1. I have always loved conversational prints. This one is super clever. It has what we call in the business, three reads. At first glance, nice banding or stripes, then you see the elephant motif. Lastly you can appreciate the intricate detail within the elephants. Super! Alexander McQueen has some beautiful 3 read conversational prints too.

    Anne Marie Jackson/Pattern Occurring

  2. Just ordered…this is awesome!

  3. Oh my! I neeeed this now! I’m in love.

  4. I love the print of this dress, but I’m sad that it has the pleating starting so high. It doesn’t quite work for my body proportions. Great choice though, as it is gorgeous xx

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  6. I really like the cut, but I’m just not a fan of animal prints on dresses! They feel too cutesy for me… The print itself is nice though. I could see it on a cushion or a dress for my daughter. :)

  7. Such a cute dress, love the print! Not so sure about the shape/fit though.

  8. oh my heavens. I want to buy it now!

  9. It’s so cute, only thing is that it might fit like a shirt for the tall ladies. Slip some cut offs under it and call it cute!

  10. that is so cute, and the vintage-y feel of the dress is awesome!

  11. joanna, you are diabolical! looking at this post just caused me to buy this other asos dress, which i think is cute like the elephant dress: http://tinyurl.com/mdgaeyk

    stop with all the great fashion referrals! :)


  12. Love the print, but it has no shape whatsoever.

  13. Super cute!

  14. Love the print, but sadly would not be able to get away with that shape. I’m 5ft3, so dresses this shape look absolutely dreadful on me unfortunately! I most definitely wasn’t built with smock dresses in mind! ;)


  15. How adorable! I agree that the back may be a little baggy (for my body) but a classic, this belt should take care of that. I think they should make one with Giraffes…


  16. adorable. you need this.

  17. Beautiful and quirky!

  18. I ordered this yesterday; I cannot wait to rock these elephants! x

  19. … Such a coincidence! There are two blogs I read regularly: yours, of course, and the one a Spanish actress writes mostly on her clothes, beauty… And today she posted pictures of a very similar outfit: http://paula-echevarria.blogs.elle.es/ I thought I was having a déjà vu! So weird! It definitely has to be in so I gues we will be seeing this kind of outfits everywhere this summer?

  20. Love this dress. I often find myself buying clothes that I think my kids will like :) My two year old son is obsessed with elephants so I think I may have to have it.

  21. I just had to order it! I’ve actually been looking at it for a couple days after seeing it on pinterest, and seeing this post sealed the deal!

  22. At first I was like, meh, but then I looked closer and I really like it. However, I think you almost have to be built like the model to wear it, or else it comes dangerously close to “short muumuu”. Also, the back view is a little weird. It looks kind of baggy.

  23. Me too! I just blogged about this today too! And I don’t think it looks like a nightshirt…:)

  24. I think it looks like a nightgown…

  25. Looks like a night shirt to me…

  26. At first I didn’t even notice the elephant print. I think it is such a cool idea. I would love wearing it.

    It is unique, yet simple enough.

    And gosh! the fitting of it is so nice.


  27. Definitely would wear that dress and shoes!