Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Have you seen Seinfeld’s online comedy series, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee? He invites funny people—David Letterman, Ricky Gervais, Chris Rock—to join him for a drive and cup of coffee. I’ve seen a few, and they’ve been okay—sometimes funny, but sometimes a little awkward. But! This one with Seth Meyers was great. It helps that Seth Meyers is totally adorable, and the fact that he seemed a little nervous around Seinfeld made him even cuter.

Watch it here, if you’d like (I loved the story about his parents):

P.S. Seinfeld posters and how to write a joke.

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  2. I’m a VW guy and started watching because of a Karmann Ghia…love them! Jerry kinda grew on me but Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks were amazing, this is a really good series with some being true GEMS!!!

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  4. I saw Seth Meyers playing catch with the cute little greyhound along the Hudson one day. I noticed the dog first, because it was the happiest looking dog EVER! With such a cute guy! And then… HEY! That’s Seth Meyers!!!

  5. I’m surprised you liked this one so much. Seinfeld actually looks bored out of his mind with Seth.

  6. Since last season, I really fell in love with this series. I love his ones with Larry David and David Letterman especially!

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  8. Ugh, really? Seinfeld comes off like a pretentious jerk. Did he really drive his fancy car from Manhattan to a hip spot in Brooklyn and then complain about parking it outside? Lame.

  9. I *love* Seth Myers, but Jerry Seinfeld always leaves me cold. Once he started talking about his $50 bill (honestly, how many people have a $50 bill to offer at a toll? Doesn’t he have an EZPass?), I had to turn off the video. He seems to be all about his conspicuous consumption (and I had to check to make sure that the Porsche part wasn’t an advert that could be skipped in 6 seconds). Seth Myers, however, is adorable, charming, unaffected, and I may skip ahead to see more of him.

  10. I’m totally keen on this series. I agree, it’s awkward sometimes. But it’s kind of fascinating to hear what these guys have to say when they’re unscripted. And Jerry Seinfeld is fun. (:

  11. This is my first introduction to the series and it was great! From the comments though, it seems to be hit or miss!

    Also, I totally thought I was watching a Porsche ad too but quickly realized it was Jerry’s voice!

  12. even though we were all mad at Alec Baldwin for awhile, his is still really funny, esp. the Burt Lancaster story…”I suppose you’re looking for this” :-)

  13. The ricky gervais one had me laughing so hard! I cant help it, I think he’s hilarious!

  14. I have had the biggest crush on Seth Meyers fo about five years now (which is awkward, because I’m seventeen, and this made it even bigger!

  15. I love this show. Don Rickles is my favorite so far.

  16. Ridiculous. Especially the “Acura food truck.” I’ll be giggling all day.

  17. i LOVE the one with Gad Elmaleh – but that’s probably because I’m French! Thanks for that, I didn’t know that show!

  18. I love this! it was so real and genuine and funny!

  19. That was really good! Seth Meyers is such a cutie! Thanks for the suggestion!

  20. I really wanted to watch it, but not enough to sit through the entire car commercial at the beginning. Sorry if this is sponsored by Porsche and you need to delete…

  21. so glad I’m not the only one who thought these were awkward. The Larry David one, naturally, was brilliant. LOVED seeing how smartly his mind worked. [Maybe I don’t get Seth Meyers humor but he seemed really smug to me….]

  22. I just saw this episode last night. It was so good! Kinda reminded me of a great NPR interview that you get to see instead of just listen to.

  23. I love the story about his parents… how endearing!

  24. i love the series. watched all of last season, but haven’t seen this season yet. i think the fact that they’re a little awkward is part of the reason the series is so good. you can tell the younger comedians are kind of in awe of jerry and he is kind of in awe of the older ones. it’s great to see comedians out of their element.

  25. I know! This is my absolute favorite clip – I posted it on my facebook as “perfection” I agree, Seth Myers did seem nervously extra cute around Seinfeld. Love them both and love watching coffee be made and NYC so it was again “perfection.” Love your blog, it’s my favorite part of the morning.

  26. That Carrera is so dreamy! The sound, swoooon! This episode was great. I’m looking forward to the Chris Rock one, too. Thanks for sharing. xo.

  27. Hey that’s my block! I live above the Roebling Tea Room!

  28. Loved the Seth interview…I have now been watching all of them! Ooh and I do love the Don Rickles one also! Thanks for the introduction, it has kept me laughing today.

  29. Oh my gosh, love that car!

  30. I’m suddenly in love with Seth Myers. His descriptions of his parents? Serious swoon. I want a love like that. Cute.

  31. hehehe. gotta love a smart man!

  32. I watch these every week and I’m always so disheartened by what a bad mood Jerry always seems to be in for a comedian! This whole season has been about him looking grumpily at the road while his passenger nervously laughs & their eyes dart around like, “What am I supposed to do with this guy?!”

  33. Ha! I haven’t seen this yet, so I’m excited to take a look. Seth Meyers is totally adorable. I developed a crush on him after watching that episode of Mindy where she keeps on hating the frozen yogurt flavors and ends up with a pretzel. Before that I didn’t have a second thought about him! Isn’t that always the way?

  34. I love this show. I make my husband watch them on Crackle and he says they are slow and boring but I am waiting to get my dad in my house to watch Mel Brook and Carl Reiner. So great and kind of historical. Love Love Love this series!

  35. I totally have a crush on Seth Meyers & Jerry Seinfield! How lovely! x

  36. i just fell in love with seth myers

  37. Can’t go wrong with Seinfeld and coffee in my book. I’m rooting for Seth and his upcoming late night show, really hope he does well. Jimmie Fallon was a little hard to watch in the beginning but someone wanted him to succeed by not cancelling his show. Look at him now!

  38. I love this show! The one where Larry David is taking about eating healthy and Jerry asks him what he eats when he just goes crazy… “Crazy is like 2 slices of pizza?” Jerry nods. “Never 2.” Great stuff!

    Molly from Mint Atelier

  39. love seth meyers so much! i’m NOT at all a jerry seinfeld fan (i hope my husband isn’t reading this, since he still can’t get over that fact), but this one was pretty good!

  40. I love all of them…so wonderful!!!

  41. I love this series! It’s hilarious, poignant, and witty.