Family Photos

Now that we’re a family of four, our friend Julia Robbs came over to take a few photos. She shot us at our apartment, just hanging out, as usual.

Alex and Toby have been spending so much time together these days, and I’m so grateful to watch their relationship grow even sweeter and deeper.

Lucky Toby has also gotten 8 million new “big brother” presents from friends! You’ve never seen so many toy cars and taxis:)

Remember this photo of Toby? Such a flashback!

Thank you so much, Julia! What a gift to have photos capturing these dreamy, hazy, chaotic, wonderful early days. xoxo

  1. Jo these photos are just beautiful. Made me smile :)

  2. Such sweet photos – thanks for sharing. And have fun this weekend!

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  4. Hi Joanna, what a lovely family! Very nice!!

  5. He is so perfect!!!! Love the light in these photos. So happy for you:)

  6. oooh you are so beautifull!:) have a nice summer evening:)here in Slovakia is 25degree and its almost 11pm

  7. Great idea to have someone take pics so everyone can be in the pictures!

  8. This are so p-r-e-c-i-o-u-s! I love that she captured them at your home-so laid back!

  9. Lovely photos! Something in me snapped and now I’m rethinking my 5 year plan. Baby rabies are hard.

  10. Amazing pictures! I have been on holidays and I didn’t have the chance to read your blog. It’s amazing how Anton has changed! :)
    You have a wonderful family!

  11. What a beautiful pictures! They capture so many sweet emotions. A picture can really tell more then a thousand words can.

  12. Adorable! I love the shot of Toby lying on the floor beside his baby brother! so cute!

  13. how amazing is that identical pic with Toby? congrats on your beautiful boys.

  14. Beautiful pictures!!!

  15. The Mickey Mouse balloon pic is priceless. Toby will treasure it when he’s older.

  16. I’ve just noticed that Anton’s hair is so blond!

  17. LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos – innocent, sweet, happy – warms my heart :) Congratulations!!!!

  18. Wonderful photos! Looks like your little family is getting along well. The joy that your kids give you really comes across in your photos and posts. Lovely!

  19. Such sweet pictures. You look beautiful!

  20. these are just wonderful, Joanna. :)

  21. Great photos! The school bus made me smile, my parents bought my son one from the hospital gift shop when they brought him to see his new baby sister.

  22. SO super beautiful! Congratulations!! xo

  23. Adorable photos, but where is your photo with Toby?

  24. What beautiful photos and even more beautiful memories await for you and your family. Congrats!

  25. lovely pics… adorable family!!1

  26. Great pics! How sweet that Tobi got big brother gifts. What a great idea and an awesome way to make him feel special!

  27. I love these! Especially the one of baby Anton resting on your shoulder in the same pose as baby Toby.

  28. Oh my, I die. These are soooooooo sweet…!! Baby Anton looks so peaceful! Beautiful pictures, congrats!

  29. So beautiful! I love that picture of Toby and Alex. Hope you are all faring well and staying healthy and happy!

  30. These are so sweet. Looks like Toby is adjusting well to his role as big brother. I also love the idea of a photoshoot at home in your comfort zone. you all look so relaxed and at ease.

  31. Lovely photos capturing such a beautiful family! Congrats!

  32. Beautiful family :)
    Btw, Toby’s eyes are mesmerizing! <3

  33. You are so lucky to have each other! Great pictures!
    You look wonderful, but my heart belongs to Toby! :)

  34. So sweet! She really captured so much love in those photos.

  35. Look at those cheeks! Nice job Mama! I love how Anton looks at you in the 2nd photo. Your family is beautiful. Those first days when everyone is home and on the new baby’s schedule (or lack of it) really are such a wonderful and equally difficult time. As hard as it is, I already miss it! Congrats.

  36. so beautiful. thank you for sharing these with us :)

  37. These photos are so precious! They have a natural vibe to them- absolutely beautiful :)

  38. they are beautiful~

  39. Aw beautiful photos, lovely post :) x

  40. I love relaxed family photos such as these.

  41. these are gorgeous! you look lovely and blissed out.

  42. what a beautiful family
    really something to be proud of

    happy daze

  43. beautiful pictures! congrats on the new addition. having a sibling definitely makes the world a better place!

  44. Congrats again Joanna! Lovely pics of you and your guys :)
    I was wondering how you came up with the name Anton for your littlest as you were discussing totally different names beforehand – I was sure you´ll go with Eli instead!

  45. Yikes! These made me want to have a second baby (I just had my first one in January). Congratulations, you have a beautiful family!

  46. I love your dress and lacy camisole. Looks comfortable/practical, yet lovely. I’m due in 3 weeks, and it makes me want to be sure not to dress like a slob in the early days (at least some of the time) :)

  47. I love the pictures – thank you so much for sharing. And I love, too, your summation: “dreamy, hazy, chaotic, wonderful early days”. That so beautifully describes it!

  48. Anton looks like he has an experienced & wise soul. :)

  49. “Amazing to think these two will be brothers and friends all their lives.” That made my eyes swell. A very beautiful family.

  50. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos!

  51. Very sweet pictures, I go crazy for baby toes! I’ve also found that since we’ve had our 2nd child who’s almost 3, how important it is to foster an even stronger bond between the hubby and our oldest who’s such a mama’s boy and a lover. The snap of your hubby and Toby having their own time is really endearing.

  52. mine is a family of eight. Me, a dog and six cats! I’m single and I don’t think I’ll ever get married, partly my choice, partly destiny’s choice, so it’s always refreshing to see people like you. Lucky girl, and pretty kids!

  53. So wonderful! Makes me want to inhale the smell of a newborn’s head. :)You make it look so tranquil.

  54. Love these! Julia did such an amazing job!

  55. I love these pictures! You’re a very beautiful family.

  56. Lovely lovely photos – they made me smile so much.

    I wondered how you felt about Alex and Toby growing so close at the moment. I only have one child, but friends have told me how their oldest child and husband grew closer whilst they occupied themselves with the new baby and how that broke their hearts a little bit. I think I would feel the same. I’d love your thoughts, if that’s not really nosy. Apologies if so.

    • I’m curious about this too — I’m due with our second in September and I feel like my oldest son (almost 2.5yo) and I have been bonding so much this summer (especially since I’ve been more inclined to lay down as much as possible and he’s kindly obliged by laying next me while we read books). This makes me anxious about what things are going to be like after our new one arrives and he’ll have to not only share me with a little brother or sister, but also I’ll have to see my husband have more Dad & Me time with him.

  57. What a beautiful family you have, Joanna. Lucky girl! xx

    P.S. We are also adjusting to life as a new family of four. What a lovely adventure!

  58. SO sweet. Gorgeous photos, beautiful family!