5 Gifts Guys Secretly Want For Father’s Day

5 Gifts Guys Secretly Want for Father's Day

Alex wrote my Father’s Day gift guide last year because, as he said, “sometimes guys just want a football.” So, last night, I asked him to reveal the five gifts he’d secretly love this year, and here’s what he told me…

5 Things Guys Secretly Want for Father's Day

One of three cool Dad mugs for morning coffee, $22.

5 Things Guys Secretly Want for Father's Day

Uniqlo shirts, $12.90 to $29.90. I recently ruined an expensive shirt when I carried Toby and ended up covered in red stains from a rogue cherry lollipop. Then I lost another shirt when a friend’s 8-year-old spilled punch on me at a birthday party. Desperate to find a cheap alternative, I headed to Uniqlo and discovered their shockingly great shirts. They’re 1/5 of the price of fancier dress shirts but look (almost) as good. These should be every dad’s official summer uniform.

5 Things Guys Secretly Want for Father's Day

Spicy Pickle Bloody Mary mix, $96 for a case of 12, or $12.50 for a single jar. This mix is made in Detroit by the family-owned pickle company McClures. He’ll love the briny flavor and intense spice, and you can really taste the fresh veggies (it feels almost good for you!). This mix makes the best Bloody Mary I’ve ever tasted, hands down.

The T.A.M.I. Show, $9.99. Lately, I’ve been turning Toby on to the music of the mid-’60s by watching the famous T.A.M.I. Show DVD in the mornings. The film captures so many great acts—The Stones, Marvin Gaye, the Beach Boys, James Brown, Smokey Robinson, The Supremes, Chuck Berry—at a legendary 1964 concert at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. Quentin Tarantino and many others have said it’s one of the greatest concert movies of all time, and Toby seems to agree. Hours after watching it, he’ll still turn to me and ask, “You remember Mitt Jadder?”

Atomic watch, $114. This Casio G-Shock watch continually resets via a signal from the atomic transmitter to give you the exact actual time, to the second. In other words, if someone asks you what time it is, you can always say, “This is the time. Like, seriously.” Plus, it’s Navy-Seal tough, solar powered and super cool looking.

Thank you so much, Alex!

P.S. More awesome gifts for guys, including Alex’s Father’s Day guide last year…

(Top photo of my dad with my sister and me)

  1. The watch with atomic time has me laughing because growing up my dad’s favorite phrase, as he looked at his accurate watch, was “the time is the time”:)

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  3. Oh, man – the Mitt Jadder line is adorable. So funny! Great gift idea, as well.

  4. Oh, man – the Mitt Jadder line is adorable. So funny! Great gift idea, as well.

  5. Thanks so much for these fun ideas. Alex is such a cool dad. And by the way, I think a great place to generate baby name ideas is from the W@rby P@rker website. I’m misspelling because I don’t work for them and I don’t want to advertise for one of your non-sponsors on your site. :) But, the names of their glasses are great and might give you an idea.

  6. These were great suggestions! Thank you!

  7. Mitt Jadder!! I bought my dad Keith Richard’s autobiography last year for Father’s Day, he really enjoyed it! There were some especially good pictures. – Holly (

  8. jm says...

    That top picute is too adorable for words.

  9. The T.A.M.I. show DVD looks like it’s right up my dad’s alley! Thank you for putting this together. :)

  10. Toby wanting to talk about “Mitt Jadder” has to be one of my favorite things you’ve ever put on this blog :) Great list of gifts!

  11. That spicy bloody mary mix is one of my dad’s favorites!

  12. My husband makes everyone who enters our house for any length of time watch the T.A.M.I. show. My favorite part is the Flames and James Brown singing the hits at triple time. Great stuff. Cheers – CT

  13. just bought the T.A.M.I. Show for my father in law. GREAT tips!

  14. my husband wears that watch on his submarine! It looks as good as the day we bought it….and he thinks he looks super cool with it on ha!

  15. Oooh, my husband would love the music dvd. Phew! You have saved me from a lot of fretting! THANKS!!!!!

  16. It looks like the “Top Pop” mug is not actually for sale on that website. I checked the site you linked to and I couldn’t find that mug. It appears it is just a heading for the “Old School Dad” section. Kind of a bummer:(

  17. I seem to remember a Casio G-Shock on Keanu Reeves’s wrist in Speed. Like, extreme close-up/product placement.

  18. I love the way the twins are so engrossed in the photo. Who are those beautiful people?

  19. K says...

    I think that Top Pop mug is heading to my dad this year!

  20. My husband loved the Steven Pinker book you recommended last year! Thanks!

  21. Yes to Uniqlo shirts for men! I bought my hubs five shirts for his birthday there, and they are standing the test of time! Great ideas for the men in our lives! I find dudes especially hard to shop for.

  22. I think my dad would be tres happy with the bloody mary mix…apart from him thinking I may have bought it for myself ;) If only I still lived in NYC. If I bought my dad a mug though think he would go stir crazy…we have ZILLIONS in our house, he’s trying to off load. Great gift guide – so sick of brands sending the same boring guides each year!

    • Wow, bloody mary mix is meant to be! Showed my mum and she said that in the uk the website is selling this mix currently as well. Thanks Jo!!! Just purchased!

  23. This year I will be writing something really nice to my dad…he lives in Mexico so shipping something over there is a bit pricey but he’ll love what I write.

    Brunette Letters Blog

  24. Thank goodness you posted about this! I find it difficult to shop for my dad. Definitely think I’ll go with one of the Uniqlo shirts.