Fall Trend: Grey Nails

One funny part of fall in New York is that you start spotting all the new nail polish colors on women around town. My favorite color might be this dove grey. Isn’t it understated and beautiful? Here, my friend Kendra is wearing NARS Galathee. What do you think? What other nail colors are you liking these days?

P.S. Navy nails, and short boots for fall.

(Photos by Alpha Smoot for Cup of Jo; styling by Kendra Smoot.)

  1. Each time the seasons change, I like to assess my collection of nail polishes and decide which colors are on-trend for the coming months.

  2. I saw this post on Friday and while at the store Sunday, picked out a lovely shade called “Wet Cement” and had to try it as soon as I got home. I’m loving it! Great find. I also have a slightly darker shade called “Grey Area” which I also love.

  3. I too keep checking back for deets on the hat…. soooo perfect!

  4. very pretty, i think grey might be my favorite right now!
    xo, cheyenne

  5. Love this! I’m usually a fan of the deep burgundy shades especially Lincoln Park after Dark by OPI

  6. If anyone is looking for a less expensive alternative, try Audacious Asphalt by Maybelline.

    xx Cheers!

  7. Yes please tell where the hat is from!

    Love the grey, too.

  8. Yes please tell where the hat is from!

    Love the grey, too.

  9. Love this color, I’ve never painted my nails grey before but I may just have to go buy some grey nail polish now. I’m currently loving ox blood or gold. They both just feel so fall to me.

  10. Yes, I’m obsessed with her rings. Please share!

  11. Must know where her hat is from?!

  12. Love it!

  13. Right now, I’m basically only wearing grey nail polish. I have essie chinchilly and I love it, but the one in those pictures looks so pretty. Darker grey sounds nice, too—I might have to try it. And yes—that grey with the gold colored rings is just perfection.

  14. I like how this has a slight blue hue to it. I think a darker grey would be nice, maybe something with a purple hue?

    In LA the trends don’t change too much from season to season, so it is nice to catch up and throw something new into the mix. Thanks for sharing!

  15. oooh gonna try that color out next, i’m in love with dark grey, but perhaps a little too dark for the coming winter months. Of course those model’s hands show the color off perfectly.

  16. I was wondering what colour to paint my nails today! Thanks for the help, Joanna!

  17. Considering that I practically live in Nude polish, this will be an easy and welcomed transition :)


  18. I’ve gone crazy for gray polish. My nails are about the same length as yours, too.

    • I mean your friend’s nails. :). I just get excited when I see someone else with short, polished nails.

  19. Essie’s Chinchilly has been my go-to grey for years! Right now, I’m obsessed with dusty rose colored nail polish!

  20. I, too, keep returning to these comments to see if THE HAT has been identified! Must have it ; )
    Thank you!

  21. Just put light gray polish on my shopping list! I’m honestly surprised I haven’t thought to do this yet. I’d love to know the sources for those beautiful gold rings!

  22. All the understated and neutral colors have been coming out from the bottom of nail polish boxes lately. I’ve also seen dark, kind-of faded purples recently! They’re so nice, but I have not yet been able to pull away from my hot pink and green watermelon nails.

  23. Oh please tell me about her beautiful rings!

  24. I love gray nails!
    This color is fabulous!

  25. Yes, I love the muted grays! I’m also just a bit obsessed with the color to begin with – especially with Fall’s cozy sweaters. :)

  26. I really like it! I’m also very into purples and dark greens at the moment, must be the season for it x

  27. one of my favorite mani colors! i feel like it makes my fingers look long and pretty . . .

  28. Nail polish (like hair colour) really depends on your individual colouring. I find Grey’s tend to look great on me (& dark/tanned skin in general). Sort of sophistacted without trying too hard. Greens&Blue’s for me however are a no no! This philosophy is the complete 180 degree opposite for my friend who is pale with red hair.

  29. I don’t think that shade would look nice on me. I’m super pale and I think it could make my hands look like I have a heart condition or something… :)
    I’m going to try black nail polish this season, though. After a white nail polish Summer, I think it’s time for a drastic change!

  30. gray is my favorite color and i just recently bought some gray nail polish (a shade darker than this one) and have been wearing it for a few month now. it is my favorite nail polish because it goes with everything and just seems classy and understated but also unique. and it kind of excites me that i am perhaps at the beginning of a trend for the first time in my life :)

  31. Could you post what kind of hat that is, love it dearly.

  32. I love this. I have been wearing a darker grey but I think it’s awesome because it goes with everything!

  33. Today I officially switched to my fall nail color – yes, grey! I love Essie’s Smokin’ Hot!

  34. Can we please ID that hat?

  35. OPI French Quarter for your Thoughts is my favorite!

  36. I love the nail color, can’t wait to try it out. But, more importantly, I simply cannot stop thinking about that gorgeous felted wool hat. Can you share where it is from?

  37. I so would! I spotted a girl today in my training class that had a beautiful grey color on most of her nails and a couple nails a metallic silver

  38. I love this nail color! I especially like that they’re unexpected and fresh but still work appropriate.

  39. I love grey nails. I wore the a lot last autumn and winter. X

  40. love! I wore a darker gray version all last winter from Essie. Wondering if you have any suggestions for this color in a less expensive brand? (also still hooked on the navy you posted last fall )!

  41. I have had great CND shellac manicures in that same light gray. and rescue beauty lounge makes the best regular polish in that color, in my opinion. and her rings are probably from Catbird NYC, who seems to be taking over the internets.

  42. @Joanna – would you mind sharing Kendra’s ring sources?

  43. Love it. Changing my polish to Essie’s Chin-chilly tonight :)

  44. I’ve got a slate grey painted on already. I love grey nails this time of year (even though its not feeling like fall yet where I live!)

  45. I’ve been really into Butter London’s “Lady Muck” for a few years now. Check it out, it’s a beautiful grayish blue. And once a british manicurist told me that Lady Muck is an expression for someone who made it big and forgot where they came from. Fun fact!

    Also, I too would love to hear about that jewelry. Especially the dainty necklace!

  46. Love gray nails. Is the ring on your middle finger from Chefridi?? I just did a shoot with them for their new line. Beautiful stuff.

  47. Love gray nails. Is the ring on your middle finger from Chefridi?? I just did a shoot with them for their new line. Beautiful stuff.

  48. I’ve got a nice deeper medium gray by Illamasqua, which I got at Sephora a couple years ago. Glad to know I was apparently ahead of the trend-curve; it’s my favorite color!

  49. I love all of the light nails. I call them “tinted white out” polishes. I have found those that are lighter, or are tinted from a white tend to chip and scratch easily. If getting a light nail I opt for shellac. It lasts longer.

  50. Love Kendra’s rings! Would she mind sharing where she found them?

  51. Uh.. no. Do not like the light gray look. It almost looks like white-out. I think a deeper shade might work though.

  52. I love this color. I would totally wear this.

  53. I really love wearing mattes, greys, and taupe-y colours for fall – it seems like the only appropriate season to do so! What’s great about them is that they also match with virtually any outfit. You should also check out these Essie colours: Chinchilly and Minkmuffs :)

  54. I love grey nails for the fall, but I am even more excited about her sweater and hat. Any idea where she got them or where to find similar versions?

  55. Like!! :-) This will be the next color I try.

  56. Ahh where is that hat from?? I’ve been looking for something just like it.

    • I was wondering the same thing! I love it!

  57. Im not a big fan of nail polish on my fingernails. I’m a buff and shine kind of girl, but I love those dainty rings.

  58. Oh, I like the gray! I also like Kendra’s hair. Do you know if she has it highlighted? Or adds the red streaks herself? Or are they natural?

  59. Grey is my go-to fall color! It looks great professionally and for fun. Great choice!

  60. I love it! I want to try it. Also want to try navy but I’m afraid of it looking electric blue.

  61. love the color and LOVE that hat!

  62. Like the nails, love the hat! Do you know who makes it?

  63. jm says...

    Love this color. Great pictures, too.

  64. Nope – need some color. Burgundy, please!

  65. god, I was so (!) obsessed with grey nails two years ago. Then I got a complete overkill and changed to dark chocolate brown. And now I can’t decide… It may be time for grey again after all…

  66. I love grey nails! I usually wear a shade darker than the dove grey shown on this post but both are beautiful. I can’t wait to break out my dark plum nail polish as well this fall!

  67. I’ve been a big fan of OPI’s ‘You don’t know Jacques’ (it’s a french grey) for a few years now. It’s a bit darker, but I do love all shades of grey for the fall.

    Haute Child in the City

  68. D2 says...

    PS – I love the gold bands your friend is wearing. Can you share where those are from? Thanks!

  69. I’m wearing Essie Chinchilly right now – on fingers and toes – it’s a darker gray. Love gray for fall!

  70. I really hope grey does become a strong fall color because there are so many things you can do with it, like gradients!

  71. I already have one, and it’s actually called Cement. It’s okay, but I prefer loud, bright colors even in the fall and winter. It’s just the Texas gal in me.

  72. Never would’ve thought to do grey, but I love it! Nice and neutral but a good change from something more typical, like a french mani.


  73. I saw this on someone yesterday – like it!

  74. I love that it’s that light gray/white color. Also, LOVE that jean jacket! :)

  75. i’ve been looking for new nail polish but not sure what was trending. now on my list is grey and burnt orange. so cute!!!!

  76. love it! i have a graphite grey that i really love too

  77. i’ve done gray before on my nails and loved it! Essie has a great gray color. :)

  78. love the color & the hat!!

  79. I have one a slightly darker, more purplish-grey today. It’s perfect for fall because it seems to be a nice in-between color. Not too bright, but not too dark and brooding just yet!

  80. Absolutely beautiful! I’ve gotta get my hands on dove grey nail polish! And then get that dove grey nail polish on my fingers :)

  81. Lovely