1. Mine is very, very accurate, but my husband’s isn’t at all! And the way it describes our relationship is very off as well, likely because it has got my husband all wrong. Fun!

  2. Mine is very, very accurate, but my husband’s isn’t at all! And the way it describes our relationship is very off as well, likely because it has got my husband all wrong. Fun!

  3. I turned 31 this week, too! On the 26th, or “The Day of the Symbolic Herald”. Love the Secret Language of Birthdays, been a fan for years and it’s so spot on. Cheers to your brother!

  4. Oooh that cake looks a bit special.

  5. ha! The description of my day was spot-on, but the week and way were not, and it’s funny to read that my marriage is *not recommended* =) but that’s only because the book predicts that my husband and I will compete for attention. Wrong! We’re both introverts and love nothing better than each other’s quiet companionship.

  6. Oh my gosh, this test was spot on! It was ridiculously accurate and it made me feel a bit validated in who I am and why I do the things I do or feel the things I feel.
    Thanks for pointing it out, Joanna!

    -LesLeigh J. of The Wildflower Way

  7. Happy birthday to your brother! I am always fascinated with reading things that can possibly tell you more things about yourself. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I am the CEO of Secret Language and have been asked many times about twins, both identical and fraternal.
    Most often one fits the description of the day and the other not.
    I usually point out that in most of these cases they perhaps both started out with many similarities but that they found it necessary to define themselves in speech, action, dress, etc. as being opposites in order to maintain their own individuality. Many twins get pretty sick of being dressed alike, for example, and rebel against it as they get older.
    In this way they strive to have different personalities. Also they are not the most objective people to consult on their own qualities as twins. This may be hard to assess because the identical and even some fraternal ones look so much alike!

  9. Every time I read something about my birthday, I can’t believe how true it is – for better or for worse. I’m a Capricorn, which generally means hard working and cold. I don’t want to be perceived cold because inside I’m not! But it DOES take a long time to get to know me, its just how it is! And really, I like me. Is that bad? haha
    xo kristen genevieve


  10. Mine was terrible, very very negative, it seems I’m doomed to failure – according that site anyway. Horrible, wish I’d never read it!

  11. The negative personality aspects are pretty harsh. I agree with Jo about twins — many studies have shown how different they can be in personality. But so, if these profiles are based on masses of people born on these days of the year, I guess the twins don’t factor in so much because twins are relatively rare. — or only one twin would fit, and the other one not so much?
    I found my profile kind of damning, my husband’s even worse, but surprisingly we make a brilliant marriage and/or love affair (but then that was compared with Pierre and Margaret Trudeaus’ marriage, which of course ended in divorce – sigh).

  12. That site nailed both me and my husband but then didn’t really work for others we know….

  13. OMG I just did this and it is riduculously spot on for both me and my husband (who is an actor, and his is the day of “artistic success seekers” – how creepy/cool is that?)

  14. I was born June 28th- it says “they can make excellent psychologists” which is a relief, because I’m finishing my doctorate in psychology this year! Fun!

  15. Also, I too now want cake!

  16. Mine had some real insight, my husband’s was flat-out terrifying, and the one for our marriage said it should be avoided! And here I thought things were going so well ;)

  17. Good night, that’s a lot of info! But the first cursory read is, well, kinda freaking me out! Holy cow bells! Apparently, my crazy has been documented beyond my Instagram. ;)

  18. Ahhhh

    this is worryingly close to what I’m like!

  19. um, now I just want a piece of cake :/

  20. Thanks for sharing this site – I didn’t know they had one. I’ve owned this and a companion book since I was in high school (over 10 years ago). I always find these things fascinating but with a grain of salt too. Happy birthday to your brother.

  21. I just looked mine up, and it couldn’t be more off! Totally not me at all.

    Happy birthday, Nick!

  22. I think mine’s pretty accurate. It was pretty specific too so I’m kinda weirded out by it. :P

  23. Crazy accurate! Thanks for sharing!

  24. Mine said to beware of becoming dictorial…now I’m worried.

    Also, yellow cake with chocolate icing is my fave.

  25. wow,
    i check mine, and at some points it’s accurate, but at some other points it’s not at all. haha. 50/50 for me

  26. According to this, my 3 year old daughter is going to grow up to be a drug addict. Awesome. As if I don’t have enough to worry about!

  27. Half of it sounds spot on and half of it couldn’t be more false. Also, half of the things I find to be true apply to most human beings in general, haha.

  28. I have to say Happy Birthday to Nick! Remember a few years ago when you posted a video of Nick being interviewed about the job market, while working on his yellow motorcycle? You never know what little kids are going to obsess over. My son was three at the time, and he loved, I mean LOOOOVED that video for some reason, so… we watched it about 1,000 times :) I thought you guys might find that funny!

  29. The Day of Allure – “In some born on this day, an undercurrent of wildness may be concealed beneath an unassuming or cool exterior, but these submerged feelings are rarely revealed before anyone but close friends.”

    SO TRUE! Mine was pretty freaking spot on

  30. This is so cool that you shared this! My birthday is actually on Sunday. I have to say, to my own chagrin, how spot on mine is (especially when it says how I must “learn to lose gracefully”).

  31. Ha this is funny–I apparently “lay claim to their sovereignty in whatever sphere they inhabit.” Won’t argue with that. Also “Compromise has its place” is something I’ve been hearing a lot–I had a fortune cookie earlier this week that told me to be more easygoing!


  32. Mine was actually completely untrue… I checked my boyfriend’s and his was dead wrong, too. Funny because as a cancer, usually my astrological readings are scary-dead-on!

  33. jo says...

    mine got one or two things right, but everything else was completely wrong. i always find things like this funny because i have a twin sister and we were born within 5 minutes of each other, but we have very different personalities. :)

  34. Wow – that was incredible – very spot on! Thanks for sharing!

  35. some of this is pretty accurate! and the descriptions definitely describe things concisely and truthfully, which is helpful. i guess i’ll have to wait till i’m at the end of my path, before really knowing if it’s all try, though, right? ;)

  36. ha! among other things, i’m supposed to have hysterical behavior…interesting! false, but interesting ;)

  37. That birthday site is pretty cool! Mine was pretty darn accurate with the exception of a couple minor details! ;)

  38. Haha, I usually love things like this but I just did mine and my boyfriends and they couldn’t have been more wrong!

  39. I was born November, 27 1988 and this was strangely and freakishly accurate! really cool :)

    • hey we have the same birthday! (I was born 1984) I found the part that said we want both freedom and stability very accurate. And it’s difficult live in harmony with those who can’t see that I need to roam free.