Wednesday Giveaway!

Today’s giveaway is from Erica Weiner, a wonderful jewelry designer based in New York. Her new 1909 collection—named for the year her grandmother was born—is inspired by antique handmade jewelry.

Today, one lucky reader will receive these compass rose earrings ($330 value). On ancient maps, the compass rose symbol showed the cardinal directions: North, South, East and West. These pretty studs are made with tiny diamonds, and you can choose between 14K rose gold or 14K yellow gold. Beautiful, right?

For a chance to win, please visit Erica Weiner’s online shop and leave a comment below. A winner will be randomly selected tomorrow. Please be sure to leave a way to contact you (email, twitter, etc). Good luck! Update: The winner has been emailed. Thanks for playing.

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  5. I really love the pieces in her 1909 collection! And these earrings are lovely! ;D

  6. I really love her 1909 collection! Every piece is beautiful! Love the earrings!! ;D

  7. These are so unique and beautiful! As a geographer/cartographer they go well with my daily accessories- maps!

  8. This is the first time I’ve looked at Erica’s pieces and her work is AWESOME. I especially love the button jewelry – delicate and fun.

  9. CC says...

    These are absolutely gorgeous!

  10. Love the symbolism…

  11. Love the symbolism…

  12. Oh, I LOVE the Atomic Ring! And these earrings are amazing!

  13. Beautiful!!!

  14. Those earrings are amazing! Love! Now off to go see more of their wonderful pieces. :)

  15. Wow, she’s got some beautiful jewelry. I think the compass rose earrings are my favorite though. Here’s hoping!

  16. my love for erica weiner is endless! these are so beautiful!

  17. Absolutely stunning!

  18. So pretty!

  19. These earrings are beautiful! I also really like the Journey ring in turquoise and the raw sapphire earrings.

  20. Adorable! I’l dove to win it! I wish it would be gorgeous ruby ring.. But earrings are stunning too! :)
    (how to pray Gods of luck?))

  21. Wow I love that site– so many beautiful at great price points! Thank you!

  22. Amazingly beautiful earrings. I would love to win them. And 1909 was my gran’s birthyear too.

  23. Those are amazing. I love them an would love to win them!

  24. Those are absolutely amazing. I love them and would love to win them!

  25. How incredibly beautiful!! Love Erica Weiner’s work, wish I could buy her entire line.

  26. The rose gold is gorgeous!

  27. Hope it isn’t too late to enter! These are beautiful!

  28. Wow, these are perfect. And the Familial Set of Love Token Bracelets, are something truly special.

  29. I can’t find my earlier comment, but beautiful earings, I’d wear them to my September wedding.


  30. her work is gorgeous. i love those arrow earrings. so special.

  31. These would be such great everyday earrings!

  32. Stunning! I would love them.

  33. Too pretty! They remind me of Pride & Predjudice :)

  34. Gorgeous design. I really like this style!

  35. i LOVE these. kshwetz at gmail!

  36. These are absolutely perfect : )So simple yet so beautiful!

  37. These are absolutely perfect : )So simple yet so beautiful!

  38. love these!

  39. What a lovely collection!

  40. What a lovely collection!

  41. The earrings are so lovely!!

  42. I hope it’s not too late to enter! How beautiful…

  43. Gorgeous!

  44. Wow those are so beautiful!!!!