Thursday Giveaway

Today’s giveaway is from A-Thread, an adorable and affordable online boutique. Most of their dresses and tops are under $50. It’s nice to be able to browse a store without worrying that everything is above your budget! And the pieces are really cute.

Today they’re offering one lucky reader a $200 gift certificate to freshen up her fall wardrobe. What would you pick? (I’d go for this top and this dress.) For a chance to win, please visit A-Thread and leave a comment below. A winner will be chosen at random tomorrow. Good luck! Update: The winner has been emailed. Thanks for playing.

  1. Love the stripes! Also the maxi dresses!

  2. Love the Gold Button Dress in Navy!! Match it with the sparkle bar statement and I def want the rose bangle set

  3. I love the Rosie Lace Dress. These prices are incredible! Thanks, Joanna :)

  4. Love the chevron sheath dress and perfect palette necklace!!

  5. My wardrobe definitely needs refreshment ;)

  6. my wardrobe definitiely needs refreshment ;)

  7. The strapless embroidery dress! So pretty and feminine. And anything in their scalloped print.

  8. I wear a lot of basics so I love the Basic Hi Low Tee.

  9. All of my favorite styles are sold out, but I would happily settle for the surplice maxi!

  10. All of my favorite styles are sold out, but I would happily settle for the surplice maxi!

  11. I’m in love with the sleeveless audrey dress!

  12. love love love the embroided day dress

  13. I love their dresses and they have some great jewellery too!

  14. Oh my, now I’m hooked on this site! I’d totally get the zig zag sheath dress and the ruffled zipper dress. LOVE them.

  15. So many cute options, and I love that this company gives to charities.

  16. love their lace yoke shift drss

  17. E says...

    I would LOVE the giraffe skirt and some of their beautiful dresses for fall weddings!

  18. Cute chevron tab dress

  19. Love the orange striped dress!

  20. love! -Ashley o.

  21. Love the dresses! Polka polka!!!

  22. Love all their floral shift dresses! Sad a lot of them are sold out. Love their printed chiffon dresses as well.

  23. Love the floral sheath dress, the tie die maxi dress and the giraffe print skirt. The abstract popover is pretty nice, too! thanks for a great giveaway!

  24. I’m absolutely loving the Zig Zag Sheath Dress!

  25. I love this store! The jade multi stripe dress is so lovely.

  26. Pick me, please!

  27. the lace dress is lovely, but the whole site is really!!

  28. Love that chevron number!thanks for sharing!

  29. Thrilled to learn about this company! I love all their clothes, especially the strapless embroidery dress.

  30. Tough call, but that shimmer knit tee would fit nicely in my summer/fall wardrobe.

  31. Oh I really do like their fall floral cut out dress!

  32. Great giveaway! So many cute things! :)

  33. oh my gosh, what a great find! loving their dresses.

  34. Love those styles! I am currently pregnant and so much of their stuff would double as cute maternity wear. Love that paisley sun dress.

  35. this place is amazing! thank you for sharing. can’t wait to shop post-baby!

  36. I love the lacey little black dress!

  37. love the scallop knit dress, the strapless tie-dye dress,and the leaf print dress! so much to choose from. thanks for the giveaway!

  38. two-tier day dress! so cute.

  39. Great fall clothes!

  40. Holy…I want all of them.

  41. I like the moonlight garden dress and so many of the scarves.

  42. I love those dresses! Espcially a little black dress!

  43. M says...

    Adorable clothes, and I love that (most of) their models are more normally proportioned, and not skeletal pre-teens! Extra yay!

  44. I love the chevron-sheath-dress and the chevron-sweater-dress!

  45. I love the simple yet pretty style of these clothes.

  46. I love the multi-stripe dress in jade. So cute!

  47. I love their blouses

  48. sooo many cute items. where to begin….
    thank you for hosting!

  49. loving the scallop dress!

  50. I would buy a whole pile of summer dresses and wear them every day until fall comes.

  51. I would love this! Dresses are my winter go-to. Maybe that seems weird, but I’d love to stock up! The silk poppy dress is gorgeous!

  52. The tops would be such fun updates for fall!

  53. The orange and black chevron dress! Love it!

  54. Everything is so cute, and I love how affordable it is!

  55. I’m so sad their softest cardi is sold out! But there are so many gorgeous scarves and necklaces. :)

  56. lovely site. XX

  57. lovely site. XX

  58. hc says...

    I love their beautiful dresses! Would love to get chosen!

    – HY

  59. Yes, I would totally love to wear that zigzag dress this fall!

  60. I love their jewelry, especially the wishbone earrings!

  61. I’m really feeling the strapless tie dye dress! Pinning now

  62. love their embroidered day dress but honestly EVERYTHING on their site is cute!

  63. I love the pieces with tribal influenced fabrics! So fun!

  64. Love this!!

  65. I love their style choices.

  66. Yes please!

  67. Love the floral striped mix top and a million other things!

  68. As an art teacher, I’d love to wear the stripe dot blouse to work. Fun but still professional!

  69. OMG. Their dresses and skirts are so much fun!! :D totally love them!

  70. Just the thing(s) to get my sexy mommy groove back after my twins arrive.

  71. What a great site!

  72. Oh, gorgeous! The metallic elements in some of their pieces are just perfection!

  73. Holy moly pudding and pie! It’s like what I dream of the LOFT being!!! I love the striped maxi’s and the polka dot blazer!

  74. The Audrey dress is the perfect little black dress.

  75. Such cute clothing! I would go crazy with the blouses and jewelry. And can I just say how refreshing it is to see healthy, beautiful models! More companies should be doing that.

  76. This is awesome! I could use some new dresses!

  77. Pick me :-)

  78. Oh me please! I would love to be able to buy my bridesmaids dresses, and I’ve been looking everywhere for print/floral dresses. These are perfect!