White Wine Drinkers Pour Themselves the Biggest Glasses of Wine

Do you like white wine? At 34, I’m totally the old lady who likes Sauvignon Blanc so much that she puts ice cubes in it instead of waiting for it to chill in the fridge. So this new research from Iowa State University was not surprising: When people poured white wine into a clear glass, they tended to pour nine percent more wine than people who poured red wine into a clear glass. When the glass was especially wide, white wine drinkers poured twelve percent more wine.

Bottom line: We white wine drinkers do not mess around.

What’s your go-to drink?

P.S. How to keep lipstick off your glass, and Toby craving beer.

(Via Jezebel. Top photo from 30 Rock. Bottom comics from someecards.)

  1. My sister sent me this post simply due to the sauvignon blanc mention. My go-to drink is ICE COLD sauvignon blanc. If you’re looking for a good one – my all time favorite is St. Supery from California. I’ve even gotten non-white wine drinkers to change their tune after trying that particular wine :)


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  3. I tried this download guide to get myself to be at least passable I’m a restaurant this article really opened my eyes. Your blog seems great.

  4. My go-to wine is anything that fits the mood, the food, the weather… and that is dry! I dislike sweet wines. Nice to discover your blog! :-)

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  6. I have to tell you I’m more of a red wine fan, but I have used your wine tricks (how to keep lipstick marks off a glass, how to pour a clean glass, etc.) for years! Thank you!

  7. I’m a pretty huge fan of a glass of rosé wine… especially at the end of a grueling work week. Nothing beats it x

  8. Red wine. I’m currently 6 months pregnant and missing it sooo much!

  9. Sauvingnon Blanc rocks and ice cubes for me too thanks. :)

  10. Ever tried frozen white grapes in your white wine instead of ice cubes? Just an idea….

  11. Honestly, sometimes the only thing that gets me through the day is knowing that I can pour myself a GIANT glass of white wine as soon as my kid goes to sleep.


  12. I think I love you more after this post! Yup, I do.

  13. I think it’s probably because of the color (or lack thereof) that people pour more white. I have a feeling we red wine drinkers consume more. Idk, I guess I’ve just never met a white wine person that was also a good fun drinker. hahahaha We should probably do more research on this. :P

    I do like white wine too though – it’s good for 110 degree days and chugging purposes, but a good white wine is refreshing anytime.

  14. I like white wine more than red, though only because the young reds give me such a headache. But my husband is a winemaker, so I get to drink all kinds of terrific wines. Market research, you know. ;) one way to really quickly chill a whole bottle is to wrap it in a wet paper towel or cloth and put it in the freezer.

  15. I was once told you should NEVER order the 2nd cheapest wine on the list.. normally house wine has been thought about and tested by the restaurant and should be good and as restaurants know that people normally try to not look cheap they put those bottles they need to get rid off due to lack of sale as second..

  16. So now I’m wondering if this may hold true for restaraunts? Like if you order a white the server might unconciously also be inclined to pour more generously? Maybe.

  17. I, much like Liz Lemon, am a white wine drinker. I do, however, enjoy the occasional red, but as I find it a bit stronger, I don’t drink as much, which might account for the smaller pour.

    It’s only 11am and I’m already in the mood for a nice, large glass of Torrontes. ;-)

  18. This has me laughing out loud! I am definitely the type who does the ice cube trick! :) xx

  19. Very true.
    Sauvignon blanc or bud, im working on slowing down a bit !

  20. Very true and we white wine drinkers are proud of it:-)

    Love from Germany and a happy holiday (we are celebrating German unity today!)


    Birdy and Bambi

  21. Ooo I also love Sauvignon Blanc!! Waiting for it to chill is always a mission.. and I have to admit I do sometimes also resort to ice cubes. Oops!

    Teffy { Teffys Perks Blog } X

  22. Oh no! You can’t put ice cubes in a white wine, the taste differs too much!
    In Germany nobody would do that! :)

  23. I used to prefer red wine, mostly merlot. But in the past few years I have moved to pinot grigio. Red gives me a headache, even if I just have a glass or so… whereas white doesn’t — and no icky weird greyish teeth when you smile. :)

  24. Am I the only one who thinks rose is just a jazzed up version of white zin? I’m a Sav Blanc from New Zealand kinda girl. The dryness and acidity in my white wine should punch me in the face :)

  25. I like it all!!!

  26. Haha! I totally believe this!
    I love Viognier (fruity, dry) and Vinho Verde (clean & crisp) but have recently gotten into Argentina’s Torrontés (great with spicy food). My boyfriend and I are “that” couple – he orders an inky purple bottle of Malbec while I order a bottle of my favorite dry white and we proceed to drink and talk the night away. I love those nights!

  27. I love moscato and rose sparkling oh and procetto. I love white wine and i do pour a lot but i didnt even notice it until you said something and i go get a wider cup than when i drink my Merlot

  28. Mmm I am definitely for red wine, argentine malbec my choice!

  29. Red wine will have me passed out on someone’s couch… boring! so I always go for a white, I definitely do the ice cubes, because who has time for chilling after a long day. The hubby has to always tell me to slow down because it’s not a juice box. Oh and I’m not afraid to admit that I’ll have a glass of moscato {which I’m told is supposedly for desserts and brunches} whenever I darn well please!

  30. Despite its glaring issues (stained teeth, stained lips), red wine makes my heart sing. (Drunkenly, sure. But sing it does!)

  31. I adore me some white wine!! I like red but it always dyes my lips and teeth… and I like the buzz you get from white wine better LOL. Red wine just puts me to sleep, ha!

  32. I’ve been loving Riesling all summer and think I may just continue into the Fall ;) It’s so crisp and while most people think it’s too sweet, I love it! More for me!

  33. oh, definitely love white wine best. it’s so delicious it hardly seems any more serious than juice…..

  34. And here is the part where you recommend your favorite white from Trader Joe’s… :)

    I have THE hardest time choosing wine!

    • From Trader Joes? That’s easy: Vinho Verde! I love sparkling wine :)

  35. Red wine in the winter. Vodka in the summer! I don’t like ‘cold’ drinks in the winter.

  36. Instead of using ice-cubes to chill the white wine (no one likes diluted alcohol), try frozen grapes instead =)

  37. Definitely! A glass of white, and sometimes rose, pretty much every night. No better way to say goodbye to the day and start your evening.

  38. At first I thought you were featuring an onion article!

    Red for me :)

  39. I usually opt for white wine… red wine is dangerous for me! most of my friends enjoy red wine, so i’ll drink it when they do, but it usually means the glass never goes empty, and i’m paying for it the next day ;)

  40. Yum, white wine. I have recently discovered Chenin Blanch (from Washington) and it’s so good! Definitely a go-to wine for me now.

    • *Chenin Blanc

  41. Don’t water down your wine with ice cubes! Freeze grapes and use them to chill your wine!

  42. White wine always- year round! Chardonnay, if there’s a choice. Enjoyed this!

  43. I’m definitely a red wine drinker, but in the Summer I tend to switch to white wine. No matter what it is, I always pour rather big glasses :)

  44. I’m a white girl-except in the winter, then I’m a red. Love those e-cards!

  45. Red wine, especially if it’s pinot noir.

  46. White wine for me (and most of the time there are ice cubes in it!)

  47. This makes me like you even MORE that you add ice cubes just so you can drink your room temp wine immediately!! I do the same thing!! Only with Pinot Grigio. And, I’m a boxed wine lady. I know, kinda sad. I have 3 kids though. Boxes keep me from having to go to the grocery store too often:)

  48. Is it wrong to love white wine to avoid a hangover? I guess that doesn’t explain why I love red, too :-) Thanks for sharing!

  49. Loved your blast from the past of Toby crying. My son takes gymnastics. His class gathers in a circle, does butterfly legs, and takes turns saying what they are going to get at the “grocery store.” Someone will say what the want- strawberries- and then they will bend down and touch their nose to their feet. It’s cute, but I’m always scared Oliver is going to say “BEER!”

  50. Haha this post made me crack up (especially the someecards!) — I love wine, both red and white, so very much :) I’m an ice-cubes-in-my-glass kind of gal, too!

  51. love white… and red! ha! I live 20 minutes from Como so it is all delicious. Did you know… one bottle of wine is about 2.8 pounds of grapes, and in ancient Greece, a dinner host would take the first sip of wine to assure guests the wine was not poisoned, hence the phrase “drinking to one’s health.”

  52. Interesting research eventhough I prefer the red wine and I can drink a bottle myself ;)

  53. EWG, you are absolutely correct! Always get the cheapest :)

  54. I love both, white and red. Definitely drink white more in the warm weather months. The last someecard cracks me up- since we’ve had kids I think we drink WAY more wine now than we used to. Pregnancy the 2nd time around is going to be tough without it…….

  55. Have you seen that tip making the rounds on Pinterest to put frozen grapes in your wine to cool it instead of ice? Anyone know if it works well? My wine drinking can best be summed up by Leslie Knope on Parks and Rec: “I’m gonna be direct and honest with you, I would like a glass of red wine and I’ll take the cheapest one you have because I can’t tell the difference”.

    • ha! That’s exactly how I feel about choosing wine.

  56. This is definitely the truth! My weakness is Riesling.

  57. Red is my favorite – with white I have sooo many memories of hangovers :P

  58. ewg, that’s so interesting! and makes sense…i’m ordering the cheapest from here on out, ha!

  59. I don’t drink wine, at all. And I live in the wine country of Northern California.. Tragic right?

  60. Sauvignon Blanc is the appetizer of my three course dinner

    • lol Love it! :D

  61. Did you know – apparently the second cheapest bottle on the restaurant wine list is usually the one that is marked up the most because they know more people order it and they’ll reap the biggest profit. Crazy!

    • A. says...

      I’m going to have to file this tidbit of knowledge away for the future – thanks for the tip! This is totally what I do :-).

  62. Totally depends on the season/occasion, but now that it’s autumn, definitely red wine for me!