Tokyo Bride

Steve and Takako had a traditional Japanese wedding in Tokyo. Look at the bride’s beautiful transformation…

She got into traditional dress…

She saw her groom…

She freaked out little kids…

And afterward, they took the subway home!

How incredible! For your wedding, what traditions will (or did) you have? My sister wore a red and gold Indian sari to her wedding, and my dad wore an English morning suit to both of our weddings.

P.S. The bride wore overalls, and a wedding in Tuscany.

(Photos by Samm Blake, via Shoko)

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  8. Hi! I am Bangladeshi, i wore a red benarasi sari all over sequenced work and my husband wore sherwani. It was a four day long program( mehendi for bride and groom, main wedding program, and last day was reception from groom family.)

  9. So beautiful- I got chills. I love the intersection of modern and traditional.

  10. Hi! I am Japanese and my husband is an American. We got married at nyc city hall and then we did traditional Japanese wedding in Tokyo. I wore “tsunokakushi” and “irouchikake” which is a different type of Japanese bride gown from your friend (she wore “wataboushi”) How fun!

  11. In Cyprus we don’t have a different way of dressing as brides/grooms, but we do have a ceremony going on at parents houses while the bride and groom are getting dressed. We have a traditional violinist and a singer who play the dressing up songs, and the family of the person to be married passes a red fabric around their waists to give them their blessing, all the friends and cousins of the bride write their names on the soles of her shoes and by the end of the night the name that stays on the shoes is the one to marry next.
    there are many traditions that got lost in time, but some people do try to keep them alive, still!
    I like these things, they are my favourite part of a wedding!

  12. These photos are so precious! I always love seeing the weddings of other cultures, it’s just so interesting to me.

  13. Wow she looks almost unearthly. I love the story that the images tell as they progress. My family is loosely Christian and my beau’s family is Jewish, so I’m sure we’ll be creating an entirely new tradition. Sort of exciting!

  14. Wow she looks almost unearthly. I love the story that the images tell as they progress. My family is loosely Christian and my beau’s family is Jewish, so I’m sure we’ll be creating an entirely new tradition. Sort of exciting!

  15. Every bride in my family must wear a brooch that was my great grandmothers. It is a tradition for our mom’s to pin it on us right before the wedding. My mom’s mom did for her, and my mom did for all 4 of her daughters (to include me) and my 7 aunts and about 12 cousins so far. I love this tradition. I was so proud of the brooch and tradition I wore it right dead center at the top of my strapless dress. We have pictures of our mom’s capturing this moment, and I need to make a poster of them! Such a special moment for me.

  16. white people are obsessed with genuine cultural traditions

  17. I LOVE this. I was lucky enough to spend three weeks in Tokyo in November and saw a couple of weddings at Meiji Jingu, the shrine/temple in the photos above. They were incredible. Apparently the bride wears ‘horns’ under the headdress but I can’t remember why. Seeing the wedding procession was one of the most magical moments of our trip.

  18. wow! I love that they had a traditional wedding. she looks ethereal. lovely.

  19. We had a Russian Orthodox wedding which lasted much longer than a traditional American ceremony. There are no words spoken and the whole ceremony is the priest doing a call and response with the choir. We both held lit candles in our hands and every anniversary we light them for dinner.

  20. Being Filipino, I decided that for our rehearsals my beau, our dads and groomsmen will wear the traditional barong. We’ll also do the ceremony of 3’s (arrhae or money, wedding veil and cords) as I received my grandmother’s set from her original wedding 53 years ago. I think keeping bits of tradition within your culture is important!


  21. Beautiful!
    My husband is a marine corps veteran; he had an extra pair of dress blues from when he was three sizes smaller, so I took the gold buttons, made them into earrings, and wore them at our wedding. It was so special for me to have something to honor him and his service, since he is so humble about being in the military, and didn’t want any extra attention on him.

  22. This is fascinating. Thank you for sharing their special day. So amazing to see her preparations!!! Just gorgeous!

    xoxo PARIS BEE kids blog

  23. This is just wonderful! That portrait of them fully dressed up looks like something from a completely different era.

  24. This is so beautiful! If I was japanese, I would totally go for this. Too bad I’m a white chick. ;) These pictures give me butterflies, I love them. So cool!

  25. My American brother and Japanese sister-in-law were married in Tokyo almost nine years ago — they wore the same traditional dress as above, but only for their wedding portraits. It was so funny to see my brother with a sword! For their wedding, the bride wore a white wedding dress and my brother a tux — what was interesting though were the receptions (yes, plural). “Party 1” was more formal with just family and close friends invited for a sit-down meal with Western touches like a toast and first dance (not common at all at a Japanese wedding, I was told). “Party 2” was like a night club event, with more of the younger crowd added to the attendance, loud music and a lot of drinking. Both fun and probably more like a Western wedding when I think back on it, but the Party 1/Party 2 concept still makes me laugh.

  26. I love weddings, this is such a good way to keep to tradition as a modern couple.


  27. i love her traditional attire! I’m Mexican, so it’s customary to have Mass Godparents which is a couple who you see as a great example of marriage and will help guide the new couple. You should also have a lazzo which is an infinity sign chain that is draped over the couple during the ceremony and essentially binds them together (ours was an all pear and gold lazzo) Finally we have the rosary and bible which is taken to the priest during the ceremony and is blessed. Plus there’s almost always a mariachi! I had one playing a Spanish song for when I entered the church and walked down the aisle…aahh memories <3

  28. My mom grew up in Panama, so I had a traditional Panamanian dress and jewelry. It was fun for her to return to Panama and find the hand made wedding dress in a small village.

  29. In Ukraine, the couple stand on a hand embroidered (cross stitch) traditional decorative shrug/towel while they recite their vows. That was my piece of tradition for my wedding. It still makes me smile. Some days I wish I had done the embroidery myself for true authenticity of the experience. But oh, well.

  30. i think i love these two.

  31. Its so interesting! amazing! i have seen these photos days ago and I couldnt remember where! thanks! (we visit a lot of internet stuff and sometimes its crazy to compile them)

  32. This is so beautiful and interesting! Thanks for sharing. I love the picture where she reacts to the baby getting freaked out- such a great sense of humor. Love it.

  33. How interesting! She’s gorgeous. I love the picture with the little boy.

  34. So fun to see different cultures represented in weddings! I’m Italian so we did a version of an Italian tradition and my husband (at our first look) presented me with my wedding bouquet!

    callie @ this glorious maze