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  3. This is so silly – I love it! (Saying totes is one of my shameful secrets – it started out as an ironic thing and now I actually say it. Embarrassing.)

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  5. In England it is THE done thing to abbreviate words. ‘Awks’ is my favourite, for when anything’s, you know, awkward… (www.toscarboroughfair.blogspot.com)

  6. This is awesome! Saying “totes” was an inside joke amongst my friends in high school. Just ordered it for my BFF’s birthday in July!


  7. I loooove totes! You can fit everything in there and they are your go-to bag to everything!!

    Have a lot of fun in San Francisco!!! Take lots of pics to show us!

    Brunette Letters Blog

  8. my old boss used to say that all the time, so for the secret santa at our work this past xmas, she got a bag much like this one! (and of course loves it.) such a great idea…! :D

  9. cute. “Rad” would be one of my top annoying words ;)

  10. Ha…totes indeed! I’ve been looking for a good one to cart around to the farmer’s market, and this might be it!

  11. Rad should be banned as a word!!!!

  12. Ai says...

    This is totes cute! haha :P

  13. It reminds me of Shoshanna on Girls :)