Tina Fey is Always Hilarious.

Since I’m still in a newborn baby haze, I’m not sure what’s old news versus new news to people. But! Have you heard that Tina Fey sold TWO new sitcoms this week?! The first will be a Cheers-like comedy set on Fire Island, and the second is about a women’s college that begins accepting men.

Above is a clip of Tina on Letterman this week describing how her two-year-old is a psychopath. And a fun fact you might not know: Liz Lemon’s catchphrase “I want to go to there” was originally said by her then-three-year-old daughter Alice.

P.S. Four more hilarious Tina Fey moments.

(Via Jezebel)

  1. Two sitcoms?! I can’t wait. Although, I’m really just wanting and waiting for another Mean Girls.

  2. this is information i needed to know. thank you for sharing. tv is worth watching if tina fey has something to do with it!

  3. I love Tina Fey, and Fire Island is near and dear to my heart, having spent many summers there, including the one where I met my husband. I will definitely be tuning into that one!

  4. I think you have to be a smidge of a sociopath to be really awesome like Tina!

  5. hystercal! thanks for posting – it made my day :)

  6. Oh Tina such a funny and amazing gal.

  7. Funny clip, Letterman and Fey make a good comedy team

    In this day and age, with so much video communication on record, it concerns me what celebrity children are going to say when they grow up and see how their parents talk about them. I remember the make fun of the little kid days. Not fun. Am I being too sensitive out of experience? Sure. Still, I have a valid concern.

    • I loved the clip and adore Tina Fey, but I also probably wouldn’t talk about my kid that way in public. I actually – being a smartass of long standing – find myself continually with the urge to make cracks about my son to my husband or friends. But if I actually make them, they end up sounding terribly mean and don’t feel good at all. Multiply that a thousand times on TV. I hear what you’re saying.

  8. jm says...

    This cheered me up no end. Very Funny!

  9. Ok, this killed me. I have a 19 month old, who is hopefully not a sociopath, but this just broke me up. We love you, Tina.

  10. I love Tina Fey! She makes me feel so much better about my insane children.

  11. Tina Fey is the best!! I would love to hang out and have a beer with her. Tina Fey and Melissa MaCarthy are two female comedians I would love to have a beer filled afternoon with!

  12. Great news for a Friday morning! Thanks for sharing!

  13. I love her! If you haven’t read bossypants, it is a must. Her description of getting a manicure was not just spot on, but HYSTERICAL!.

  14. what is there to not love about Tina? Thanks for sharing!

  15. I do like her, but her constant touching of her hair is very annoying. Usually, I think people that can’t stop touching their hair are insecure or feel self-conscious. She’s in front of crowds constantly, so she shouldn’t be.

    • El says...

      Right, it’s not as if people are constantly scrutinizing her every move or anything. What’s to be nervous about? ;)

  16. Yay, new shows! I feel like I’ve been in a bit of a TV slump lately where nothing looks good. The end of 30 Rock definitely left a Tina-Fey-sized hole in my heart–is there any woman who doesn’t want to be Tina Fey when she grows up?

  17. This is great.Sometimes you need to make fun of your kids to maintain your sanity :). Every parent knows that having kids is a challenge, but , in the same time, there is no grater joy in life.

    Aura/Appreciative Joy curator

  18. Tina Fey is the best, love her. Did you read Bossypants? Hilarious.

  19. That particular clip (though funny!) was of someone stealing a laptop from her office. ;)

    • Yay, you’re quick! :)