Poppin Giveaway

Today’s giveaway is from Poppin, the fantastic shop for bright, colorful office accessories. Their motto is “Work Happy”—how cute is that? Since they know that a pretty desk makes you feel so much better every morning, they offer supplies to add personality to your workspace, from pens and notebooks to desks and chairs.
Poppin has a great Design-a-Desk feature, and today they’re giving away a full desktop set. You can pick your favorite color or mix of colors. (I’d go for all yellow for a cheery desk all winter.) Which color would you choose?

For a chance to win, please check out everything at Poppin and leave a comment below with your favorite product and color. A winner will be chosen at random tomorrow. Update: The winner has been emailed. Thanks for playing.

Bonus for all readers: Poppin is having a Friends & Family Sale (20% off) today through Sunday. Great time to stock up!

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  2. Love the tape dispenser in Orange!

  3. I LOVE Poppin! So far my Christmas list reads… “www.poppin.com”

  4. The green is fantastic!

  5. Kj says...

    AHHH! I love Poppin! It’s so fun and bright and graphic! OBSESSED with the pink, my fave!

  6. aqua or yellow everything!

  7. What fun! The yellow mouse pad is the cutest.

  8. First of all thank you for sharing this site. I’m redoing my granddaughters bedroom in hot pink, and there are some awesome accessories.

    For myself I love the orange and while file cabinet!

  9. I would love to have everything in different colors — just a rainbow of a desk :)

  10. I love the aqua stapler!

  11. LOVE the aqua, and the letter tray!

  12. They’re all such fun colours! I’d go for the red – a pop for my neutral space.

  13. orange tool-kit please!

  14. The desktop trays are my favorite!

  15. Since it’s my daughter’s desk, pink is essential!

  16. all white everything! I love to keep it clean and minimal. Thanks for this amazing giveaway and I’m glad I discovered Poppin through your blog!

  17. Gahh I’m such a fan of pink! The pink pen cup is adorable and I could definitely use some new desk gear!

  18. Gahh I’m such a fan of pink! The pink pen cup is adorable and I could definitely use some new desk gear!

  19. I’m having such a new obsession with orange. So Hermes, and I love all of it!

  20. I love the white (and pink!) accesory tray! Thank you for this giveaway!

  21. I want it all! in yellow! there slick desks are right up my alley too.

  22. Their laptop totes and bags look very cute and practical. I’d go with the gray + yellow laptop tote:)

  23. The yellow is so lovely. It’d be such a nice bright spot to have at work!

  24. I like the yellow tube top lamp!

  25. I have a problem with stationary and desk organizers… I LOVE them! I really like the green and white desk set as well as the pens(!!) and the planner – writing on scraps really only makes things worse :)

  26. Cuteness! Aqua and Pool Blue!

  27. Love that cerulean! :)

  28. I really love all of the pink things especially the pens and stapler!

  29. I don’t know if this is still open, but I’m giving it a shot! I love all the colors, but my first purchase would be a lime green stapler.

  30. JB says...

    The whole set in a mix of aqua and lime would make me very happy.

  31. JB says...

    The whole set in a mix of aqua and lime would make me very happy.

  32. I love the orange stapler.

  33. these are so cute! i love the idea of mixing the colors. the rulers are so pretty, and i like the aqua blue most. :)

  34. I’m a sucker for anything orange and shiny so I’ll have to go for the colour orange and I love things to be organized so my dream product from Poppin would be the Orange Desktop Set :) So pretty!

  35. Oooh I’m such a purple fan, I’d pair it with yellow to liven up my desk! The pens would be my fav.

  36. The aqua ruler!!!

  37. Love the lime green!

  38. I want it all! SpeciAlly the stackable box in aqua

  39. In L-O-V-E love with the orange signature ballpoint pens! Sign a sister up!

  40. I love the tape dispenser in pink!

  41. Loving the pink notebook!

  42. My absolute favourite product from Poppin is the orange Cobi desk chair. As for the design-a-desk, I love everything in the pink + lime green set!

  43. I love all of their notebooks! And everything in Aqua! ;)

  44. Oh man, agua and lime green ALL THE WAY.

  45. definitely the yellow letter trays to keep all my files separated!!!

  46. I gotta go PURPLE! I have been thinking seriously of moving to 100% work from home. This would be wonderful.