1. Whoever came up with the idea of wallpapers is a genius :) The bird one is awesome.

  2. They look great! How nice it would be to be able to change the wallpaper by season! Not on every wall but have one wall that keeps changing :-)

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  4. Great option! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love these! I live in a NYC rental too. This would make my walls so much more interesting.

  6. jm says...

    Ooh, I would love to try that. Love the bird paper in cream, too.

  7. I wont be putting up any until I hear about the removal process. I just had to remove a large piece of art and wall anchors from an apartment wall. So now I know to think about how easy it is to actually remove it.

  8. Back when I was renting, I hung fabric with liquid starch. It was super cheap, stayed up as long as I wanted it to and didn’t leave a trace when I pulled it down.

  9. One of the many reasons I have loved your blog for so long…you’re on the same wavelength! I was JUST thinking to myself, “I know I’m a home owner but that doesn’t mean I have to be permanent about everything. I wonder if I can find some reasonably priced temporary wallpaper for the bathroom.” Then BOOM! Joanna for the win. Thanks lady. :)

  10. if you are allowed to paint in your rental, i’d definitely recommend http://www.cuttingedgestencils.com/. they have some pretty neat designs and while it may require a little bit more effort, i think it may be a bit more cost effective. i am definitely going to use it in my new place and recently my friends used one of the designs in their living room and it looks gorgeous.

  11. Seriously genius. Even for just one wall in a power room or the little alcove in the bedroom of our rental Cape Cod right now. Thanks, Joanna!

  12. OOOH! Thats a genius idea! I’ve had the sam problem in a rented apartment.
    Also when I was in a dormroom I just hated the colour of the room, that would have been very helpful then!


  13. I love all of these! Removable wallpaper is pure genius – even for those who own their place. It’s a great way to change things up!


  14. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! I’ve been searching high and low for fun removable wall paper for my apartment and only found pretty blah ones. So excited!


  15. love this idea and i’m not surprised that the daydream sunshine is my favorite!

  16. I really REALLY love this idea. Thank you for sharing this!!

  17. I hung the middle one (blue with birds) in the half-bath on our main floor. I absolutely adore it.

  18. OMG! I am dying for these! Thank you so much for sharing! Need to get them in France asap!

    xoxo PARIS BEE kids blog

  19. Although I used the permanent kind, I can vouch for the third paper – the Oh Joy! blue and white petal pusher – in a small hallway/foyer. It does wonders to brighten up the space and looks good with simple artwork as well. A (very grainy) photo example: http://pinterest.com/pin/408631366159968943/

    • That looks awesome Erica!

  20. Anthropologie has some too – I got some for my bathroom last fall and LOVE it. Haven’t done the math but it might be cheaper there as well, I got a whole roll for about $130.

  21. This is AWESOME! We also rent, and all white walls can be so boring!

  22. These are a bit pricey even for our tiny home but they’re absolutely beautiful.

  23. Ha! What a good idea.
    I would have never thought of that.
    It would have saved long nights of whining about not being able to put color on our apartment walls!

    Manda from Eat Cake

  24. I’m a renter too and adore this idea. Urban Outiffers also has some really responsibly priced temporary wallpaper prints, gold chevron…love!

    • I’m so glad you recommended Urban Outfitters! I love the idea of temporary wallpaper….but this would be too expensive for me :) Especially because my husband would likely hate it :)

  25. Even though we own our house I love this idea! Maybe I’ll be able to convince my boyfriend to go for a funky wallpaper with the promise that we can always take it down!

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  27. We rent too and I love this idea – frankly, it’s about time! ;-)

  28. The bird one is awesome. My husband would hate it, but I love it.


  29. Beautiful! My apartment is so incredibly white, it would be nice to have something lovely on my walls! This is really brilliant! I’ve also seen really ambitious people use different sizes of washi tape (I guess they come in really big widths) to make gorgeous, geometric wall designs!

  30. I was just looking at removable wallpaper from Tempaper that I really thought would be super cute on one wall in my bedroom, but I’m a little hesitant, lining up the tiles perfectly scares me! But I guess if it’s removable it doesn’t matter! (ugh, over-thinking it!)