Fab Favorites

Fab is a fantastic modern design marketplace with great prices, and it’s fun to spend a while discovering all their pretty, colorful things. Also, good news: Kate Spade Saturday has an exclusive collection on Fab right now. They have playful dresses, colorful bags and cute accessories. Here are a few favorites for summer entertaining…

1. Wireless speaker. 2. Flask. 3. Kite. 4. Kate Spade Saturday dress. 5. Vases. 6. Kate Spade Saturday sandals. 7. Glacier ice balls. 8. Green Moss candle. 9. Chocolate figs.

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P.S. I also love this poster!

(This post is in partnership with Fab. Thanks so much for being supportive of the sponsors that help make Cup of Jo possible.)

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  2. You know what? If you like woodsy smells like the Green Moss candle you posted, you should check out Cire Trudon candles from Barneys! The “e” and “o” have accents, btw. The line has about 20 different smells and they’re all really non-traditional, I bought one last year called “Empire” that is AMAZING and it’s just beginning to run out. :| Let me know what you think. ;)

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  4. those chocolate covered figs look amazing!

  5. I love that poster, I love fab, and I want those figs! We are from the Bay Area originally, now living in the Seattle area. We’re just starting a collection of posters like the S.F. one from places we have/are visiting, with the plan of making an entire art wall with them.

  6. jm says...

    yes, the Golden Gate poster is so nice.

  7. great picks!


  8. Kate Spade Saturday stuff is so cute! I’m in love with that dress!

  9. I love the speaker! for a few seconds before reading the descriptions I thought the chocolate covered figs were an ugly ring!

  10. jm says...

    love that salut flask!

  11. Oh I never heard of this company, but I like the minimalist vases a lot! I would try chocolate figs if figs didn’t skeeve me out, I found a fig wasp in one once. That was the end.

    If anyone would like to check out my new blog, I’d be grateful!

  12. I love the flash and the candle. I thought the chocolate covered fig was a ring at first and was confused. It sounds more delicious that it looks.

  13. Fab is indeed a good site to stumble upon cool things.

    A friend of mine from college started his own organic cocktail mixer company (Cocktail Crate – it’s based in Queens, and you can order online!), and he was able to sell some of his mixers on Fab. It’s nice that it helps entrepreneurs too!

  14. That poster is awesome! I love the style. The little round flask is cute!