1. Love the robot bag!

  2. So cute !

  3. Love it!

  4. Black! Muah!

  5. Love the blue waxed canvas diaper bag!!!!

  6. I’ve been looking at this diaper bag for a while!

  7. I’m a little late to the game, but I absolutely love these!! I’m due any day now and kind of forgot about needing a diaper bag. Oops! Now I get to add a little online shopping to my agenda for the day ;)

  8. What a nice way to carry diaper necessities! Charcoal please!

  9. These products look great and I am so glad they are using vegan leather!

  10. I love all of these products. I am almost out of the diaper bag stage but would use it because it looks so cool, and has so much room for everything. Also love the backpacks and lunch bags that attach! So beautiful!

  11. Love the toddler robot backpack!

  12. These bags are great and don’t scream diaper bag. I especially like the waxed charcoal Charlie bag.

  13. What a great product!!! I would choose the charcoal!

  14. love the kiddo backpacks…so simple & non-obnoxious!

  15. I love it! I want it (in Charcoal)!

  16. Wonderful bags!

  17. I could see my little guy loving the backpack. :)

  18. Awesome! I love the diaper bags.

  19. I’d love the diaper clutch!!

  20. Black! what a great diaper clutch!

  21. i’d pick black! what a fantastic diaper clutch!

  22. i’d pic black! these are amazing!!

  23. I’ve loved their baby bag for a while and would love to win one!

  24. i think i’ll go w charcoal. i want it for my little nephew and the niece :)

  25. Cute. I like them all!

  26. that black Charlie bag is gorgeous!

  27. I love the toddler backpacks and the bigger kids back packs. Especially the Russian dolls. Adorable and my daughter loves them.

  28. Those are some amazing diaper bags! Perfect for all my friends having babies. : )

  29. I just posted a comment but it has disappeared?? I would LOVE charcoal!

  30. So FUNNY! I was on this website yesterday purchasing a gift for a friend’s 1 year old. I JUST LOVE THEIR STUFF – I remember when I first saw it back when I lived in Vancouver years ago – their lunch bags are adorable. I just LOVE their backpacks and would be over the moon if I won because my son’s zipper just broke on his school bag (skoletasker here!) and he needs one and they are just so cute and it would be great for him to choose a design himself.

  31. The waxed charcoal Charlie bag is amazing! I have a toddler and am due in February with another teeny so this would be perfect!

  32. fantastic! i like the charcoal

  33. fantastic! i like the charcoal

  34. My little little princess would love the backpack!

  35. Oh man! My little princess would love that Backpack and lunch box!

  36. charcoal bag is beautiful!! thanks for hosting it. :)

  37. love it! i’ve been looking for a diaper bag that doesn’t look like a diaper bag.

  38. Charcoal! I love the bags!

  39. love! especially the russian doll backpack.

  40. Charcoal! I love the bags!

  41. super cute!!

  42. Love the versatility of the clutch! I’d go with Charcoal for sure.

  43. My daughter would love the pink giraffe lunch box!!! Mommy would love one the diaper bags ;)

  44. love these! that little robot backpack is pretty perfect. thanks for sharing!

  45. charcoal! Manly enough for Mr. Mom to carry!

  46. I love them all! I’d pick charcoal.

  47. Wow amazing looking products. The clutch looks so convenient, and with our oldest almost it trained it would be perfect for our littlest!! Crossing my fingers!!

  48. Oh wow! So cool and unisex. I’d carry either color, but the black wouldn’t show as many banana-smears from little fingers :)

  49. Those backpacks couldn’t be any cuter.

  50. Oh I love the diaper clutch. We have the diaper bag and it’s been great!

  51. I love the back pocket for carrying a newspaper or umbrella. Genius! I get so frustrated digging through the diaper bag when I’m in a clutch moment.

  52. i love the charcoal…for my cousin!

  53. Cuteness!!! The Charlie bag is awesome.

  54. So glad you’ve introduced me to these stylish bags…the clutches are genius.

  55. I love the charcoal diaper bag. Gorgeous and so functional!

  56. These diaper bags are adorable! I would love to win one!

  57. I love the scooter bag!

  58. My first baby is due to arrive in 6 weeks and I can’t even say how thrilled I would be to win one of these awesome bags for the little guy. Love the charcoal one.

  59. So cool! Thanks for the giveaway!

  60. Love! And I’m ready for a new diaper bag for my third baby! Love the Waxed Charcoal Charlie.

  61. Love! And I’m ready for a new diaper bag for my 3rd baby! Love the Waxed Charcoal Charlie.

  62. JJ says...

    cute and functional! i like the charcoal.

  63. My sister is due to have her third baby come this December, all being so close in age I think the diaper bag would be perfect to carry everything she would need for all three kids.

    And I’m a sucker for anything made with Waxed Canvas so I would probably pick that one for her. I just love the way it wears and how durable it is which you need when it comes to a diaper bag.

  64. I like both, but I guess I’d go for gray…

  65. giraffe love

  66. The clutches look beautiful and handy. I’m about to be a mom of 2 under 2 – it would be very helpful!!

  67. i would love the charcoal one. thank you

  68. i would love the charcoal one. thank you

  69. I’d pick the charcoal – so cute!

  70. Make my life happier with a waxed charcoal diper back, pleaaaseee?!! I love it!

  71. oh I love the sydney clutch, Ive been eyeing it desperately in charcoal!

  72. How versatile! I love the charcoal one, perfect for day trips or work!

  73. I love these. Would be so great since I just had our baby girl!

  74. Love the clutches! So versatile. I’d choose black

  75. Love the clutch, so versatile! I’d choose black

  76. I’d choose Charcoal, I think. I love their Purple Dandelion Grade School Backpack! My daughter needs it ;)

  77. I’d love to give a friend the charlie in “slate.”

  78. Is it possible to make my chaos organised? this bag might just be the answer!

  79. I would love to get it!charcoal…

  80. Love the graphics on the lunch bags and backpacks!

  81. Ly says...

    OH so cute! I would go with charcoal.!

  82. Ly says...

    Ohhh… gorgeous! I would go with charcoal!

  83. These are so cute that I want to get one for myself!! Love the lunchboxes. Would choose the pink Russian dolls.

  84. I’d go for Black – such cute stuff!!

  85. Charcoal

  86. I love their bags. They are minimal, nice and functional.

  87. I’d pick charcoal ! lovely clutch!

  88. Most definitely the charcoal!!

  89. The Charlie bags are phenomenal…and the backpacks? Please make them in adult sizes!!!

  90. slate charlie bag is soo nice! finger crossed!

  91. Love this brand — my son has the lunchbox and it’s so durable. A diaper clutch would be handy!

  92. Love this brand — my son has a lunchbox and it’s so durable. A diaper clutch would be so handy!

  93. I’d love blue diaper bag!

  94. These are amazing! What a great giveaway (I’d pick charcoal 😊)

  95. These are amazing! What a great giveaway (I’d pick charcoal 😊)

  96. I’d pick black!

    But I have to say that Charlie is even better! Lovely products!

  97. I love how beautifully well-made and non-“diaper-y” these bags look!

  98. That diaper clutch in black would be just perfect for the little squiggly wiggly one I hope to meet soon :) I suppose I´m to far away for the giveaway (Sweden) but I might just use that exclusive deal and get myself one anyway! :)

  99. Oh those bags! I love the charcoal too!

  100. I’d go for the charcoal. Love these designs!

  101. Oh gosh a new bag would be swell!

  102. Charcoal bag is the best. Love these designs!

  103. What a great idea! So nice to have a smaller bag for a smaller outings–who wants to carry a giant bag around all the time?? Love it in charcoal!

  104. Gorgeous bags!! Love the charcoal!!

  105. What fabulous bags! Love the charcoal clutch (such a great idea for those shorter outings! Who wants to carry a giant bag all the time??)

  106. I love that they are unisex and made by a small business mom. We would love the charcoal. Thanks for sharing this company!

  107. Gorgeous bags, I’m loving their products. I would choose the black. Thanks for the giveaway.

  108. I’ve just learned I’m pregnant with my first baby!How handy would the charlie bag in khaki be for me?Good luck to everyone!

  109. That diaper bag is totally my style! (Charcoal)

  110. Loving their selection especially the Charcoal diaper bag!

  111. Definitely charcoal! These are great!

  112. OMGoodness, can you say perfect camera bag?! I am swooning/lusting for Charlie in classic black… LOVE em!

  113. love the charcoal. husband approved!

  114. Love their diaper bags!

  115. This is so cute, omg. I love how it’s a mom who started the company, then you know it comes from the heart :)

  116. I’m expecting my first baby in March. That diaper bag is perfect!!

  117. These are amazing. Charcoal!

  118. I cannot choose, they are all so cute! I’m just happy to get my post in under the wire, before I turn into a pumpkin :)

  119. I cannot choose, they are all so cute! I’m just happy to get my post in under the wire, before I turn into a pumpkin :)

  120. love the slate bag, so versatile!

  121. I love: Brown Birds Large Cooler Bag
    Ashley O. from Austin