Toby’s Straw Hat

The other day, Toby and I were walking back from a music class when it started raining. We ducked into a J.Crew store and went to the kids area to see if there were any toys to play with. Instead, he immediately spotted this straw hat. I took him over to the three-way mirror, and he was beside himself with how cool he was. It was the first time he has taken any interest in his clothes at all (usually he just wants to stay in his pajamas).
Needless to say, he is now the proud owner of said hat:)

P.S. Do your eyes light up when you see your child? And the adorable reason kids cover their eyes when hiding.

  1. Nothing cuter than a hot tot in a fedora!! #Amaze

  2. What a sweetheart. And what a cute New Yorker he will be walking the summery streets in that hat! I just saw a similar hat on the H & M baby website, but they didn’t have it in a size for my 8 month old! I guess we’ll just have to wait! :)

  3. that is so funny. my son did the same thing! he never wears hats and he spotted it in the store and wouldn’t take it off. so i bought it for him. he now wears it in the house all the time. he hasn’t worn it outside yet, but it’s so cute i hope he does!

  4. Adorable! I can’t wait until my son starts to “love” things. Right now it’s just all things Barney…help us! LOL

  5. My son is due in about 3 weeks and when I think of him my heart jumps out of my chest! I love these pictures of Toby and his look of happiness! So cute!

  6. Make yourself a favor before the baby is born and get him out of the diapers, please…

    I know, I know… every kid, own speed, not to frustrate them blablabla…
    I say three year old, plus it’s summer and before you know it it will be autumn, he will wear heavier fabrics and you will have a small baby to take care of…

  7. Great pictures. You captures some cool moments when he was playful. Very cute kid too. Any hats or any clothes would look good on him.

  8. jm says...

    This is ridiculously cute!!!!!

  9. SO freaking cute! Toby looks so polish in his little straw hat!!!

  10. love that hat!
    My son is 11, and my eyes still light up when I see him, and not only that, but my whole face has a full on love expression when I look at him; I don’t realise it when it happens, but I’ve seen it on pictures-it made me realise I look just like my grandmother on pics, when SHE was looking at her only son…!
    Somehow, I don’t think I look the same when I look at my daughter…
    I love her to death, but our relationship is so different. weird…

  11. Toby is adorable and the hat suites him
    Yes, my eyes still light up when I see my 15 year old 6ft tall boy. I enjoy our endless conversations about everything.

  12. Toby looks adorable in his hat. And he pulls off the whole hat look very nicely!

  13. this stopped my heart. what a beautiful little human he is!

  14. he is literally the coolest

  15. That hat has Toby written all over it.

  16. Toby is such a fun little boy! I think most kids love hats, and that one looks like it was made just for him!

  17. kids and hats and proud smiles:)

  18. This is so cute! You can tell he is thoroughly delighted with himself. I’m so glad you encouraged him to feel awesome about himself with his newfound straw hat.

    Kate from Clear the Way

  19. Adorable. Love his face in the last photo.

  20. I think it’s a sign he’s been hanging out a lot with the fashionable Oscar, Owen and Ella!

  21. My little ones love hats and sunglasses! I love that straw hat!

  22. Adorable! But ouch on the price! You should check out target…we got almost the same one the Other day for $7!

  23. What a cutie!

  24. My little boy (2yrs old) is also obsessed with hats. We get adorable fedoras at Old Navy – he has his tweed “visiting” hat and many straw hats for sunny days. He also wants to live in his PJs, so I think a nice hat makes the outfit :)

  25. super cute, my son has always been attracted to hats also…next stop for Toby the Gorin hat store, I believe they probably have a newsboy cap that would suit his fancy!

  26. Oh my goodness! He looks adorable in it! Good choice Toby! I tried getting my little girl to wear one and there was no way she’d keep it on. But, she’s only a year and a half. So, Toby is giving me hope. : )

  27. Between the straw hat and the violin, Toby is one cool cat! (Tanya @

  28. Crew Cuts is so adorable. What a little man Toby is!

  29. This is so cute! He is looking good in his little hat!

  30. A homerun for sure. Then there are those dubious choices kids make when you want to wear a sign that says “My kid dressed himself”.

  31. What a nugget! He is so sweet.

  32. These photos are the cutest! To be honest, I bought my first straw hat a week or so ago and had basically the same reaction. ;) I’ve been bragging to my partner that I’m a ‘hat person’ all week! ;) He’s been less than interested…

  33. He’s so cute! So funny, I did the same thing when I fell in love with my first straw hat, too…last year ;)

  34. One of my favorite things with each of my three daughters has been the moment when they fall in love with something—a wand they use as a microphone, a slip of fabric they insist is healing or the time my middle daughter adopted a potato. Each discovery is so telling of their character. xo

  35. Just gorgeous. Now, anyone got any tips for transporting this kind of hat in a suitcase? We’ve got a trip next week and a similarly cute hat – but no idea how to get it abroad in one piece!

    • Place the hat upside down in your bag/suitcase. Surround it with your clothes, and, here’s the key: fill it with soft items that will help it keep its shape. Think socks, undies, etc. Basically you just make a little cocoon for it. I do this with all types of straw hats and it works every time!

    • Thanks for the hat travel tips! I have a similar hat I want to travel with next week and was thinking about the best way to pack it!

  36. Love! :D

  37. What an excellent hat! I can see him strutting around NYC in it. Toddler street style!

  38. he is such a sweetheart, and btw I love the hat! have a great weekend!

  39. SO cute! It’s always so fun to see kids take control of their own style.

  40. He is adorable with that hat!!!


  41. I can barely handle the cuteness! Go Toby! (in the top picture, he looks SO much like your photo in the top right corner of the blog). My son rips off every hat we put on his head….

  42. Haha he looks dapper! My son’s interest in clothes lately has been reduced to being naked, despite the horrible weather we’ve been having.

  43. He is SO cute!!! Love it

  44. Love these pictures of Toby! he’s getting so big!