oh boo. I wish I still live in New York!!

  57. I’m in! Recently moved to the NYC area, this would be SUPER fun! ::fingers crossed::

  58. I live NEAR new york and wear glasses…does that count? Close enough to drive there in a couple of hours.

  59. Cup of Jo would totally work in London, I think you’re due a visit!! xx

    • Hear, hear!

  60. I wish I lived in NYC. I need new glasses and I’ve never been good at picking glasses or sunglasses for your face shape. Maybe once you post the winners I’ll learn a thing or two. Hopefully your post will touch on sunglasses too!?

  61. Philly isn’t that far…I think that practically counts!

    • I was thinking the same thing :)

  62. I don’t live in New York or wear glasses, but I can imagine you will be inundated with potentials!

  63. If I lived in NYC and wore glasses I’d be in. Hahaha. Great idea!!