Teeny Car

My dad is obsessed with all things automotive. One of my earliest memories is sitting in his lap and watching the Grand Prix on TV; he would tilt me from side to side as the cars went around curves. When we were in the grocery store parking lot and a nice car drove by, my dad would roll down the window so we could all hear the sound of the engine. Now that I’m grown up, car stuff still feels nostalgic and comforting to me. So…check this out!

The Peel P50 is a three-wheeled microcar manufactured from 1962 to 1965 on the Isle of Man, according to Wikipedia. It has no reverse gear, but it’s so light that you can pull it around yourself using a handle at the back! Designed as a city car, it was advertised as being able to fit “one adult and a shopping bag.” There’s one seat, one door, one wiper and one headlight.
How awesome is that?

P.S. Car pillows for little dudes.

(Via Messy Nessy Chic)

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  7. Promise me you have watched this episode of Top Gear?

  8. What’s really funny about the photo is that the guy in the car, Jeremy Clarkson, is about 6′ 5″. I would like to weld him in :-)

  9. wow so cool i want one haha

  10. I saw this episode and laughed the entire time. Even when it was stolen and driven through the BBC building. Although, I don’t think it does well in traffic or in a wreck. I’d have to pass. lol

  11. Hahaha! I’m very petite and LOVE the idea of this little car. Seems a little safer (just barely) than a Vespa. Dear lord, I love it.

  12. That’s what they did on the Top Gear episode it was featured in. They drove it into the BBC main office and took it into the lifts (which of course they couldn’t reverse out of…) hilarious episode :)

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  14. this really reminds me of Mr Bean and his little cars, both the green and the brilliant 3-wheeled blue one! :-) Ailish Goes

  15. THIS IS AWESOME!! My dad loves cars too, and he always rolled the windows down in the car to hear the engines too! Now he has a ’67 Camaro and you’d think he was a little kid again when he drives it. :) Thanks for giving me a little dose of nostalgia today too! :)

  16. Top Gear is fabulous…I LOVE it. I’m a Brit living in the USA and it’s one of the very few programmes I miss.

  17. That episode of Top Gear was the funniest I’ve ever seen (and it’s a very funny show!). I laughed so hard I had tears rolling down my face and my two boys were rolling off the couch laughing. It’s great for a family tv night. Laura from

  18. It’s the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe, but for real! ;)

  19. Wow, and I thought the smart cars were tiny….
    Have you seen Jerry Seinfeld’s latest show – Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee? If you’re a car lover (and a comedy lover) you should definitely check it out!

  20. That’s a Toby size car!

  21. I love Jeremy Clarkson (the guy in the photo). His segment on Top Gear on this little car was hilarious.

  22. So cool! One adult and a shopping bag? I wonder where they would put the shopping bag!

    And I thought that was your dad at first, too!

  23. I loved that episode of top gear! I loved when he took the car in the elevator! Hilarious!

  24. haha that’s the bestest

  25. I saw that car on Top Gear! Love that show and this is coming from someone who has zero interest in cars; but that show I find entertaining.

  26. adorable.

  27. I adore Jeremy Clarkson! :)

  28. For a split second I thought the photo was of your dad. Then I realised: wrong Jeremy! x

  29. My husband is a total gear head and I had to laugh that I recognized the man in the little car as Jeremy from the BBC’s Top Gear! I have watched so many episodes with him that I can now spout off random info/types of cars etc!

  30. That looks so fun!
    Do you need a real drivers licence for that tiny car? I’d love to drive but here in Germany getting a licence is super expansive.

    Love from rainy Germany,

  31. This is absolutely hilarious – I love it though. Seriously made me laugh this morning :)

  32. I’m instantly reminded of the tall man in the tiny car on the Simpsons (“Do you find something comical about my appearance when I’m driving my automobile?”)

  33. Oh my gosh! How funny! It would be absolutely driving one of those around here in Alberta, Canada, though because everybody drives huge vehicles. Probably not so bad in Europe though ;)

  34. Top Gear! Hilarious. Jeremy is such a ham.

  35. I love the story of your dad tilting you around imaginary corners! So dear. I would LOVE to bomb around the city in one of these. Parking would be so convenient!

  36. Yay! Top Gear and Joanna Goddard. Two of my most favorite things in the world coming together. Huzzah!

  37. jm says...

    It is like a moped with a roof for a rainy climate! Too cute!

  38. I just bought a Fiat 500! It’s little, but not this little. I’ve always driven SUVs so the Fiat is a change, but I love it!

  39. The car is adorable, but perhaps the best part about this whole post is the fact that your dad sat you on his knees and moved you around when the cars when around the curves in the track. How sweet!

  40. grew up with a dad who was insane about cars and he would do the very same thing! I used to wake up to the sounds of the F1 cars driving around the tracks. I still get excited when the Monoco race is on!

    Since i grew up with cars i became obsessed with the show Top Gear… and the photos you posted are from one of my favorite episodes! Jeremy Clarkson drove through the BBC and at one point he drove this little car through the news room when they were filming!

  41. I think I’d go rather with a bicycle than with this one…its pretty dangerous: the chances are not that good once the accident happen, it takes nothing to squeeze this “car”, not safe and not my thing at all (not that anyone is offering me a ride though;-))

  42. Cutest thing ever.

    I love tiny cars, but my husband thinks they are death traps. He also rolls his window down to listen to engines (and to inhale diesel fumes, LOL).