Cheap Date Night: Biore Strips

Our baby must be cozy because I haven’t gone into labor yet! My due date is still a couple days away, but my doctor really expects the baby to arrive early, so we’re on pins and needles.

In the meantime, Alex and I have been trying to work in some pre-baby Last Hurrahs—going to a romantic Italian restaurant, hanging with friends, staying up late watching movies. So, last night, we decided to do an at-home spa night, where we drank sparkling water, gave each other massages (and foot rubs), and busted out…Biore Pore Strips.

Have you ever tried them? You stick them on your nose, wait ten minutes and then peel them off, along with all the dirt and blackheads. I know, it’s gross. But! They are weirdly awesome and satisfying, and the funny thing is, guys love them. When I was younger, I used to even bring a pack home at Christmas for my male relatives, who would all jump at the chance to compare their used strips. It’s a rare mix of guy humor and girly pampering.
(Haha, I spared Alex from posing for a photo.) It was a really fun night, and I’d recommend them if you want to do something amusing and random one evening.
P.S. Just for fun, here’s Toby dressed up as Daddy earlier that evening. #nailedit

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  1. So funny, I remember all the guys at college secretly using these!!n You could not leave a box in the communcal bathroom of our co-ed dorm or they would disappear.

  2. this is so funny to me! i have those strips too and my husband loves them. oddly satisfying and gross to look at the strip after

  3. LOVE these! here (UK) I get them in a really cheap pharmacy type place, are they expensive there? so weird the way it feels like paper mache on your nose!

  4. This just seems like a very strange activity to promote! You think this is amusing? Maybe if you are waiting to go into labor…

  5. I LOVE those strips!!! my boyfriend of a few years ago loved them too! hahaha this gave me a giggle, I never thought many people used them, and I’m glad to hear that guys over in New York like them just as much as here in Australia ;)

  6. Home spa date is always a great evening plan! I love to light scented candles and to have a bath with salts. Mutual feet massage is a good treat, too! Toby and you look so cute in these photos…
    I wish the baby is coming soon. All my good vibrations for when you get into labor.

  7. My husband LOVES these, too. He’s always bursting with pride after getting a “good one.”

  8. I have used these since high school! They are really fun, and I did get my significant other to use them by making it a competition! Haha! But I also recently learned that most of what look like blackheads on your nose are actually sebaceous filaments (can also be found on your chin), and will always come back. And that the pore strips can harm your skin by causing icky spider veins that will never go away. But I still use them because it’s fun and I do have some actual blackheads on my nose. Usually you can tell the difference because blackheads are darker and larger than the sebaceous filaments.

  9. Haha Do these work?? I was under the impression that they didn’t. Either way — effing hate blackheads! I can imagine it’s satisfying!

  10. I always buy a pack when staying at a friend’s house on vacation! Its such a silly thanks for letting me stay lets bond over human grossness together activity! and guys do like it.

  11. Man, i hope i look as good as you at nine months pregnant!!! :)

  12. CC says...

    I totally forgotten about those strips. I haven’t used them since high school. But I definitely know now what I am adding to my shopping list. And to my next date night. :)

  13. It’s like the Friends episode where the guys use them!

  14. You are so gorgeous looking pregnant women! Really radiating and so beautifully smiling! Love your blog so so much!

  15. Guys, for all the people freaking out at Joanna saying this must be a sponsored post–chill out! She is very open when posts are sponsored. This is something most of us have tried with friends and laughed about, and for Americans at least, this brand name is very, very associated with the whole concept of pore strips… in a way that they became THE thing to play with during middle school/high school girls nights. For me, at least, nothing about this came across as necessarily sponsored, and given that Joanna does make it explicit when posts ARE sponsored, can’t we just give her the benefit of the doubt?

    My only concern with this post: I once heard those things are terrible for your skin…

    • I agree. I’m also giving her the benefit of the doubt and assume that this isn’t a sponsored post because they’re labeled as such when they are sponsored (but please correct me if I’m wrong). I just take it as a review on a popular product and FWIW, these don’t work for me.

  16. Oh, I am waiting for news of your new baby– I hope s/he comes soon! I have never tried Biore strips, totally should though.

  17. Saw you pinned a picture of Cape Town, where I have the privilege of living with my husband and 2 daughters! The youngest was born in April (a week early). I love reading your blog…especially the parts on motherhood. Hope you have a special birth experience and that you will come and visit us in Cape Town one day!! Ince

  18. Sponsored post?

  19. HY says...

    I love this! My ex-boyfriend was also weirdly enthusiastic about using pore strips with me. I also jot down in my planner to bring pore strips for him when I was coming to stay for the weekend. Hilarious that it seems to be a universal guy thing.

  20. Jo, this is hilarious. They used to be a big thing at teenage slumber parties, but I had forgotten all about them,

  21. id says...

    This is hilarious. I love it! Your pores will look awesome for baby! :)

  22. I need to try them, my nose needs to try them!
    And Jo, you look amazing!

  23. LK says...

    Who cares if it’s sponsored or not or if Joanna says so? This is a product every woman has tried, so there’s a good chance it’s not sponsored. Just talking about a fun night. I did a TOMS post on my blog once just because I really love those shoes. No one paid me. And even if she did get paid, good for her! She’s living the writers’ dream. She doesn’t have to tell us. It’s a blog. And guess what…. she always does otherwise. Again, who cares? I love Joanna’s posts so I’m sticking with her.

  24. This is sponsored advertising from a huge company. I feel dumb for reading all the way through this post. This blog has lost its authenticity, for me anyhow.

  25. I used similar ones from Nivea a while ago and while they did pull out some stuff, they also scarred me..! I totally got this weird little dimple on my nose :-/

  26. Haha, and I thought I was the only one who found these satisfying! Apparently they work even better if you apply them straight after a shower, so your pores are open…

  27. Those pore stripes really are so fun to do. I remember using them at all the sleepovers I had in high school with my girl friends. We were always chickens when it came to ripping them off…but what can I say, it HURTS hahaha.

  28. I don’t mind the sponsored posts, but its off-putting when they aren’t labeled as such.

  29. You are so right, guys are crazy for pore strips! They are special girl paraphernalia that they only have access to when in relationships. I have had multiple boyfriends get positively giddy about comparing our pore gunk :)

  30. I LOVE Toby’s Michigan shirt! I’ll have to try this with my husband, I have a feeling he’d actually enjoy using pore strips. ;-)

    • M y brother’s company,, sells the shirt Toby has on. My 3-year-old has the same one. :)

    • Hey ladies, if you are down with the mitten, check out the t-shirt company I just started with my hubby and baby son. You can find them on Bryan Clever Photography facebook page. :-) We make really cute Petoskey Stone Michigan T’s.

  31. o.m.g. love these! have been using them since high school and never stopped! my bf is a wuss when it comes to beauty, i don’t think he can handle the “tear off” part.

  32. o.m.g. love these! have been using them since high school and never stopped! my bf is a wuss when it comes to beauty, i don’t think he can handle the “tear off” part.

  33. So funny- my boyfriend LOVES these too! I convinced him to try them after he was sick of me trying to clean out his pores (gross I know, but that’s love, isn’t it?) He has some pretty large pores that require a lot of cleaning, but two strips in a row usually does the trick! The other week I was looking at him and said “Did you use a Biore strip today?” And he said “Yep, this morning! Can you tell?” “Oh yea!!” “GREAT!”

    So cute. I also enjoy using them, despite the tears that form in my eyes when I peel it off. :)

  34. Love Toby’s mitten tee!!! My husband just moved to Rochester, Michigan and that was the first thing I bought! ha ha

    • Im from Rochester! I live in Northern Michigan now and my husband, baby son and I just started a T-Shirt company with really cute Michigan shirts. Check it out Bryan Clever Photography on facebook :-)

  35. I had no idea this was something guys love! My husband has been holding out on me. Do you find they really? I haven’t tried them before.

  36. Ugh! My husband hates biore strips and I love them. Sometimes he will do it as a favor for me but he thinks it useless as his pores fill back up again. My dad has a big pore on his nose and when I lived with my parents they would put them on too. Such fun!

  37. This is hilarious! I thought my boyfriend was the only weird guy who loves these! I actually borrow them from him. The only caveat is that he insists on showing me what he pulled from his face once it’s over. So gross.

  38. hahaha this is such a great post. I love your date night ideas.

    My husband loves Biore strips as much as I do. And I love your idea of giving them as gifts to your guy relatives. Hilariously genius.

  39. Biore strips are great- I am definitely a fan. It’s so crazy to see all the stuff come off your face, but then you just know your face is better off for it. Ha.

    P.S. I always splash super cold water on my face afterward to seal off the pores. It works, I swear (an old trick my grandma taught me)!

    Pins and needles indeed about waiting to go into labor! Must be such a strange and wonderful feeling. I’d been thinking that maybe the giveaway post, blueberry cake post, etc. were ones you’d had ready to post this week while at the hospital, and perhaps you’d gone into labor! But alas. So close to having another great little person in your family! :)

  40. You look so great – even with a biore pore strip on your nose.
    I was also convinced that my second was coming early…and he was two weeks late and almost induced until at the very last second (at the hospital) I went into labor. I was also told that the baby felt like it was about 7 or 8 pounds – but he was a whopping and healthy 9 lbs. 6 oz.! And super wrinkly and peely from “cooking” for so long…enjoy the last few (albeit uncomfortable) days of being a threesome. :)

  41. Oh my goodness, please ignore miss @isabelle up there. I think it’s a funny post. I’m willing to bet my husband would love those things. Also, you look SO PRETTY in your last couple days of pregnancy!! Major baby glow.

  42. This is one of my fav things… SO FUN! I love seeing all the blackheads come out :)

  43. I did this with an ex who had never “biore’d” before. He was amazed to say the least..

  44. I hope your baby comes sooner than later! I really thought mine was going to be early too and he was 11 days late! :-o I think its kind of mean for your doctor to tell you that she really thinks your baby is going to come early. As if the last days are not hard enough, you don’t need the docs getting your hopes up attempting to predict something that is completely and 100% unpredictable. Best wishes for a smooth delivery! Can’t wait to hear all about it :-)

  45. What a cute idea — Toby is rocking those specks!

  46. an oldie but goodie! love this post:)

  47. That picture of toby is so cute! he definitely nailed it i’m sure :)

  48. Those things hurt a ton when you pull them off! I’m also surprised that guys use them??

  49. The title of this post just made me crack up at my desk! Definitely didnt expect “Biore strips” after “At Home Date Night”. Hysterical.

  50. Those are the best! My husband really gets a kick out of them.

  51. Funny! My husband totally loves them too, except when it comes time to take it off, he’s such a baby and whines about how much it hurts.

  52. Hahaha, this is totally random but I love it! I have to confess I share the same weird fascination. :)

  53. I am sorry Joanna, but I am gone
    This is clearly a sponsored post… otherwise you would not have posted a picture of the box or named the brand. But it says so nowhere… There is nothing that can make me convinced of the contrary…

    I believe blogging is still finding it’s way as a profession but given your background you should be more transparent to your readers and follow your own guidelines as stated on your site.

    I loved your blogged, read it from beginning to end 2 years ago but lately it is not the same anymore

    Farewell, hoping you will have the decency to respect your readers and keep my comment on, as it is factual and not derogatory

    • This struck me as so peculiar and a tiny bit paranoid somehow. What on earth would make you think Joanna would do a sponsored post without mentioning that it’s sponsored? She often links to products and shows photos of things that are not sponsored. Just because she mentioned a brand by name? As far as I know, Biore is the only company that makes these fascinating little things. People say the brand name altogether as if it is the name of the product constantly–this is not a thing that is original to Joanna. :)

      And of course it isn’t the “same.” It seems that she’s had a couple of children since you began reading. :)

    • soupprincess says...

      Then I assume you never say “band-aid”, “kool-aid”, “Q-tip”, etc? Are your own writings censored down to say “adhesive bandage”, “flavored drink mix” and “cotton swab” all throughout? Then maybe give the author, who acknowledges her actual sponsored posts, the benefit of the doubt as to knowing who’s paying her and who isn’t, or perhaps *don’t* read it if you’re offended. She has plenty of readers and I’m sure someone who makes hysterical, paranoid accusations will hardly be missed.

  54. OMG you have the baby glow going! Best of luck with your delivery!

  55. I love these strips they are so good..have been meaning to get them for my husband :)

  56. Too funny; my husband secretly LOVES these pore strips. I even stuck a few in his birthday card one year as a fun treat!

  57. My husband and I started doing this when we were dating! I knew there must be something special about him if he’s willing to do it, lol. And the funny thing is, now, he loves it more than I do!
    P.S OMG Toby is SO adorable in that pic!!

  58. I made some “homemade pore strips” a few weeks ago based on a recipe I found on pinterest. Nope. Sticking to the real thing from now on!

    • I’ve tried those too, Christie! They don’t work at all :( Guess we’ll have to keep using the expensive ones! xx

      Allie @

  59. You look so beautiful, Joanna! Best of luck to you in the next few days with the new bebe. xo

  60. ND says...

    So funny/true that guys like them! Instant gratification :)

  61. I love those things, but I can’t use them while on acne meds (I made that mistake once and the raw skin was awful!) That photo of Toby is adorable. :)

  62. I’m not even kidding…my boyfriend and I did this like 2 nights ago. Took a picture together.

  63. I really want to try these. I think this is the push I needed. Also, Toby looks adorable!

  64. ok but for those guys who haven’t tried it yet, how do you convince your boyfriend with eh hem, blackheads, to try one without offending him. (asking for a friend ;) )

    • @Jenna… turn it into a competition. “I bet mine will have more stuff on it!” Ew, I know. But it just might work! ;)

  65. Oh my. The only time I tried these they ripped the skin off of my nose! I’m guessing you didn’t have this problem. :)