Summer Shoes

I’m really loving espadrilles for this summer. They’re comfy and tomboyish and they make your legs look pretty in shorts. Plus, my friend Kendra always wears them, and she’s my style guide in every way. They come in tons of fun colors…

You can find them here and here.

What do you think? Would you wear them? (I just ordered a pair!)

P.S. My favorite wedges and sneakers.

  1. Truly wonderful summer sandals.

  2. This are wonderful easy going shoes. There are beautiful and can render good comfort. Though there are not really work shoes. See below for work shoes.

  3. I just found a pair of these today at LOFT for $4.88. They are two-time powder blue and darker blue. Can’t beat that!

  4. I love espadrilles too! they are so comfortable~ the flat ones almost feel like slippers and the wedge ones are so fun for summer. I did a little history of the espadrille post that you can see here if you get a chance:
    cheers, and love your blog:)

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  7. These are called “Alparcatas” in Portuguese and cost around 8 euros! And they are handmade!

    I’m from Portugal and I’ve wear them all my life in the summer!

    They’re great!

    • Sorry: Alpargatas! with a G :)

  8. Canvas shoes can be pretty comfortable to wear around. Especially for casual attire and semi formal dress up needs of the masses. Other trends relating to casual shoes and outfits for 2013 include the pastel colors and flouncy dresses.

  9. I think people are going to like these new shoes. I like them. I had a lot of success with the one last year, but this year’s shoe is going to be a little different .

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  10. Love espadrilles!! thanks for sharing this great find!

  11. I love these! I wanted to buy some Toms for quite a while now but i actually like those Soludos ones more!

  12. They look so comfortable!! Love the colors too!!
    new follower

  13. I don’t love espadrilles because the minute they get wet, they get water logged, heavy, and seep through to the sole of your foot! After that, they’re pretty much ruined. Too bad because some of them are cute.

  14. Victorias’s Secret has some beautiful lace ones and I recently picked up a pair of Frye leather flats that are SO comfy. Can’t wait for summer!

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  16. May I ask.. Does anyone know where the top photo is from? I love the pink shirt!

    • I wondered the same thing!

  17. Since they are indeed so ubiquitous in Spain it’s hard for me to even think of them as anything other than practical slippers you can wear in the streets, if that makes any sense. I do, however, love a good wedge espadrille. I picked these up at the beginning of the summer and am loving them:

    They’re harder to find in the states at non-exorbitant prices, I still wonder if I should start importing them…

  18. Here in Spain espadrilles are very typical but as nasualua says, we love them because of their comfyness not their glamour ha ha! I don’t even know how many pairs of them I’ve owned in 21 years of life… right now I have… five pairs!! (two are wedged)

  19. It’s funny how we Spaniards consider those shoes as our “rural” shoes, not glamourous at all, just comfy :) My grandpa used to wear them all the time!

  20. These are all so pretty! I couldn’t really say since I’ve never owned a pair of espadrilles, but they’re definitely on my list of things to try

  21. The Ikat ones are totally the best Joanna! This post made me regret not buying the authentic ones in Greece. I’m going to Scout these while I mill them over (and added bonus – maybe they’ll go on sale!).

  22. So timely, I’m visiting NYC this week and today I chose the pair in the top picture as my walking around the city shoes and they actually handled really well and were really comfy. I love them and I wash them when they get dirty, my sister just sent me a striped pair that didn’t fit her, hooray!

  23. I still miss my old Jacques Cohen espadrilles…

  24. I just picked up a new pair for this summer too. Pare Gabia, the original French espadrilles from the Basque country. Unrivaled!

    xoxo PARIS BEE kids blog

  25. I have a pair from Soludos from JCrew last summer. They’re FANTASTIC and comfortable for grass walking, but I think they’re a little too thin for me when I wear them on the hard NYC sidewalks. I love that they don’t cause blisters though.

  26. Curious if these are comfortable for walking around? I mean, I completely agree that they’re cute — but is there any flexibility in that type of sole? I have a lot of cute but uncomfortable shoes that have only been worn once or twice in my closet. :(

    I have been loving a pair of metallic gold driving moccasins I bought in the spring from the GAP (no longer available, sorry) — nice tread and (so far) no annoying bits to cause blisters.

  27. have always had espadrilles, I wear them in winter as bedroom slippers
    same story here, never pay more than 5 eu for espadrilles
    greetings from brussels,

  28. I love Toms and they help kids…might want to give them a go, super comfy and cute

  29. Soledos are made in China… come on!.. if you want an authentic traditional product/look, they are cheap to make and should be made in Europe, where they are traditionally made and where people receive descent wages.

    • Thanks for pointing that out. I’m definitely not going to get a pair now. (They are cute though)

    • I thought the same thing, Elise! I live in Provence where folks still sew them by hand. Do I love the ikat pattern? Yes. Would I buy them? NO WAY.

  30. I’m such a fan of the original Toms — I love that they last a long time and are great in the heat. But I hadn’t seen these styles, and I like them very much. Thanks for sharing!


  31. Hella cute! Wish I had the legs to make them look their best. I have perfectly nice legs (as my grandfather would say, they reach the ground!), but they benefit enormously from a heel.

  32. I used to absolutely hate these shoes. It was really bad. But now I am starting to like the style more and more especially since I buy 99% flats to make my life easier. With a casual outfit or even something a little more chic I’d love a pair!

  33. i love espadrilles – everything about them! i have about 10 pair (they wear out SO quickly) and i continue to hoard more. just wish they were sturdier, although I guess one of the perks of wearing them is how comfy they are.

  34. jm says...

    I just bought a pair of Toms. They are so comfortable!

  35. I love these, they make your feet look smaller! I have striped ones.


  36. Love them! I’ve been wearing Toms a bit lately, which look very similar, but these are a nice summery-looking option.

  37. Thanks for the links :) However, just so you know, your first link (out of the two at the end) actually goes to Tom’s shoes at Nordstrom.

  38. Not revealing the brand name in your post is a bit of a cheap ploy to get people to click your sponsored links, really.

  39. I’ve been looking for a cute, casual pair of slip-ons for the summer. These are perfect!!

  40. I love moccasins but I always feel like people might think I’m wearing slippers. Maybe a pair of espadrilles is the answer!

  41. I used to have a pair of these with a coral paisley pattern. They were so cute and comfy.

  42. It’s the ultimate French summer shoes. Everyone wears them during the warm days… Even better than flipflops on hot summer days and much more stylish! There’s always a time when you realize that you’re so underdressed in summer clothes and espadrilles can save the day..!
    Though in France, we just go and buy them at the supermarket at barely 5€… I cannot for my life buy espadrilles above 15€!! French tradition!

    • Love them. They also wear them in Catalonia, Spain, where my mother is from. I have a pair and paid much less than Soludos is selling them for, but I have to admit I love all their patterns.

  43. Oh yes, those are the ultimate summer shoes! I just bought a pair at Louboutin in Paris last week…

  44. I like the ones you ordered. I haven’t owned a pair like these before, but they would totally fit in with my wardrobe.

    Kate from Clear the Way

  45. They’re originally from Spain. So comfy!

  46. I have actually been really on the fence about this style but am loving all the ones you posted. Particularly the ones you ordered, so cute! I think I have seen people style them really poorly but what you have displayed has changed my tune! Great Summer shoes!

  47. I just picked up a colourful pair from Gap that I’ve been eyeing for the past little while and they look SO cute on! A playful addition to a simple outfit, like the striped sleeveless dress I bought along with them…

    Becca / A Good Good