Pinhole Press Scribble Pad

Inspired by Swedes, we try our best to play outside every day of the year (take that, NYC winters!), but of course there are many cold dark days where you’re cooped up inside most of the time. So, I’ve been brainstorming fun things to do inside this winter to keep us from going stir crazy.

For indoor play, how adorable is Pinhole Press’s new giant scribble pad? You put your child’s name and photo on the front, and it comes with a pack of beeswax crayons. I have to say, Toby was so excited when I gave this to him! Pinhole Press has lots of other games, including a memory game, 60-piece puzzle and 12-piece puzzle.
Today, Pinhole Press is giving away a $100 gift certificate so you can pick out photo products for both kids and adults. For a chance to win, please visit Pinhole Press and leave a comment below. A winner will be chosen tomorrow. Good luck! Update: The winner has been emailed. Thanks for playing.

Would your little ones like this? It would make a great gift, too, I think.

P.S. Our winter goal, and how Danish babies sleep outside.

(Photos by Alpha Smoot for Cup of Jo. Pinhole Press is one of my beloved long-term sponsors, and we love their photo products. Thanks for supporting the sponsors that keep Cup of Jo up and running.)

  1. A gift card would be fantastic! I’m working on our holiday cards through Pinhole Press right now.

  2. This is such a cool idea!

  3. Love this scribble pad! I can only imagine the great gift possibilities on this site…

  4. T says...

    Wow – great ideas! Love the memory games and the flashcards too.

  5. If you like it, go for it! The people you’ll share your home with will know you better than to think you’re an ignorant/racist/conservative/hooligan just because you have a flag in your house.

    I bought a few vintage wartime posters in Vietnam recently and had some reservations about putting them up in our apartment because I didn’t want to offend my parents or other Vietnamese relatives. To me, they look cool and it’s a way of honoring my heritage in my home but sometimes wonder how it would be received. It’s a bit touchy! For now, they’re in storage but I haven’t ruled out the idea of putting them up somewhere less showy.

  6. I love the calendars – what a great way to get the kids interested!!

  7. My 4 year old artist would squeal with delight if she had this giant scribble pad!

  8. I adore Pinhole Press. We’ve done our holiday cards through them the last two years & they do an incredible job! I want to get a bunch of the peel and stick prints for my little boy’s room so he can have his buddies and family all over the wall in his new room.

  9. The memory game is such a cute idea!

  10. Awesome giveaway!!!

  11. Been pining away, wanting to order Pinhole Press adhesive stickers.

  12. I have pining away, wanting to do some pinhole press, especially the adhesive photos.

  13. Just made my very first wedding album using Pinhole Press thanks to you! Love the high quality resolution, paper texture and layouts:) Thank you!

  14. This WOULD be an awesome gift!! So cute!

  15. I love the clear, clean typography and design of Pinhole Press products. They always make my photos look great!!

  16. Living in boarding school dorm my kiddos are always itching for fun go-to indoor crafts. Love this! I’d love to leave one in our lounge room with a group photo as a guest book.

  17. Brilliant gift idea!! Thanks for making me the coolest aunt!! ;)

  18. RR says...


  19. Fingers crossed! This is a brilliant idea!

  20. I love Pinhole Press – I lurk on their website all the time and have a whole wish list in my head!

  21. i LOVE pinhole press! i really want the memory game and the names&faces book. love their products!

  22. the scribble pad is a perfect christmas present for the little cousins!

  23. I’ve been meaning to finish/print my wedding album on Pinhole Press.

  24. Love Pinhole Press – ordering the Memory game for Christmas presents for the little ones!!!

  25. Cute stuff!

  26. i hope i’m not too late–what a wonderful idea!

  27. They have the best products! I love the memory game and the faces book.

  28. I love Pinhole Press! Would be fun to spend $100 there!!

  29. The names and faces book look really fun – or I could use a few photobooks. Such lovely choices!

  30. This would be perfect for my goddaughter!

  31. My gosh, that is a wonderful idea! My little girl would love it.

  32. Pinhole has such wonderful products and ideas!

  33. My daughter would love the scribble pad! And a puzzle of her and her little sister together would be adorable and so fun to do together. Thanks for a chance to win and these great ideas for indoor winter play.

  34. I like pinhole press products :) i hope to win…

  35. I would love to be entered! I am a regular to Pinhole, their products are lovely.

  36. Would love to make some Calendars for Christmas gifts!

  37. KT says...

    love pinhole press!

  38. love their stuff. I think I’ll use this site to make my wedding photo book.

  39. I bought Brag Books for my parents earlier this year. Would love to shop some more!

  40. I have their website up right now to pick out and a birth announcement for my sweet baby girl born in July (better late than never?!?). What a treat this gift certificate would be! Thanks for the chance to win!

  41. Fingers crossed!

  42. I bought the desk blotter calendar for my mother in law for Christmas last year and love it so much. Also think the big scribbler pad would be great for my own toddler this winter, because you’re right, we can’t be outside all the time (although I’m sure he’d want to). Thanks for offering this contest!

  43. I love their personalized desk calendar – bought it for my mother in law last year for Christmas. Would love the scribble pad for my own toddler!

  44. That is a great gift. I love the puzzle too!

  45. I would love two giant scribble pads for my 20 month old twin boys!! Thank you!

  46. I would love two giant scribble pads for my 20 month old twin boys!! Thank you!

  47. Such an beautiful idea!!

  48. So cute. I may have to order some of these for my sweet little cousins!

  49. So cute. I may have to order some of these for my sweet little cousins!

  50. Love, love, love the scribble pad! Thanks for the chance!

  51. I love Pinhole Press and their great ideas!

  52. I’ve never order anything from Pinhole Press, but I always think the products you feature on the blog look so beautifully made. I could order many great Christmas gifts with this gift certificate! Thanks for the great giveaway! :)

  53. I’ve been wanting to do a photobook of all the family members for my little one. I love Pinhole Press’ format!

  54. I’ve been wanting to do a photobook of all the family members for my little one. I love Pinhole Press’ format!

  55. my daughter would love that!

  56. This is such a cute idea! I’d love to give them to both of my nieces, Makaela & Jayden! I’ve gifted both of their moms Pinhole Press and the personalization is always a win. — Teri

  57. LOVE pinhole press!!

  58. What a great idea! I’m thinking of getting my little one this for Christmas

  59. What a great idea! I’m thinking about getting this for my little one for Christmas.

  60. I love Pinhole Press! They did our wedding album, and an album called “Sailing with Dad,” full of photos of my sisters and I sailing over the years with my dad (he loved it!). I would love to get one of these for my niece and nephew!

  61. I am so happy you mentioned this company. I have been looking for great shops for kids and babies. This is going to be perfect for my friends’ kids birthday presents. Thank you!

  62. I love pinhole! I’d probably use it towards Christmas cards, even though I’m 3 months ahead :)

  63. I love pinhole! I’d probably use it towards Christmas cards, even though I’m 3 months ahead :)

  64. My son would love the scribble pad!

  65. I want to print so much stuff!

  66. I love pinhole press!! Just had a new baby so they will definitely be getting some business from me :)

  67. Too cute!

  68. I love the memory game– it would be perfect for my 14 month old daughter!!!

  69. Per your recommendation, I’ve used Pinhole Press for several family and business needs, and the quality and service is always amazing. Would love to get a few splurge-y things with this gift certificate!

  70. What a great idea- happy to know about Pinhole Press!