1. I love my wake up app on my phone. We have a couple of alert. One to get me up, second one to get us out the door to school.

  2. The shake-to-wake feature is pretty cool and probably pretty effective. The only problem is, I could easily see myself accidentally flipping the phone over when I want to snooze and turning off the entire alarm!

  3. haha, sounds great. i’ve tried different things for waking up, but i still hate it.. i guess i’m just not a morning person. thanks for sharing though!

  4. I totally need this…i have the hardest time waking up!! Would be nice if it came with that adorable dog too. ;)

  5. I need this alarm! And the shaking feature. And it to roll away from me.


  6. This is nice, but not new to me. The alarm on my Galaxy S2 has some pretty neat settings. For example, if you want to use the shake method, you have to shake it longer each time you snooze. Another option is you have to do math problems.

  7. Totally brilliant! Nothing I hate more than really crazy buzzing alarm clocks–I normally wake to music from my iPod, but that can be pretty chill and I sleep right through it if I’m really tired, so the shaking feature would be awesome!