Tuesday Giveaway

Today’s giveaway is from Vine.com, the fantastic online store that curates all natural and organic products for beauty, bath, baby, snacks and household cleaning. We shop there regularly for our family, and they deliver to your door in two days!

Today Vine is offering a $300 gift certificate, so you can stock up on everything you need for the summer. For a chance to win, please visit Vine.com and leave a comment below with a couple of your favorite items. (Here are some good ideas, and I love everything by Method and Weleda.) A winner will be selected at random tomorrow. Good luck! Update: The winner has been emails. Thanks for playing.

Bonus for all readers: Get 20% off your order with the code 20JOANNA, good through August 31st. Good for both new and return buyers. And Vine.com always offers free shipping for orders over $35.

(Products above: Toy car, lavender body oil, facial towelettes, water bottle, lip balm, shampoo, hand wash and bronzer).

  1. I would love some new gdiapers and lots of lunch gear for my son to head back to school with. I love the bkr bottles too.

  2. What a cool site! I was excited to see they carry Alba products as well as Lavanila!

  3. What a cool site! I was excited to see they have Alba products as well as Lavanila!

  4. My mom recently introduced me to Dr. Bronner’s soap and I’m now obsessed with it! I love all Method, Yes To, and Mrs. Meyers products too!

  5. Spectrum Chia Seeds! Awesome product!

  6. love the say yes to cucumber face wipes!

  7. oh, how i love the mustela bebe range. makes me nostalgic for my daughter as a little squishy newborn.

  8. I am all about the “yes to”, particularly cucumbers! I’d also like to try some granulated coconut sugar. I hear good things! Thanks for the coupon code, it will be put to good use!

  9. great giveaway. my son love’s all the Annie’s products.

  10. Mrs.Meyer’s basil scented cleaning products and one of those Bker bottles!

  11. I’d love the fuschia BKR water bottle for me and some sweet baby products for my sister, who is pregnant with her first!!!

  12. Oh me oh my, what a giveaway! I’d love that fushcia bkr water bottle and some Badger Balm for myself. then i’d buy some sweet baby products for my sister who is pregnant with her first!

  13. Love pretty much everything from Burt’s Bees!

  14. I’ve been looking in to the “Yes to” products, i’m trying to cut back on chemically beauty products

  15. Dr Bronners baby wash, any of the California Baby products, and Mrs Meyers cleaning products.

  16. Awesome giveaway. I have sensitive skin and have had dermatologists tell me to only use Bert’s lip balm. Thanks!

  17. I like ecojot Jumbo Journal, Never, never… :)

  18. I love the Weleda lemon deodorant, my fave! And Lavanila Fragrance Oil in Vanilla Grapefruit is sooo yum.

  19. I might be past the deadline, but I would love some. Need to start thinking some baby things.

  20. Love the Majamas :)
    annelieshollewand (at) gmail (dot) com

  21. + Weleda Skin Food Face & Body Moisturizer
    + Weleda Calendula Ointment
    + Badger Balm Anti-Bug Sunscreen
    + Badger Balm Unscented Sunscreen

  22. Well, I love Yes to cucumbers products, but unfortunately I can’t always find them here in Italy. So I’d buy myself a stash of YTC products for sure. Also the Nouveau Paris Les Fleurs product seem interesting (love the minimal design). Last but not least, I’d buy some Dr. Hauschka products for my mom. :)

    Fantastic giveaway, as always!

  23. I love Vine! Those cucumber wipes are the best ever, and I LOVE that they have wooden baby toys … and so does my little lady :)

  24. Thanks, Vine! Love those yes to carrots towelettes and anything by Burt’s bees.

  25. dt says...

    I like Weleda and Burt’s Bee products.

  26. I tell you right now! If they ever get ride of Burt’s Bees chapstick I am in big trouble!

  27. I love Yes to Cucumbers! My son’s room is connected to the bathroom, and using these wipes allow me clean my face quietly without turning on the sink for a long period of time. :)

  28. The Burt’s Bees and Mrs. Meyer’s
    products are the best!

  29. I love Method products…it’s all I use around my house!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  30. Method cleaners for the house, want to try the lavender body oil for myself.

  31. My favorites that I’d like to try are Yogitoes rSkidless Yoga Towel and Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo.

  32. I LOVE Vine! Mrs. Meyers is our go-to cleaning and laundry supplies. What a great giveaway!

  33. Love weleda products!

  34. New Chapter vitamins are a standby in my home. $300 would buy a lot of those.

  35. Lavender Dr. Bronner’s and yoga wear all in the same place! So wonderful.

  36. Every thing by Method and Yes To that I’ve purchased has been wonderful. Would love this!

  37. I love Burt’s Bee so I’d love to try their lotion and ointments!

  38. I use the badger balm for sleep.It has lavender and is so helpful. And I used all Waleda care products with all my babies. Their calendula based formulas really work to prevent rashes.

  39. I’d probably spend the whole amount on Mrs. Meyers products!!

  40. i would stock up on dr. hauschka products and kind bars!

  41. My husband and I are expecting are first baby and I was thrilled to stumble upon the recommended products featured in the “Hospital Bag Guide”! Also can’t wait to get some goodies for our old puppy!

  42. I love Weleda products, too. Anything Winter Water Factory for baby clothes, or Aden + Anais. So much to choose from, certainly!

  43. I love all of this stuff, seriously. Every bit.

  44. Would love to buy some new toys for my second son and some sunscreen for both boys! Thanks! And Congrats! On your newest little boy.

  45. Love the kiss my face products! I would also love a schwinn bike!

  46. Gosh, I hope I’m not too late! I need that Big Body shampoo in the worst way!

  47. I love yes to cucumber facial wipes and anything by Method!!

  48. burts bees and method!

  49. I love the Method cleaning supplies!

  50. I know the Weleda rose oil and everything Dr. Hashuska~

  51. I LOVE the method line! We always stock up on it for our kitchen :)

  52. i love burts bees and dr bronzers.

  53. I’m so happy to have found this site through you! I have been trying to migrate away from harsh products through regular store brands. I just love the Weleda products and the amazing variety of natural remedy medicinal products they have especially their teas.
    Thank you!

  54. We love Weleda!!!

  55. Love the “Kiss My Face” Moisturizer!

  56. i love method and the weleda lotions!

  57. That’s a healthy amount to spend! I’d use it to stock up on Burts Bees and Dr Hauschka products.

  58. So many great things. I have my eye on basically everything from Plan Toys.

  59. I love Burt’s Bees, Mrs. Meyer’s, and Earth Science beauty products!

  60. I love the Weleda Rose Oil and all things Dr Hauschka!!

  61. Anything Burt’s Bees and also love Mrs. Meyers cleaning stuff. Fabulous giveaway! Thank you!

  62. Anything Bob’s Red Mill, Lavanila deo, and anything Burt’s Bees :)

  63. I would love to try the water filtration systems and i LOVE the bkr glass water bottle! thanks for hosting this :)

  64. I need some more of my beloved Burts foot lotion and cuticle butter

  65. I need some more of my beloved Burts foot lotion and cuticle butter

  66. I looove all the method cleaning products and the Yes to … line of beauty products!

  67. Oh, love so many of these… summer spa days! :)

  68. I love anything Burt’s bees, and since we are expecting a little dude in seven weeks I’d probably spoil him with some great new toys!

  69. I love the Mrs. Meyers products!

  70. I absolutely LOOOVE Vine, ever since I discovered it through your site. I get a lot of my baby food/toddler snacks off of there. I love the selection, living in a small town these things aren’t otherwise available to me. The natural skin care and home products are wonderful as well!

  71. I would stock up on Mrs. Meyers products and try the Yes eye makeup remover pads!

  72. We love Alba skincare and the Say Yes to Carrots shampoo. Always love burts bees!

  73. I love pretty much anything Mrs Meyers and that cute bottle in your photo! oh, and much more :)

  74. I love the wooden toys, especially the toy car and the xylophone. :)

  75. I could go for some Endangered Species chocolate.

  76. Vine is such a great idea! I love all things Lavanila, yes to cucumbers, and California Baby. Swell giveaway!

  77. Hope I’m not too late to enter! I could definitely spend $300 at Vine.com! Love the face wash from Weleda and could definitely find some fun toys for the baby…

  78. I love all of this! But my favorite is the glass water bottle. It just makes the water taste fresher!

  79. Keeping my fingers crossed – would love to win! I’ve been using Vine since you first introduced them on your blog…they’re awesome. :)

  80. I love the wooden toy selection! And would stock up on all Dr.Bronner’s products!

  81. I love all of the Burt’s Bees things! I can’t get enough.

  82. I would stock up on Kiss My Face products and natural laundry detergent.

  83. I love the Yes To products, and everything Method.

  84. I would buy 300$ worth of kiss your face deodorant. I have used it for over ten years and I love their products!

  85. I am so obsessed with Mrs.Meyer’s soaps!!

  86. I would buy 300$ worth of kiss your face deodorant. I have used it for over ten years and I love their products!

  87. love the glass water bottle!

  88. The arts and crafts section is nice. The “Bear on Bike” sketchbook is super cute, my mom could always use more bamboo knitting needles, etc.

  89. I love vine! They have so many of my favorite items!!!

  90. ive always wanted a bkr water bottle! i see it all of the time!

  91. the burts bees is wonderful–good for adults and kids!

  92. body care splurge for this working mama of 5 would go a long way!

  93. 1 kind bars
    say yes to tomatoes moisturizer
    alba body lotion

    and all trail mix! yum!

  94. I love Method and Yes To products but we just moved and I would love to get some things for my new home.

  95. Love all the method products! Thanks for the giveaway!

  96. Yes products are amazing and, of course, who can have enough of burt’s bees!

  97. Dr. Bronners’ soaps for sure!!!

    shannoncarman at yahoo dot com

  98. It’s almost back to school time. Any of the school products would be great!

  99. I would have some fun shopping for some skincare from Weleda and Elemental Herbology!

  100. Always love the Burts Bees!

  101. love Method and Burts Bees and Weleda products, and Aden and Anais crib sheets for my baby! What an amazing giveaway, thank you!

  102. Method, more Method, and even more Method. It’s my absolute favorite product to clean with. Thanks so much for the great chance to win! :)

  103. Love everything Dr. Haushchka, and all the Plan toys are wonderful!

  104. I love anything Burt’s Bees!

  105. s. says...

    We love our BumGenius cloth diapers. Thanks for the giveaway and coupon code!

  106. Sarah M.

    Love all of the Method products and Ecos laundry detergent is our family’s favorite.

  107. LOVE the bkr bottles, Weleda and Burt’s Bees!

  108. I love a good mud mask and the MyChelle Cranberry Mud Mask is fantastic!

  109. I love the “Yes to” products and have been meaning to try the Grapefruit line. I also love the Kiss My Face soaps.

  110. I wanna try the Avalon Organics Lavender conditioner!

  111. I love the Method products and Weleda!

  112. I’d love to try the Wean Green food containers. I’ve been looking for something safe for my little guy that will be heading to school in the fall.

  113. I love Weleda! Skin Food!

  114. I love Charlie’s soap and Biokleen!

  115. Oooh, I’d start by buying the United By Blue Laptop Bag. And then go nuts in the yoga shop and the dog shop!

  116. I love Charlie’s soap and Biokleen!

  117. All of the bedding is simply gorgeous! I would love to be able to style my home with any of them.